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Scold The Brat [Valentines | Alice | Yumi]

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Scold The Brat [Valentines | Alice | Yumi] Empty on Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:22 am

Yumi made her way through the streets of Oak once again. She had not long finished a quest for Dr Mabuz, being joined by a young girl named Alice. Yumi was still disgruntled about the quest she had taken for Mabuz and she did not want to talk about it, let alone even think about what had happened. She forced the memory deep down making sure to forget it, regressing the memory as much as possible. The old woman in the young woman's body shook her head as she forced her way through the crowd of oak citizens. She had an agenda today, to partake in a quest she had accepted, a quest for an old merchant shopkeep who was disgruntled with a young kid that was causing him trouble.

Yumi hummed to herself as she moved through the streets, her tiny body and gothic style dress drawing attention. Yumi appeared young, but that did not mean she was not attractive, in the eyes of the opposite sex she could be described as being highly attractive but due to her youthful appearance many strayed away, not wanting to indulge in less than healthy fantasies or earn the ire of those around them for staring too long. Perhaps if they knew the truth about her age they would continue to look and admire or perhaps even be disgusted by the revelation that the girl who appeared thirteen fourteen was actually seventy-five years of age and was once a wrinkled old woman.

Yumi came to a halt outside the shop of the storekeeper. The keeper was an old grumpy old man who was swinging a broom back and forth to chase off a few kids, before he noticed Yumi as she approached carrying a quest in hand. "Are you one of the mages who accepted my quest?" asked the shopkeep as she stopped swinging the broom. "One of?" responded Yumi with a raised right eyebrow. "Yes, it seems you and one other have accepted my request for today, they should be along shortly." Answered the shopkeep as he leant on his broom.

Yumi placed her hands behind her back and began waiting patiently for her quest partner. She was curious as to who she would be partnering up with today. She rarely ever did quests with others, so far she had only done quests with two people Odin aka Lucifer a member of her Guild and Alice. Yumi did not know if the girl was a member of a guild or not a guild member.

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#2Adelaide Sokolov 

Scold The Brat [Valentines | Alice | Yumi] Empty on Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:35 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had been reading her diary again since the day of the experiments with doctor Mabuz. She was still angry, still a bit shocked, if that was the right word to say. Mainly because of the fact that two of the most powerful fears that she had obviously came looking for her. She never wanted to that again but she doubt that if she needed money, she had much of a choice. Maybe doctor Mabuz could give her some other jobs instead of testing this one. Yu seemed be more of a good target, no screaming, no crying, nothing super embarrassing. although it was wrong to use a girl of her age.

She was on her way to finish her shopping and go to finish a quest she had to do. She had heard Jerr was a problem again. She had first met the boy thanks to this shop owner and well she had offered to help, even though he had already asked someone else, he thought it might be smart to use two people, since one didn't work properly. She had thought that Yami would have scared the kid good enough but apparently he was a stubborn one. She made the grip on the strap of her bagpack tighter, her diary was there, including the groceries, it wouldn't stop her from going on and on to get that kid and stop him. Which was weird considering she was a thief herself, but she never got caught.

She entered the shop to be again surprised, this time not by appearance but being here, "Hello Yu." she said before she greeted the shop owner whom obviously gave off the hint that he was waiting for her, "Good you both are here. There is this kid that keeps stealing from my shop. I asked you before but he needs to be stopped. I don't want him to get hurt or anything but he really need to be taught a lesson. Bring him here so I can give him one. I would have done it myself but can't close the shop." She nodded and got his obvious point, she turned to Yuu and gave a short smile, it was a bit awkward if you asked Alice, the last time they saw each other they weren't in the happiest mood, "Shall we?"



Scold The Brat [Valentines | Alice | Yumi] Empty on Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:52 am

Yumi was not waiting long when her quest partner arrived, as it turned out it was the same person whom had last accompanied her, the young girl Alice. Yumi waved her right hand in reply to the girls greeting as she said hi, before the shop keeper began to speak now that they had both arrived. The story was some kid was stealing goods from the shop and needed to be stopped, the keep wanted the kid to be taught a lesson but not to be seriously hurt. Yumi could simply flare her demonic presence to intimidate the little bastard, perhaps her train was too vicious but she was not one to put up with out of line children. Yumi took a step forward when a black blur floated over, floating one meter off the ground. The blur was a strange two-foot tall creature covered in black robe, two bones on its back, a skull-like mask face with a large red orb for an eye. The creature looked like a mini grim reaper or the child of one.

"Venom how nice of you to show up." Said the young girl as she placed a hand upon the creatures head, a Duskull, identifying the creature named Venom. It was clear it was her companion by the way it hovered around her.

The shop keep cleared his throat and pointed into the crowd at a young kid with dirty brown ginger hair, dressed in rags. "That's the kid." The moment he pointed the kid seemed to notice the presence of the two and would quickly run into the streets.

