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Proletarian Shopping [Yumi | Alice | Valentines]

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Proletarian Shopping [Yumi | Alice | Valentines] Empty on Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:14 am

Yumi shut the door to the room of the inn she was staying in while in Oak. The old woman in a young woman's body placed her hands behind her back as she walked to the lower floor, her familiar Venom following after her. She ignored the looks of the other occupants present on the first floor of the inn. The establishment was rather dark in nature and was in a district of oak with less then repute reputation, so it would be odd for someone like her to be found in such a location. Yumi ignored the stares as she left the inn and walked through the open streets. Her companion, Duskull keeping close to her hovering just a meter off the ground.

Yumi made her way to the dark quest board where a number of quests had been put up. She began to scan the contents looking for a suitable quest to take, but she wasn't sure what she wanted to take. She continued to look around until she found a desirable quest, sure it was only a D rank but it would do for now. Yumi removed the quest from the board, the client was the kid named Jerr whom she and the girl Alice had lectured the other day for the shop keep. It seemed the kid was looking to hire someone for a quest of his own, again.

Yumi rolled the quest up and started making her way to the meeting point, Venom following after his master. Whether Yumi would be doing the quest solo or partnering up with another mage she would not know until she arrived.

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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

Proletarian Shopping [Yumi | Alice | Valentines] Empty on Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:29 am

Adelaide Sokolov
It was maybe one of the first times around that Alice was still in her bed. She didn't feel like doing a job today as she had done quite many the last couple of days. Either with Yu or Yami. She wasn't sure what she liked better, she should maybe get used to doing some alone. For some reason either of the two were always there already or recently showed up. She stretched her hands above her head. It would be easy to get more money, she liked money. Stealing moneyw as only a lot easier than working. She sighed as she stepped out of bed. However she didn't want Karma to greet her as if she was Jerr. The kid from last time, whom she now had caught twice for stealing.

She started with brushing her long orange coloured hair and putting it up in a bum with some pins and a hair tye. She put a white ribbon around it, ending it up in a bow. Too much afford for something like hair but there was nothing on her agenda yet today. After that she got dressed, in simple dark jeans, a cream coloured shirt and again as almost usual high heels. Although not too high and they were strapped around her ankle. She took a deep breath and left her room together with the dark blue bagpack that she seemed to take with her after her adventures at doctor Mabuz with the weird white liquid.

She had enjoyed her breakfast in the Guild. Using her own fresh ingredients for a fruit salad before she headed out. She hadn't seen Yami in a long time and she was wondering if he was out of town on a very important job like the last time she had seen him in formal attire: a suit. She walked into the town and started to look around for something to do. She thought about going to the gallery but she didn't like what happened last time. She could go to the pub again, it seemed to have been fun. Instead she bumped into a boy, the same boy. "Yo Lady. You here for the job?" She wasn't but hey money, so she nodded and wasn't surprised when Yu showed up too. Jerr seemed to eye Yu with suspision and didn't talk, so Alice asked how she was doing.

"Right the job. I want you to steal food for me. Enough for a week." Jerr seemed to get back on earth and tell them the matter, a sly grin appeared on his face, "From the same shop keep that told you to stop me."



Proletarian Shopping [Yumi | Alice | Valentines] Empty on Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:47 am

Yumi arrived at the destination finding Jerr already there. The boy eyed her suspiciously, but neither said a word to the either simply waiting in silence. It seemed Jerr was waiting for someone else to join the quest to lend her a hand, not that Yumi needed any help to aid her in doing a D rank quest, they were so simple and easy to do. While she was waiting Yumi patted her familiar on the top of his mask affectionately. Her familiar in return leaned into the touch enjoying the small amount of affection he was receiving from his master. Luckily the two were not waiting long as someone familiar bumped into Jerr, Alice the young orange haired girl Yumi had done two previous quests with. One for Mabuz that involved an experiment Yumi did not wish to remember and the other a quest for some shop keep to teach Jerr, the child they were assisting today, a lesson.

Alice would ask how Yumi was doing, so kind of her, "I am well, yourself?" Enquired the so-called youth speaking in an innocent manner as she turned to look up at the 'older woman'. "I never did ask, but are you associated with any guild?" Asked the old woman in her youthful body. Not long after her question the boy Jerr would explain the reason for them being here, the boy wanted them to steal a weeks worth of food for him, from the shop owner who had asked them to teach the boy manner. At least the boy was smart enough to change things up and instead request someone to steal for him so he wouldn't get caught.

Yumi took a few steps from the two, venom following closely. "Very well, while I cannot speak for Alice, I shall lend thee my aid. Just be sure to pay me what is owed, unless you want your head removed." Spoke the young girl in a threatening tone of voice. Yumi would then walk off heading in the direction of the shop, walking through the crowds.

Yumi would flare her magical energy forcing the crowds to part, creating a path for her. The citizens of oak would look on frightened at the black magical energy that flowed out of the young girls body, a demonic presence surrounding her entire being. She was releasing magic in order to get to the shop faster, she was in no mood to force her way through crowds.

