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All Fired Up [Amai: V-day Event]

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Arisa would stare at the sky as she nommed on an apple. Truly the sky was decent as the sky was clear with the light color of blue. In deep depth it had some blotches of darkness within it like every light. In true words, every light has darkness as every darkness had some light. Her heart would thump as she thought of what has happened in the past few days. The lioness eyes of hers would light up with the sunlight that blazed towards her. The only thing that kept the area rather chill was the winds feel that danced around her.

Her head tilted down as her back was against the wall, waiting for the one she was doing this with, her sister. She contacted her as she honestly wished to reunite with her. Her golden eyes gazed at the cement and wondered. What if she didn't come? Her face would be stoned as she looked expressionless yet calm. She was wearing a jean jacket of blue and a white T-shirt under it. Her black leather pants would form her lower 'curves' whilst her feet were covered by simple long socks and brown boots. Today she would let her medium-long hair flower to the left as the wind would play with the strands like as if they're plants. Today they would venture through the hill to ensure things go right, but will they? She sighed softly and waited for her little sister.


#2Amai Okashi 

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Amai Okashi
Purple grape would be the flavor of the day.

Amai sucked on the lollipop with her eyes closed, walking to the sending location. Aside from a couple of awkward happenstance meetings, the two sisters had not spent any significant time together. This would be the perfect opportunity to meet up and spend time together, but she felt somewhat worried. She was beginning to overcome her fear surrounding her sister, but she was uncertain if something else would trigger her insane, involuntary fear. This would ruin any further chances at coming together to be a family once more. This nagging feeling was telling her that she would not get the opportunity to grow together with her older sister.

Amai was not one to turn down confrontation, though.

Amai approached the agreed upon meeting spot with hesitation overcame by pure determination. She would set things right with this mission, no problem. After all, she needed these opportunities to prove her value; she needed to have a guild to call her home. She was willing to go to the ends of the Earth to make it happen. She needed to become stronger by any means, and finding a guild would be critical in her personal improvement.

Amai looked up to see her sister in fairly normal clothes, albeit fairly showy of the woman’s form. In contrast, the pink-haired diminutive dynamo appeared almost child-like in appearance. She appeared a white blouse underneath brown overalls. These overalls looped in the back and cut off short at her mid-thigh, giving a shorts-like appearance, cuffing and supporting her rear. With simple brown athletic shoes on her feet and twin tails to each side of her pink hair, she definitely appeared like a child, or at very least a younger sister.

Hey, Ari-Nee… so you got here early, huh?

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Her eyes would close as she would wait for her sister. How long was she going to take? She knew that Alice was always so god damn slow as she was when they were all together, the family. She always ran ahead and was quite faster than her little sister. Soon she would hear her sister speak as she was finally here. She questioned of her being here early. ''Of course. Better to be early than it is late.'' she would say and opened her eyes, shooting them to gaze at her short sister. ''Are you ready?'' she questioned Alice.

She knew that Alice was ready, but she kind of wanted to ask anyways. Rather her answer was yes or no, Arisa would start on walking towards the hill that wasn't so far. The grass felt soft as the ground was moist. Taking a deep breather she would look up the hill to then start walking up it. Alice would most likely be behind her, but if Alice decided to run in front of her than she would just shake her head and walked normally. Her arms crossed against her own chest as she would then be at the top.

After she finally got to the top she would see that a guard was putting pieces of logs in places for the object/thing that was apart of their mission. ''Finally almost done.'' she would hear as she would see the guard turn around to see Arisa and her little sister watching him. ''O-oh hi there!'' he would say quite nervous as he didn't expect maybe two people or perhaps it was just Arisa's serious calm facial expression. She stared down at him in an unreadable way as he wouldn't be able to tell rather she was annoyed/pissed off or just bitch faced. ''Good. Hurry it up. Faster you work, the earlier you get to go.'' she would say in a rather dom-womanly way, far from her usual girly soft tone. The guard was shocked as he expected something harsher so he just nodded quite determined and went faster. Slowly she turned around and away from the guy to walk towards the next one. Slowly would would walk towards the east one.

