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White Claudia [Valentines | Alice]

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Yum in her new body, dressed in her gothic lolita style of dressing was making her way through the streets of Oak town. She was making her way towards the magic shop of one Dr Stephan Mabuz. Yumi, the old woman in the body of her younger self, had retrieved a quest from the local town board. The doctor appeared to be in the mood to conduct some kind of illegal experiment, not that Yumi cared what he did only that she would be paid.

Yumi forced her way through the crowd as she held the quest in her right hand, rolled up. She had found out that she would not be the only one taking the quest, but someone else would be joining her, but who she had no idea. She pondered if it would be a member of her guild, perhaps someone from phantom lord or even a guildless mage or adventurer. Yumi would not complain about them as long as they did not get in her way and completed the quest with her.

Yumi wondered though if her appearance might throw them off, as she did look like a thirteen to fourteen year old gothic lolita girl. Many may underestimate her due to her current appearance, without really knowing she was a seventy-five year old woman who had managed to regain her looks and become a member of the demon race.

Yumi came out of her thoughts as she arrived at the magical shop. The old woman in the young woman's body began to look around as she stood out the front waiting patiently for her quest aid to arrive. She hoped they would not keep her waiting, she wasn't a big fan of being kept waiting. Though she had ben alive for many years and it had taught her much in the way of patience she still did not like being kept waiting.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had heard word that dr. Stephan Mabuz was expecting her. He had another experiment that he needed her help with together with a partner. He would make sure the partner would already be there. She would see Yami there, there was no possible thought in her mind that it could be a totally different person as all her quest had spontaneously be with Yami.

She was dressed in a high waist jeans in a black but faded colour. It had a lot of buttons around her abdomen. She was wearing a dark green shirt that stopped high at the front and ended below her hips at the back. Besides that she was wearing a black trenchcoat and black high heels and was almost there at dr. Mabuz his shop. She only didn't see Yami, and to be honest he was hard to miss. She looked a bit forlorn from left to right before she entered the shop. Wondering if he was inside but he wasn't, there was a girl. Even though Alice was surprised at first, she obviously didn't know the girl so she didn't judge after the three seconds, it had been an act of surprise. "Hi, I'm Alice. Are you waiting for doctor Mabuz?" She asked the girl because she had no idea what to do, she would actually think badly about Mabuz than about this girl.

she would either enter together with Yumi and see what happened. Compared to the last time she saw the doctor, he was really tense now and immediately got up from whatever he was doing and stepped around the counter or his working desk to look at the two girls, "Good you are here." His hand went to search for something and he got a vial with some white not transparent fluid in there, "This experiment is necessary. I have to test this liquid and I want the two of you to help me in the experiment." Alice wasn't really happy with the idea of being the test subject. She looked at the girl before looking back at doctor Mabuz and tried to shrugg as if it wasn't really of importance. She didn't know what he all did, she had only met him with searching goods for him.


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The newly born demon felt a presence of a gaze fall upon her, the source a tall, taller than Yumi, orange haired woman dressed in high waist jeans and a green shirt, wearing a black trench and matching high heels. The woman was over five foot seven inches, far taller than Yumi who was only four foot ten, barely reaching the orange haired woman's chest. The girl looked to be in her twenties, the exact age Yumi could not tell, but there was a chance she was much younger than the secretly seventy-five year old gothic lolita.

"Greetings I am Yu." Said the gothic lolita as she introduced herself to the taller woman. Yumi would not use her real name nor her codename as it may raise suspicion, after all, a name such as Carnage would only draw unwanted attention and focus to herself. So far now she would only call herself Yu and use her codename gifted to her by her guild when needed. "And yes I am waiting on the dear doctor." Yumi spoke politely with a wise edge to her voice, she did not seem to speak like someone her age normally would, and there was a hint of experience within her crimson red hues that shimmered like diamonds.

Yumi would open the door following in after Alice to find the doctor at the counter. Mabuz would walk around a vial in hand as she explained the purpose of the test. Yumi would not say a word and would allow him to escort her towards a secret backroom. In the room was a single chair. The doctor would leave temporarily returning with another chair placing it down next to the other.

The old woman in the teenage body would look at the chairs before looking in the direction of the doctor, "You better not be planning to do anything funny, doctor." Spoke the young woman as a deadly aura began to release from her being. Wisps of mana in the shape of tongues of black fire flowed from her body as she approached the chair allowing the doctor to strap her in. Yumi tested the strength of the straps by attempting to break free, but they were surprisingly strong, but she found she still had access to her magical reserves. If the doctor was to try anything funny she would be easily able to break free with help of her spells.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice wasn't entirely sure about the whole scene. It was weird when they entered the backroom of the store that there was nothing but a chair, or well now two chairs. She was surprised to see how Yu handled everything. She seemed to know the doctor rather well or maybe it was just her way. She seemed like someone that had already been through a lot and maybe even from a rich family? Something Alice obviously didn't remember about her own youth. Yu looked thirteen or maybe fourteen, Alice wasn't good at guessing, but she knew that she couldn't remember anything from when she was that age. She had lost her memories after she turned eighteen. She clutched the bagstrap on her shoulder, it contained her diary, that she took to every place she would go and for some reason, she didn't leave it at the Guild today.

