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More White Claudia [Geb and Roman]

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More White Claudia [Geb and Roman] Empty Sat Feb 18, 2017 6:48 pm

The last time Geb and Roman had worked for the doctor, it didn't go the absolute best. There was some stuff that made Geb have a crazy, crazy trip, and, well... he basically passed out for 5 hours and was immobile most of the day afterwards. Yet, for some reason Geb was coming back to the doctor for more, having accepted the job again and taking Roman along with him. What a strange pattern this was. Felt like an abusive relationship, Geb just came for more of this hurting. Oh well, he needed the money. Checking his watch, Geb tapped his foot as a cold wind blew by.

Roman was late. Wasn't this just the most familiar scene, huh? Roman being late, that was. Geb rolled his eyes, amazed that the same thing was happening twice. In reality though, Geb was just five minutes early, and his watch was wrong. But he would never admit that, it would make him seem too stupid. Plus, you know, he had no idea he had the wrong time in any way shape or form. Yawning, still a bit sleepy, Geb continued to wait for his partner to drop by for their next little piece of work for the fine doctor who ran the "magic shop".


More White Claudia [Geb and Roman] BORZAPv

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