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Traveling to 'home'. [Amai:Private] Foot Travel

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Traveling to 'home'. [Amai:Private] Foot Travel Empty Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:32 pm

Arisa would stretch as she would be leaning against a tree. She wasn't highly sure on when her little sister was going to appear out of freaking no where. Truly it was an interesting time in Oak as to the time she spent here. She would think of only one person though that she has talked to while here. Her eyes would lower as her perfect full lips curved to a frown thinking of that person. 'Why do I even bother?' she wondered softly. 'Cause you thought they were cute. Their attitude perhaps.' The dark voice would say and chuckle.

The person seemed to have no interest in her in all fairness so why? Why did she even try or even tried to exist in their whatever life? She wasn't highly sure, but she knew that she would try to ignore that person within her mind. Arisa didn't want her heart to beat itself out. The wind was calm as it would hit in front of her face making her longish brown hair flow behind her. Slowly her head turned and tilted towards the direction that Amai was most likely going to walk towards her or at least hoped anyways.

As soon as Amai would appear they would then start their journey.

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#2Amai Okashi 

Traveling to 'home'. [Amai:Private] Foot Travel Empty Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:57 pm

Amai Okashi
Blueberry would be the flavor of the day: something gentle on the taste buds.

Amai stretched her legs as she walked, wanting to get the cobwebs out of the joints. She knew she was going to be in for a long haul, an exhausting journey to her next destination. It was unfortunate that the location was so far away, but she understood that she may not particularly be in the correct location having wandered for so long. The pink-haired diminutive dynamo rotated her hips as she walked, popping the tense vertabrae in her back. She patted down her skirt, a simple dark blue one, and made sure it covered her waist completely. She made a note to tug down a little in the back. Ultimately such a thought would be in vain, considering she had dawned a cloak for the travel. It still bothered her, though.

Up ahead was Arisa, early as always.

Amai still felt a little uncomfortable around her elder sister, but she was making headway in adapting to life with the older Rinmizukimi. Things were progressing rapidly, but she was relieved enough to have at least some sort of constant in her life.

"Hey, Ari-Nee! Are you sure you want us to travel so far? I don't mind, but that's quite the journey."



Traveling to 'home'. [Amai:Private] Foot Travel Empty Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:15 pm

She continued to wait as she laid back, enjoying the wind. She wasn't quite sure on when her little sister was going to appear. Not that long from then she would hear a voice. Her eyes would open all the way to look up to see Alice. ''Bout time you got here you slow poke.'' she spoke teasingly and smiled all innocent. She wasn't really sure on how she would react, but it really didn't matter. Softly she would look into her little sisters eyes, making a small smile. ''Alright then, let's go.'' she would say, pressing her hands back behind her to push herself up.

Quickly she would be on her feet to walk forward. Truly she didnt really care much on what shes passed on her way to Orchidia as it had no meaning to her. True the beautiful sights was a thing, but the people had no importance. Her brown long hair would flow behind her as she would walk forward, boots/shoes pressing into the grass. Her heart would beat slowly as she walked beside her sister. What should she all say? Arisa would continue on as the first place they'd pass was Baska. Oh man, that tournament made her think when it was the end. She made mistakes as that guy violated her eyes. 'Ugh...get out.' she thought embaressed as she would look away in a calming way.

''Did you watch the tournament?'' she questioned her little sister. From there it would go either south or into a good conversation. Arisa continued to walk further as the next place was a forest, a mountain and then to some random towns she has never really looked into, not yet anyways. As they walked past those random places, they'd hit woodsea. Didn't she do something here as well? No? Perhaps it was something else or someone else's memories. She honestly didn't know. Ever since she read the book of her mother's, she has gotten weird dreams that couldn't be explained. Her eyes soon cornered to look at Alice. What has she been up to? Where did she go after that incident? It was really random as even their mother was curious on where she went. A soft yawn escaped her lips as she would walk to some stand that was selling fruit. ''Want anything?'' she questioned Alice. If she did say yes then she would get Alice whatever she wanted, if not then she'd by herself a bowl of grapes and oranges. ''God I love oranges.'' she would say as she peeled, ate and walked towards their destination. The oranges were really sweet as she would nom on all of them. They were amazing with the juices that lingered her taste buds. Her head would slowly start to day dream though as she would blackout and then appear finally in Orchidia.

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#4Amai Okashi 

Traveling to 'home'. [Amai:Private] Foot Travel Empty Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:11 am

Amai Okashi
Amai held her left arm with her right. She was feeling a little embarrassed, being called a slowpoke. She felt as though she had gotten there in a reasonable amount of time, and yet her sister was already there, already ready, and already poking at her timely attendance. This brought back some memories of their past together, and she nearly felt herself drift into the nostalgic happenings of their early youth. It was quite the time; memories of the youth before that incident were quite sweet to recall. She would want to remember them more often in the coming days, especially to give Arisa a chance to reconnect as loving sisters.

In that moment, though, the younger sister would puff out her cheeks and turn her head in a pout. Amai knew Arisa was teasing her, and yet she couldn’t help but play along. It was moreso like a normal sisterly relationship, and it made her warm in the chest. She was hiding a smile with her pouting front, and it wouldn’t have been too hard for Arisa to determine its fallacy.

Talk of the tournament soon arose, and Amai welcomed it with open arms to end the awkwardness of her flustered act. She personally didn’t see anything, but she had heard the results. It was a pleasant surprise to hear that Arisa had participated and that she had made it to the semi-finals, no less, losing to the eventual winner… that man. After digging a little bit, she had found that she had met him once at the library. This caused a flustered sigh, true emotion this time. She had seen him once, but she had this nagging feeling that there would be more times for them to meet. He seemed the persistent type, at least, but she did not want to worry her sister. After all, they were going far far away, and they would not meet him anytime soon.

I heard you made the semi-finals of the tournament. That’s really impressive, Ari-Nee.

Amai continued walking with her older sister. This was kinda nice, traveling so much with her. Sure, it wasn’t exactly what she had wanted it to be, but they were talking. They were conversing and existing together. It was calm. Things were progressing as any normal day for any normal pair of sister, any normal family.

Maybe there really was hope for them to be a family again.

Amai hid her smile once more as they approached a fruit stand. She was quite partial toward fruit, and she loved the fruit-flavored lollipops, even if they were artificial in their flavoring. Magic allowed them to be even closer in taste to the real thing, which was a truly wonderful thing for the taste buds. She was tasting fruit on a near-constant basis, which allowed her to nod, that smile escaping as she took a couple grapes in tandem, eating and walking with her sister. Her mind would wander as things became quiet. The past, the present, and the future all flowed through her mind. Would things continue to be this “normal” between them?

Time usually gave the right answers.

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