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All Fired Up [Quest][Kenny]

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#1Arthur J. Sokolov 

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Arthur J. Sokolov


Quest: All Fired Up

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Lord Servas Phantasm: Servas is the Lord of the Phantasm family, housing Oak's popular castle. A great influence in Oak Town, respected by many and leading a family of four. He has one of the highest reputations in town and knows how to play his coins to get what he and his family wants, although he is usually making deals with the devil.

Summary: Over the years, the Oak Town has become increasingly uncomfortable about the possibility of threats from the Other Lands. Lord Servas has taken matters into his own hands and has commissioned a network of beacons to be built across the borders of Oak Town. The communication network is already in place, but Lord Servas could use a little help making sure everything is ready to go, in the event of emergency.

Enemies: None

Objective: Ensure that the beacons are properly constructed in case of emergency.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Oak Town.
  • You're starting outside the gates and you need to venture to a hill that can be located easily in front of you.
  • When you arrive at the hill you will find a guard putting the last pieces of logs into place for the beacon to be finished. You can either tell him he is doing a good job or that he needs to hurry up if he doesn't want his head to roll.
  • From that beacon point you can easily spot the next one which is east of the current beacon.
  • Move to the next beacon through the woods and find out about its status.
  • When you arrive at the next beacon you will find a guard asleep, however the beacon is finished. You can let him sleep if you feel like he deserves the nap after working on the beacon all night, or wake him up and tell him that he needs to stay alert if he doesn't want his head to roll.
  • The last beacon is north of the current, you need to move out through the woods on more time.
  • When you arrive at the last beacon you will find a dead guard. It seems like the beacon was almost finished but something or someone prevented him from finishing this task.
  • Move through the woods again back to the gates and tell the guard outside about the situation. He will give you your reward and tell Lord Servas about the dead guard at the last beacon.

"Come on Panthello." Aonaka said as he put a dark grey, thin coat on and exhaled. His beast companion was still a bit soggy, given that for some reason the bat couldn't sleep very well last night and Aonaka had to end up hugging it for him to fall asleep. Panthello was grabbing half of a breadstick in his hands, eyes droopy, ears soft and not uptight like they usually are. Aonaka's stern expression softened as Panthello brought his tiny hands to his mouth and took a bite of the stick, chewing very slowly. Aonaka walked towards the mammal and palmed his head in an affectionate manner, causing the bat to look up to meet his owner, no, his friends gaze.

He dropped the breadstick and grasped Aonaka's sleeves to get himself up on his arm and inched towards his shoulder until he was standing next to his head. The bat made some low purring sounds akin to a cat to show that he was feeling better and with each breath made similar sounds that could be called extremely cute. Aonaka couldn't help but let a chuckle escape from between his teeth and reached for the door handle of his flat. He walked on the hallways and pushed open the light brown iron door of the apartment and stepped outside. Streets of Oak. As they walked, Panthello would occasionally let out very low sounding screeches towards birds that flew above them that Aonaka smiled at.

He looked at the paper in his hand, written in a beautiful cursive, describing the details of the request that they were to do. He was going to meet the same guy from before, Kenny Omega, if he remembered right, although Mabuz had used his last name for reasons unknown. They were to light some beacons or something of similar meaning. Check if they were working and what not. Aonaka thought for a second and realised hey, this wasn't a dark mission, after all, was it? It seemed quite easy too, although with some walking was included in the package. He scratched his chin and started to walk towards the town gates, looking around as he did so.

When he reached the gates, he would take out a black package of clove flavoured cigarettes and light one. He enjoyed that they weren't heavy and didn't hurt his throat. Panthello complained by making a growling sound and flew to a nearby fence to land on, away from the smoke, but close enough to Aonaka.

The air was filled with a wonderful scent of burnt clove and tobacco as Aonaka waited for Kenny to arrive so that they could start his mission. "I wouldn't mind a bottle of water," he thought to himself.
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All Fired Up [Quest][Kenny] Untitl16

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"You don't need magic to have a bit of fun."
Kenny stumbled out of the pub, his sword in hand the furred hood of his collar pulled over his hair. What a day to be alive, that was his motto for the day, he had gotten into his fair share of scrapes this morning; the latest being when he hit on some bald guy’s wife, long story short it was a short fight and Kenny hid him under the bar counter. He dusted himself off and dropped his hood, “I better go find Aonaka, don’t wanna be late for our mission…” he began down the side walk, Louise resting on his shoulder as she always did. He whistled his usual tune, as he progressed he’d wink at two young women conversing with one another underneath the shade of a diner.

He was feeling kind of disappointed with himself today, Louise was thirsty, she hadn’t had a drop of blood since he got her, and that thirst certainly wouldn’t be quenched for a long while.

When Aonaka came into sight he twirled his sword in his hand and put it back into resting position, “You know Aonaka, if we put a wig and some high heels on you, you could pass for a chick from far away, hint hint.” it was an odd greeting, btu Kenny was an odd man. “Hey there, how’s it going buddy.” he hugged the short man.

He confused... So confused. l Total Word Count

All Fired Up [Quest][Kenny] Qurywgl
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Arthur J. Sokolov
"Ah crap Kenny, you are gonna burn yourself or something!" Aonaka said a bit loud, but the hint of happiness wasn't lost from his tone. The poison stick he was clasping between his two fingers would flail around above him, towards his behind so Kenny wouldn't get burned after the random hug. Aonaka would pat his back as he felt a rush of blood on himself and tried to get out of the big man's personal bubble as fast as possible. Were his bones okay, though, was the question. His left hand would reach to his own back to stroke gently, to ease the pain even just figuratively. "I'm okay," Aonaka would respond as he flicked his cigarette. He looked at Kenny's eyes for a second and took out of his package despite he doubted that Omega would smoke to offer him one. "You use?"