She followed Yu her example and took the left over chair. She had seen the magic the girl was able to summon or well the magic power and Alice felt quite small about her own powers. She could maybe try to summon her spear but for now it wasn't necessary. Mabuz started to put the belts around Yu her wrists and ankles and after that with Alice. Her eyes tried to read his face but she could only find the tense feeling as she had seen before.

He got two needles with the vial and started to use it first on Yu. Alice stared at the girl because she wanted to know what was going to happen, but there was no indication before she felt the needle in her own left arm. It didn't hurt but it was as if a eyelash came into one of her eyes as she rapidly blinked to the vague feeling and the tears that came because it was just a bit weird. That's when the scenery changed and it looked to her as if they were on the top floor of a construction building, a forgotton one. Her fear of heights immediately made her clutch the arms of the chair for as far as that was possible. What if she would fall?


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Yumi would barely feel a pinch as the liquid was injected into her being. Yumi kept a passive expression as the world changed before her eyes revealing rusted metal plates and blood everywhere, like something from an industrial factory that been involved in a bloodbath and long forgotten. Yumi inhaled keep a lid on her emotions, her crimson hues pierced the darkness. She was not frightened by such a thing she had seen much worse over the years. Besides her faith in her dark god Malum gave her strength and she would not let fear conquer her at all regardless of what happened, but that may change.

Suddenly the doctor was no more, instead replaced by some grotesque fleshy monster with tentacle-like arms. Yumi didn't flinch as she looked at it, nor as it grew closer. The old woman in the body of a young woman's eyes began to widen as its arms began to coil around her throat. If there was one thing Yumi feared it was being choked, she had Pnigophobia. She was not sure where it came from just that she feared the feeling as it made her feel helpless against the sensation as her body became weak. Yumi gasped as the arm would tighten around her tender throat applying pressure. Yumi parted her lips about to scream but bit her lip; she would not look weak when her lord could be watching. Her body shook with fear as she fought, struggled against her bonds only for the world around her to black, her vision becoming dark as she passed out.

As Yumi came to she was on the ground, and to her embarrassment, a little bit of droll was trailing down her chin. Yumi quickly wiped it before it could be seen and would find Mabuz looking coldly at her. Yumi growled darkly as she approached the doctor who took a step back from the clearly enraged young woman, dark wisps of mana flowing from her body as she glared daggers, "I don't know what that was dear doctor, but I do hope you keep this to yourself, else I won't hesitate to rip a limb off!" proclaimed the young girl darkly as her magical energy lashed out at her surroundings making the room shake. Yumi's eyes glowed red within the shadows of her magic which engulfed her in black flames, the gothic lolita looked like a true demon.

Yumi would then extend her right hand, "Money now." The girl demanded getting a silent nod from the doctor who removed a wad of jewels, handing some off to Alice. "I may need you for future experiments." Declared the doctor before he would usher them out of his shop.

Yumi stood outside the magic shop, looking up at the orange haired woman, "The doctor is lucky he pays so well." Declared the young girl as she folded her arms over her chest, her mana long since sealed away by the deadly aura around her had not. "I'll be heading off now. Take care. We shall see if we meet again." Said the young girl before she started walking away.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Even as Alice was already overcome by the fear of the high building they were in, there was even a monster. Whose face was the face of Alice herself but keept turning black and changing back to her own face, she heard it whisper or well that was in her head: remember me, remember me, every damn time. Both her fear of her own amnesia, the fear of heights made it impossible for her to calm down. The tears that had come because she was blinking rapidly now were freely dropping off her chin as she couldn't stop crying, she didn't dare to pull on the belts but when she started to scream, she immediately passed out.

Her heart was still racing when she woke up on the cold floor and she felt herself disgusted but for a few seconds she stared at her hand on the floor. There was no tall building and finally, while she rubbed the stupid drool of her face, she realized what happened and as Yu, she was far from happy. When she got up, not even paying attention to the doctor, she simply watched Yu. Maybe she should do something like that too, because she didn't really like the whole experiment again. She held up her hand after Yu was done with doctor Mabuz to earn her own money. The doctor muttered again he might needed her again, "We shall see." she said, maybe not so fearsome as Yu but just as angry.

As they were outside the shop, Yu turned to her to call Mabuz lucky and that they might see each other again, she waved goodbye to Yu as she headed back to the Guild herself. Trying to cover up the shaking. She owndered for a few seconds, what Yami might have done.


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