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Proletarian Shopping [Yumi | Alice | Valentines] Empty on Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:30 am

Adelaide Sokolov
It seemed that Alice was at the right place at the right time. A rather interesting concept. It had happened a lot, especially with Jerr. Maybe it was just luck. She turned to Yu while she was waiting for Jerr to reply, Me too." she answered to the question how she was doing. She couldn't complain, "I am associated with a guild yes." for a few seconds she doubted to answer which guild. But on the other hand, for some reason she did trust Yu with the answer, "Phantom Lord." But not for too long if she could find a way to leave. She should talk to Yami again about that. How did that work. She actually wanted to ask back but Jerr finally told them the job. She had to steal again for him. Weird little kid.

Yu answered quickly and Alice simply gave a thumbs up from standing behind her. She guessed Jerr would know she would accept. Apparently he had waited for her too, she didn't even see a quest from him, it was again pure luck. Did he spy on her or so? With his little raty friends. She eyed him suspiciously before she turned her heel to plan and follow Yu. The little girl sort of gave her the creeps, not only because she spoke with a tongue that seemed to know more than your regular thirteen year old, her eyes showed experience of this world. And do not forget the magic power that she seemed to perform.

She walked behind her but it was easy to simply talk to her as the people would make way for Yu, "So do you want to I dunno, distract the keep and steal without him knowing or just break down the door and let him know?" She had a bagpack, she could take quite a lot.



Proletarian Shopping [Yumi | Alice | Valentines] Empty on Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:45 am

When Alice revealed she was part of Phantom Lord, Yumi filed the information away. The relic had long since suspected Alice was a mage of the darker persuasion, after all she was doing quests labelled as the 'dark type' not that they were all that evil, especially being just a little bit of lecturing. Yumi would never call them bad quests, but they were D ranks so they were rather simple in nature with what was required for the quester to do. The quests were just chores in Yum's opinion, but at least they rewarded a decent amount of jewels, so the old woman was not reluctant to take them.

"I prefer to take the direct route." Answered Yumi after Alice had asked her how they wanted to do the quest, through distraction and steal or by simple busting down the door. As Yumi said she wanted to do the direct approach, Yumi was not one to ass around and simply preferred to get things down, out of the way as fast as possible.

As such when they finally arrived at the shop, Yumi raised her right foot and slammed it against door with enough force she broke the hinges off. The action startled the shop keep and everyone inside. Yumi's eyes glowed blood red as she unleashed the full force of her magical energy. Tongues of black flames flooded through the store as killer intent followed freezing everyone in their place. "This is a robbery, we will be taking what we want. Attempt to stop us and I can't be held responsible for what happens." To help with her intimidation method, Venom floated directly behind her single eye glowing demonically.

With the audience frozen. yumi grabbed a large garbage bag and began to force food into it. "When you are ready to go let me know." Said Yumi calling out to Alice.

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Proletarian Shopping [Yumi | Alice | Valentines] Empty on Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:56 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice gave the information about Phantom Lord. Knowing that Yu wasn't a part and expecting maybe that the thirteen year old wouldn't be part of a guild, however it wasn't weird or so. It shouldn't be about age. Alice had the idea that she focused too much on Yu her age. But she didn't dare to ask questions to the girl, especially because she didn't really get what Yu might think and how she worked. That's why she asked what way she wanted to approach the shop. Yu said she would take the direct route, which Alice called breaking down the door.

She was a bit surprised when Yu really did push down the door and she simply stood a bit behind. She knew how to quickly challenge herself as if this was her daily dose of violence. And she was getting used to it, though rather slowly. She simply stood behind the girl, took off her bag and looked left and right to see what was happening. Their faces were known, but she shrugged it off and headed to the cans and bags and put as many as she could in hers. When she was done, she walked to Yu and nodded. She didn't feel like talking was needed.

When the two of them were done, they headed back to Jerr. In which again she had to take out everything that they had stolen. She felt a bit bad for doing so. People might know she was always up to something which would make pickpocketing a lot more difficult than she would like to. She waited for Yu to demand the money again like she always did and followed the example that she had done last time, to count the money, "That went well. I was actually on my way to do some shopping. But I'll guess I will do something else today." after that she said goodbye and left to go back to the Guild. She would do the shopping tomorrow. When everyone calmed down a little.



Proletarian Shopping [Yumi | Alice | Valentines] Empty on Sat Feb 18, 2017 4:12 am

Yumi left the store heading back through the streets, the bag thrown over her shoulder, venom following after same with Alice. YUmi did not bother to say a word simply walking in silence. When she arrived back at the meeting point she dropped the bag down in front of Jerr. Yumi would wait patiently as jerr inspected the goods making sure there was enough food for a week. With the two of them, Alice and Yumi they had been able to get enough food to last Jerr and his friends a good month. Once Jerr was done he would hand over the amount owed. Yumi would count the jewels up making sure the proper amount was there, as she did she would catch Alice adding a few extra words.

Yumi kindly nodded to Alice, "Take care." The old woman in the body of a young woman left, disappearing into the streets of Oak vanishing from sight.

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