"I hate bratty little children." Commented Yumi as she took another step forward, turning to briefly glance at Alice, "I'll handle this." It was not put a question asking if she could, but a demand telling the orange haired woman that Yumi would not need assistance. To many it would appear odd for someone younger to address their elder in this way. Yumi would kick off the ground giving chase to the kid.

As Yumi gave chase she would grab Duskull and throw him with great strength launching him through the air where he landed in front of Jerr making the kid stop. Duskull would face the child and rock its head back and forth encasing Jerr in darkness to decrease the boys speed. As Jerr took off running, with the speed debuff, Yumi easily caught up to him grabbing Jerr by the back of his shirt and dragged him back to the store kicking and screaming.

Yumi would throw him at Alice's feet, "You lecture the little boy. I have no desire to waste my breath." Spoke Yumi as she folded her arms over her chest.

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Mana: 175 | 200

Name: Eye Lock Speed
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Duskull Magic
Type: Debuff [Speed]
Element: Darkness
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Duskull rocks its head back and forth once after which it locks its sight on a target and debuffs their speed.

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Scold The Brat [Valentines | Alice | Yumi] Empty on Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:02 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice listened to the shop keep and nodded. She understood, as she had done before. She only wished this Jerr kid would stop because it was getting annoying to run after him day after day. She had done different jobs for him too, so on the other hand it brought money into her pockets. She turned around to look at Yu and her companion, Venom? Sweet name.. hear the sarcasm. She watched the girl for a few seconds before the Shop keep wanted their attention again and pointed out Jerr. She knew but maybe Yu didn't.

She was planning to walk out of the shop when Yu said she didn't need her help. Surprised and a bit baffled she remained behind for a short while before excusing herself to the shop keep, whom seemed to be surprised as well. She hurried after Yu and Jerr, guessing perfectly well where the child might stay. It was quite difficult to follow the kids, although she barely considered Yu a child anymore, neither a teen, she didn't know why. But damn they were fast, she felt like a grandma.

When she reached the road, Yu had already captured the kid and threw him perfectly well at Alice her feet. As if Yu knew she was coming anyway. She frowned a little before she stared at Jerr and grabbed him at the back of his neck, "How many times do I have to tell you. Stop stealing and otherwise get good so you won't get caught. This is a bullshit job, so get better at it." She let go of him and he dropped on his bum, he stared at Alice and Yu and simply didn't seem to understand but he nodded, "Now come along, the man wants to talk to you again. I don't think he will be so nice this time." She was sure about that, this kid couldn't sit for a week if the owner was done with him. She wasn't sure what Yu would think of her but that discussion would come later as they walked to the shop.



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YUmi listened as Alice lectured the boy, it seemed she had done this before, of course so had Yumi but she didn't show it. She had dealt with Jerr long ago but it seemed he was back to his old tricks once more. Yumi simply followed along, Venom floating happily behind, just happy to be close to his master once more. Yumi watched as Alice handed the boy over to the shop owner, so the old guy could handle the kid Jerr and lecture him. Yumi looked to Alice, it seemed they were done with this job so Yumi approached the owner grabbing him by his collar, "Money now." Demanded the old woman in her youthful body getting a rapid nod from the shopkeep who removed jewels from his till and handed them over to Yumi and Alice.

Yumi counted her jewels, making sure the amount was there before slipping them into the pockets of her gothic lolita dress. Yumi turned away from Alice, allowing her back to face the young girl, "I'll be heading home, dealing with this little boy has exhausted me." Said the young looking girl as she left into the streets vanishing from sight, being so tiny helped her blend into large crowds easily.

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Scold The Brat [Valentines | Alice | Yumi] Empty on Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:17 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She kept making sure that Jerr would walk towards the shop with her, she didn't feel like dashing after him and Yu again, it had just simply felt stupid. So she held herself ready in case the kid thought he could ran away from her. Maybe she should throw a spear at him, but it seemed he was scared of something else this time and kept eyeing the companion of Yu and Alice could half imagine why. It seemed to not be a bad pet but he didn't know that and besides that, Alice didn't know what he was capable of together with Yu. She seemed more superiour in mind than in body and it made the red head curious but it was not really a time to talk.

She listened to the lecture the shop keep was giving the boy before Jerr apologized and skipped off. She eyed him shortly before Yu got her attention with asking for money, which also meant for her. She held up her hand and just as Yu did, quickly counted her money before she put it in her bra. Where she always kept her money, making the shop keep a bit uncomfortable. She turned to look at Yu whom started talking to her, it was good to hear the girl was also tired from the running around. Alice gave a smile again, this time more serious than last time they met and departed, "See you." she said as a matter of goodbye and left nto much later after her. Simply because she had to deal with the groceries in her bag and well the job did certainly exhaust her with all the running.


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