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Crash The Cash [Celeste]

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Crash The Cash [Celeste] Empty on Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:50 pm


Another night on the town with wifey it seemed, but Erebus had been withdrawn after their last incident. Things were changing, he needed time to reaffirm his goals, ambitions, that kind of thing. He didn't want to be some petty murderer, he knew that was not his end goal... He'd have to break things off with Kaidou. Return back to his days of no magic, no fighting techniques. All in all, it'd be relatively normal. Plus, he still had a bone to pick with Mabuz later for doing that to her. What was it he was writing down anyways? Who knows.

Whenever Celeste would arrive, the two could be underway. Tonight they were work for Martin again, Martin Martello. The head to the Martello Mafia Ring; the Martellos' were new to this, a smaller group, however it seemed at every turn they were trying to gun for the Vincenzes'. Bad blood fro older days, and now as the two more powerful gangs in Oak. It was like  gang war by night, and a capture and retreat by day. Everyday. Didn't help much that all the mercenary dark mages lived in Oak either. It was a laughable scenario-- one Erebus found utterly amusing.

Folded up in Strategist's hand was the map from the past, basically it led to the target location. If Celeste no longer had hers, sharing would be fine. After all, they shred coffee often. The cat realized rather quickly now... What was taking her so long? It had already been a few minutes of waiting. Erebus would rather not go alone...


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Celeste Vagarosa


Celeste had overslept, she could make it on time to their meeting for the mission if she had skipped breakfast or her shower. Well she sure as hell wanted to smell good for her seducing prince. She stumbled across her apartment jumping into her shower not giving herself time to prep the water. She screamed as the cold water quickly rolled down her body, as she jumped out she had slipped and hit her ass against the counter of her bathroom. Celeste sat their a few minutes rubbing her butt in pain, she really had to get in gear or she'd really be cutting it late.

Celeste had quickly hopped in her shower the water was durable, she quickly scrubbed her body with her body wash soap, trying her best to make sure she was squeaky clean for her lover, cause if they were to do the dirty, she wanted to be clean tonight so he could get her all dirty all over again. As she finished washing up, she got out to dry off, quickly putting on her clothes and making sure her oral-health was taken care of as well. With all that done, she grabbed a water bottle from her fridge and dashed for her door as she jumped off the apartment's stairs.

She ran down the streets of Oak, hoping to catch up with her Erebus. She saw him and memories from the previous event had replayed in her head. The bloody image of him, headless. She blinked, shaking her head as she approached him, she loved him that would never happen, she'd keep him safe; even if it meant death.

"Hey babe, so what do we do now?" Celeste asked, pressing against him ever so lightly.

He was in for it tonight. She was in control.



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Erebus breathed out, turning around at the touch of her body, her squishy chest. Her beauty was on point, the normal for her. He smiled, pressing his lips onto her. Not once but twice, he should've stopped but the boy found his kisses slowing. Embracing, absorbing her. He wanted their tongues to dance like they had in the past. His arms were moving from her back to the bottom of her skirt. Mmm, he wanted to get up under there right now, but knew he had to re-frame on the job. "Hey baby, I'm sorry about the last mission. I' not allowing anyone to do that to you again. Okay? You have my word.." With the basic stuff out of the way, the boy moved a kiss onto her cheek and pulled away. "Now, we head to a diner."

The job would lead them into heading for the cash house which was a deserted restaurant no longer being used. From what Strategist knew of, it was pretty secluded from the rest of the buildings in that street. Therefore, their finding it shouldn't be too difficult. He pulled her by the hand. Time to get to work-- after all, they needed the money. Upon arriving, Erebus informed Celeste they'd need to enter without being noticed. She probably knew that but still, it was best not to take any risks out here.


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Celeste Vagarosa


Their tongues would intertwine, As he would bite her lip she squealed, her voice muffled as she talked into the kiss about how perfect he was to her. Pausing to inhale oxygen, she quickly kissed him again. and of course the kiss got heated just like before, if not more heated. She could feel his hands rubbing her back. She still couldn't believe this bad-boy was hers when he used his oral talents to lure women into their death, but now he was loyal to her, he never gave any women that look of lust like he gave Celeste. His touch and affection was so electrifying he definitely knew what he was doing and what he could do. If he wanted he could have his way with her anyway he wanted, right here and now in front of anyone, if he so wishes. 