This other one was through the woods unlike the first one, which was easy. She wondered if the other jobs she will take in the future will be this easy. Her brown longish hair would flow behind her as she walked through the trees. 'My kind of area...' she would think softly to herself as her brown lioness eyes wandered to look around. It was like any other forest/woods, but she still enjoyed this type of atmosphere. Her eyes slowly turned to look at Alice. ''Pretty easy, right?'' she would question and chuckle. ''Perhaps when we get stronger, we'll get something with more bite to it.'' she would comment to her little sister, Alice. Something came to her though...Why did she go by Amai?

soon she would be at the beacon that she was supposed to go to with her sister to find the next guard. Her eyes half-closed as she saw him sleeping. 'How pathetic.' the darker voice spoke within her thoughts as she would then take another deep breather to relax. Quickly she would clear her throat and turned to Alice. Hands would then grip her own wide-like hips and tilted her head. ''We better let him sleep. We wouldn't want to be woken up either.'' she would say quietly and then turned away to start walking. ''To the North we go then.'' she would say to her sister. As soon as she did say that, Arisa would start walking towards the north. ''Everything seems too easy...'' she would whisper as she walked somewhat ahead of Alice unless she would pick up the pace. Her heart would thumb as she would get closer and even closer to the beacon that was the last one.

As soon as she would get there Arisa would see blood everywhere around the single guard body. Her eyes would look towards the project itself to see it almost finished. 'Sabotage or an animal attack...?' she wondered in her thoughts. ''Well, we better report this then, Alice.'' she would say softly and sighed. ''Sad that we were too late to save him. To even fight something.'' she spoke once more and then turned to go through the woods again. After going through the area's they've already been to she would then see the guard outside the gate. ''Hey. There's a dead guard at the North beacon. East is done. The other one is almost done.'' she would report to him all serious in a calm manner. The guard would be alerted, gave them their reward and went off to tell Lord Servas. After he did so, Arisa would turn around to look at Alice. ''Alright, let's get something to eat and go rest for the next job.'' she would say with a calm facial expression, something rather usual and normal.



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Amai Okashi
Grape is sweet, indeed. It has a slight tartness to it, but artificial taste can imitate even the sweetest and ripest grapes. Each lick is like biting into the fresh core of another grape, drinking its juices eagerly, wanting another lick.

Amai nodded to the preparation inquiry. Of course, she was ready. She was not entirely certain with what power she would be securing the victory condition of this quest, but she was assured victory aside her sister, more powerful than she was. The pink-haired loli followed her elder sister, quick to keep pace. It was a flash to their past; she was always following her sister, trying to catch her in so many ways. Being the blessed child, her sister had developed faster and in all the right ways: prodigal magic touch, beautiful body, and even a wondrous voice. It was almost as if Amai was learning to be the younger sister all over again, seeing her elder sister in such a powerful light once more. It was weird, not being so independent to rely on her own power, but she was willing to make an exception for her sister.

Arriving to the top, Amai watched the guard finalizing preparations for their quest. Logs were being placed in specific spots. The guard seemed taken aback at the sisters’ presence; she assumed that it was because they were females in a respected position. She could not tell exactly why it was, but he certainly worked to the beat of her sister’s drum, that voice equally commanding and intimidating, despite the words being soft and reassuring. That man certainly completed his work swiftly. She could almost make out puppy dog ears and a tail wagging.

Amai bit down to silence a chuckle that crept in her throat.

Another grape was needed.

Amai followed Arisa’s lead. The younger sister kept to her elder sister’s heels, and she followed her movements. Arriving at the beacon was simple enough, watching the various guards performing their various tasks. There was not much at that point to be done but oversight, and it was a bit unexpected. She was expecting a bit more direct involvement. She nodded at her sister’s comment about it being easy and the hope for stronger opposition.

A single sleeping guard offered only respite in lack of action, which was more of an annoyance than respite. Amai sighed and shook her head, ready to hit the guard as he slacked on his duty, but Arisa seemed the voice of reason, assuring her that no action would be necessary. To be honest, if the guard were sleeping, he would likely be useless anyway since he proved he was a slacker. The ease of this quest was boring, to say the least, as they headed north. She felt like saying something, but she was not sure how to start. Awkward was a good word to describe the silence as they walked to the final beacon.

That copper scent of blood then crept into her nostrils.

Blood was everywhere.

Amai looked ahead to see that the project was nearly done, but there was a dead guard surrounded in blood. This was a solemn warning of just how quick a situation could turn from dull to frantic out at these parts. She bit down on her lollipop, the remainder of the sucker cracking loudly in disgust of the sight. She wanted to walk forward to the body to check it, but something was stopping her. Her vision was beginning to fade a little, and dizziness swept over her. She staggered for a brief second but caught herself. Pulling herself upright, she nodded in response to her sister’s suggestion; they needed to report this. It was a shame the guard died, but this was their mission.

Amai followed Arisa back at a little distance. She corroborated the report that Arisa gave. Her briefing was quick, merely an echo of what her sister had said just seconds prior. Something was bothering her, though, at the sight of the bloodied body. Perhaps it was just her inexperience with death that was affecting her. Acknowledging this shortcoming of hers, she made mental note of it. Turning to her sister, she gave a weak smile. Food sounded great at the time.

Amai had a feeling she’d need the energy in the very near future.


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