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Experimental Hexes

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Experimental Hexes  Empty on Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:41 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was in the streets of Oak Town. She stood in front of the door of doctor Stephan Mabuz his shop. Her hand was lingering above the door knob because she remembered very well what had happened here when the last time she had visited. This was why she was lingering. She had done an experiment that involved a white liquid to be entered into her blood stream with needle that made her some sort of hallucinate about things that weren’t there. An abandoned warehouse that was really rotten and half destroyed by wind and water or fighting, she now remembered possible blood spots all around her, but the worst thing was that the wall behind her was gone and some places in the floor in front of her, that made her able to see all the way down. She wasn’t on the first floor and she was definitely very afraid of heights. When she thought about that at any given time, she would shiver again. But that wasn’t the worst, doctor Mabuz had said he might need her again to develop the liquid or so, and she definitely didn’t like that idea. She had seen a monster version of herself, where her face kept switching back to a black hole and to her own. She wasn’t sure what to think about all of that and she would rather not think about it at all. She actually wished that she was still in her room in the Phantom Lord Guildhall, her head underneath the covers, asleep. But no she had woke up early and get a message from someone in the guild that there was a quest for her on the quest board. She had quickly finished her breakfast before she went to see what the quest was about. It was only addressed to her, not to Yami. Maybe she would meet Yu again at doctor Mabuz his shop is what she had thought.

However with her hand shaking above the door knob, thinking about what happened last time, she still had not seen or heard Yu. It was better for the girl to not be harmed in such a way. She had said something to the doctor like that too. He was probably afraid to ask her again, Alice nodded to herself. So for the sake of Yu and the sake of that this thing had to be developed, she would have to do it. With that, she straightened her shoulders and grabbed the door knob and walked inside, ”What took you so long?” doctor Mabuz asked as he said waiting behind his counter for her. She simply shrugged, Yu was indeed not inside either. The doctor handed a paper with hexes and explained what he asked from her and it took her a few seconds to understand that he in no way asked her to do this and would do the experiment with her. ”Is there something wrong?” Alice her brown eyes looked at the doctor whom had just asked the question, she slowly shook her head, gave a smile and said she would head out to try this. Which was something she did quickly before the doctor would come up with a different approach. She was actually rather relieved that it wouldn’t be such a problem to do jobs for the doctor. Maybe he would leave her out of the experiments too thanks to Yu her angry words. She would have to see for herself.

Once outside, she had the paper with the two hexes clutched in her right fist and read it quickly before she pocketed it. It was a Sunday afternoon and there were quite a few people on the street, but not that many as she had hoped. Alice travelled between the Church, the Gallery and the shopping streets to find a right victim. In the end she made the decision that it didn’t really matter which one she picked and she would hide herself from view and eyed a person from the shadows and muttered the spell while not losing eye contact. The man that she hit with the Stimuli spell immediately started to look uncomfortable and he took a few steps back and someone bumped into him. A scream escaped his lips as it seemed to have hurt him. Alice couldn’t help but smile and hope that this would be used on her. She was a requip user and it was actually surprising to her that she was able to use spells like these. She watched the man for a full hour, after that it seemed the spell had died down. It was time to get up and find her next victim.
She didn’t be too difficult this time around and again hid in another shadow and looked at her new victim while muttering the new hex: Decrepify. The man stumbled shortly and seemed to have hurt his knee as he continued to walk with a limb. She came out of the shadows to follow him, he seemed to struggle with the limb but it was not the right thing that should happen according to the spell. She checked the paper from her pocket, which was empty and decided that she had enough information about the spells to go back to the doctor.

Alice returned to the doctor his shop and waited for the one customer to be gone before she returned to his desk and talk to him about the hexes. She explained that the first one worked well for an hour and after that it was over, the doctor said that was the idea. She explained after that, that the second one only made the person stumble and gave him a possible limb, she wasn’t sure if it was the hex or the stumbling that made him hurt his ankle or so. Mabuz said that he got enough information about that and handed her the money, which she counted. Something she had taken over from Yu and she nodded when it was the right amount and left. Hoping he would still never call her again for the other experiment.


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