Their mission was of the simple kind, Aonaka reminded himself. The first beacon would be close enough. "Let's go then," he said and turned around to walk towards their first goal.
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All Fired Up [Quest][Kenny] Untitl16

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Kenny heeded Aonaka’s words and laughed, he wouldn’t get burned he was already pretty hot! He had it all already and nnothing could take away his momentum, he had Nas, he had Nas’ dog, he was already in search of a Guild and most importantly he had Nas’ dog. Not wanting to waste anymore time with chit chat, he looked down at his watch and panic set in, “I’ve got a date with Nas in 12 hours! We gotta hurry up!” he looked back at Aonaka and tapped his watch noting the time. It was only morning, not even high noon and he was ready to prep for his hot date. Oh what would he wear? Maybe a tuxedo, or a shirt that was a size too small to show off his bulging muscles, so she could see what else he had for her that bulged. “Hurry Aonaka-kun! I don’t wanna be late! I swear if we don’t get through this fast I’ll make you put on a wig and dress and you can be my date!” he half joked, he had a serious tone, but it was mostly a joke… Aonaka would make a good chick, he stood by that claim and he was going to test it one of these days.

Charging up the hill Kenny took note of the guard, who was taking his sweet time stacking wood on top of wood, Kenny shoved him out of the way and picked up a few pieces of timber from the wood pile and stacked them himself, hastily throwing log onto log stacking them up into whatever the beacon might look like not like he cared, “Good work man, you should take a nap or something.” he shook the guard’s arm as he finished, sweat trickling down his face the cold air giving him goose bumps as the two sensations of wetness and coldness ran down his body.”He looked down the hill, and tapped his foot against the ground as he contemplated what to do next, “uuuuh shit the next beacon! Come on Aonaka!” he stormed down the hill and into the forest, he sprinted as fast as he could, his chest was constricting rampantly it felt like his lungs were on fire but he fought on for his darling purple haired vixen. He tripped on what must have been a twig, or a snake, or a twiggy snake and proceeded to crawl the rest of the way up the hill and feigning exhaustion as he laid on his stomach. “*pant* I’m here to- *pant* build the beacon!” he muttered, breathless, the guard was asleep, and Kenny took note of the large Beacon already lit and signaling the others. “Did I just crawl up here for nothing?” he stood up and looked around the area, “Son of a bi-” he thought about the little bat, it was far too young for such vulgarities, thus the Omega stomped his foot angrily and looked for the next path to the other beacon.

Rolling his neck and stretching his arm he ran down hill once again into the woods, with a war cry he charged forth, and pushed his way through the bush, hopefully this wouldn’t be the only bush he’d be pushing the next couple of days, cough cough aonaka’s cough. He needed help, serious help, but that was besides the point, he charged on. He hit a tree in his rush, bumped into a bush, and toppled a deer. None of which stopped his pursuit of his lovely lady luck.It wasn’t until he arrived at the base of the last hill that he would run up the hill and trip on something. When he turned his back to look at it he saw the corpse of a guard, he swore to himself and stood up dusting his pants off, “Oh buddy, someone did a number on you.” he grabbed the guard by his legs and dragged him to what looked like an incomplete beacon. Kenny looked over the last beacon and drew his sword, “I’ll finish it!” he declared running back into the woods and cutting whatever he saw, bushes, twigs, stumps, his sword was resistant for such a cheaply made piece of metal and not too soon after his declaration he returned with a variety of woods, twigs, logs, sticks, leafy sticks whatever he could cut, either way he tossed it all onto the incomplete beacon and saluted the dead guard, “In honor of you, I finished this.” and with that he kicked the corpse down the hill. To be honest he just wanted to watch it roll.

All Fired Up [Quest][Kenny] Qurywgl
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Arthur J. Sokolov
"Wait a dat--" Aonaka had questions, however the next few minutes would be nothing more than a collective amount of blur mixed in with some hazy memories as Aonaka could only run behind his partner who seemed much eager to start. Holding Panthello Aonaka had to increase his pace, decrease his pace, ask quick questions to get answers but of course then wouldn't get answers as his words would be carried away by the wind.

The duo's first destination beacon was still being worked on, Kenny, who was much bigger than Aonaka would quickly shove the guard out of the way and start working on it himself. Panthello would make a happy screech, fly out and try to help the man by bringing building materials to him. "Oh, okay," Aonaka mumbled, just a few minutes ago they were at the gates, no? Kenny would then compliment the guy and tell him that he can rest. Aonaka could only chuckle. He started off the distance and located the new beacon. When he turned to notify his friend he realised that he was already gone. Aonaka showed his shock and the guard simply pointed at a direction. Nodding a thanks, Aonaka would then start to run towards that situation.

The mage would finally catch up to Kenny and his bat, but the remeeting would be short as the beacon was fine and running. Aonaka was out of breath and was exhaling his soul out. He wanted to ask them to rest but the bigger man had already a different idea. Panthello would come back to his shoulders. Aonaka would have to run behind the man once more.

Now, this beacon was the problematic one. The guard didn't have a head and Aonaka could feel cold sweat running down on his body. He wanted to see what had happened but at the same time, he didn't. He had seen dead bodies before, dead bodies Panthello had created but perhaps this one was just so out of place Aonaka couldn't endure it immediately.

Then Kenny kicked the body. And the headless corpse just rolled down the hill while the duo was quiet. Aonaka couldn't find a comment to make.

They'd leave afterwards and go to castle Phantasm. Aonaka would keep telling Kenny to be respectful as he didn't also want to be a headless corpse. Lord Servas would take them to their room, reward them and listen about the dead guard.
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All Fired Up [Quest][Kenny] Untitl16

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