Every time they touched it lit fire under her skin, she could feel his hand making it's way down, she closed her eyes as she mentally prayed to the stars; she wanted this so badly, did he not realize? Why was he torturing her like this. It simply wasn't fair she wanted it now and here. As he explained to her that they needed to be quiet for the mission and sneak into a building and promise her he would never let her be hurt like that again, she only nodded. She yanked him behind a tree. Her hands trailed down his torso, down his treasure trail. She was going to get her treat.

"Are you ready...-" She whispered in his ear as she bit his neck lapping her tongue around the bite.

The scene would fade black as the two made love for a few hours, and trust me; it wasn't soft love.

"Ooohhh... Erebuuus~ That was amazing for my first time~" Celeste smirked, biting his neck yet again

Celeste smiled, kissing him again before sneaking the both of them inside of the building for the mission. This should be a walk in the park for the both of them. Hopefully, they'd get more time to make love, her body was already craving him once again.



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To his surprise the two would go behind a tree, kissing on her neck, he slipped her underwear to the ground and pressed her into the tree. The Scene would fade just as described, though when it returned. Erebus was growling for more, maybe after the mission? He zipped his pants and moved along. No point in... staying with his eyes tracing her sexy figure much longer. It'd put him up again, and he knew that work came first. After all, Icarus might find it distasteful them fucking on the job. Regardless, Celeste gave him her virginity, even though rushed... He loved it. The two had been putting it off for the perfect time, but there came a time in every woman's life where she just needed a man. No point in blaming her for that.

"There's more where that came from, and you know it." He teased, using teeth around her collar bone. Following her own bite of course, then he was helping her to adjust the blue dress back over her pale shoulders. Though, seeing his own bite marks covering her... Well, it kind've got him riled up again. A beast in primal instinct, if at all hungry as he, would want it's fill after all. Ugh! Women... They always had him like a dog in heat, wanting more. But this one... She had him wanting it like never before.

"Let's get this mission done babe. Then we'll treat each other s'more. My fingers just don't want to let off."

Celeste talked them into the building, good. Her skills as a polite seductress were growing, soon she'd be a good deceiver. Very impressive on her part, the woman was growing into a beautiful criminal. If it weren't for her safety, he might've not even cared for his own violence around her. But she needed a man who would respect her, so she could stomach him as he loved her. Those were necessary traits in a relationship. both of them knew it deep down, and trust... He went deep into her, not that the context spoke of how they enjoyed it at that point. Or did it?

Eventually they found the money they were suppose to collect in a bag underneath some loose tiles in the storage room, since the tiles were not placed back properly. The obstacle was easy-- child's play for seasoned criminals such as them. They pulled out the bag, inside was some flammable shit to douse the diner in, after pocketing the cash. They set the place to ashes and made it appear some pyromaniac arsonist came through. The two went back to Erebus's room for... Well, for another fade to black.



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Celeste Vagarosa

When the two lovers had finished their business tying the knot of love, Celeste had gotten up slipping her dress back on, however Erebus was breathing down on her still biting her as he aided her on putting it back on. She simply blushed and looked at the ground as she clipped the top of the dress to the bottom by her cleavage. She rubbed her hands over herself, feeling the electricity in the air tingling across the contact of her skin against her own, it was real for sure. He- Erebus had taken her first time, and she was grateful; hopefully he'd always be hers from this point on.

As they went to the building Celeste had talked her way into the building, her social skills working to the best, she convinced that they were construction worker wizards and would be helping clean out the building. As they continued their mission they would quickly find the item they needed under some loose tiles. Once retrieving it the two had left, before they exited the building though, Celeste had poured gasoline all around the building and grabbed a match and lit it before throwing it on the gasoline. She had Erebus make an exit through the back as the two would leave from the alleyways.

After getting back to their private quarters the two began to get intimate again. Her lips curled as he went down on her, he was hers, and only hers. The scene would fade black again.


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