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White Claudia [Roman + Geb]

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Today, Geb was planning to meet with Roman to do some work for some kind of scientist in Oak. They would of course be paid, so the two of them would be going there first thing tomorrow morning. After a good sleep, Geb locked everything in the gallery up as he began to go to the meeting place outside of the lab that they had agreed on. It was a shady dark alley to a basement lab. Nothing suspicious here, right? Geb put his hands in his pockets as he would tap his foot and wait for his partner Roman to show up to the place. Tapping his foot, Geb got a little anxious of what it was that he might be finding in that lab. The idea of it was quite scary indeed, but, to be fair, he needed all the money he could get at the current moment. So, bring on the tests, strange scientist!

Waiting in the morning was a tough thing to do. Where in the hell was Roman? Geb was getting just a little bit tired of waiting by now. This was taking soooo long... he could of got so many customers at the gallery by now, but he had to close it just so he and his buddy could go and do a bit of work together and get some money between the two of them. Wasn't Geb just the nicest friend? Well, at least he thought he was, in his own eyes. The cold wind would blow as the snow melted from the sunny morning, as Geb waited for Roman.


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Roman came stumbling out of his apartment. The shit was hot boxed to all hell. He had been smoking some ganja while bumping good ole Bob Marley. Didn't really bother to get dressed in full clothing. He was walking around in a t-shirt that said OPPAI on it. He didn't really know what it meant. Just knew that it was from a anime show that had just aired about a bald super hero. One that could easily defeat anything with one punch. His eyes were blood shot red and he looked untidy at best. At least this time he had some clothing on. In a huge rush he realized he would be late for meeting Geb. Another Phantom Lord member and valued friend. He was patting his chest down as he had a doobie hanging from the edge of his lips. “Shit where is it.” He thought he was wearing a suit still thus why he patted his chest. His funky looking lighter that got the job done when needed. He laughed as he realized that he was in gym type clothes. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter. He began to walk towards the client where Geb should be waiting. It was about five minutes passed when they were supposed to meet up.

He ran back real quick to lock the door before sprinting off towards the area. After about three more minutes passed he made it where he needed to be. A shop where the supposed client was. A scientist or doctor, it didn't really matter to Roman. He was here to do a job and get paid. Geb would see him in the distance as he came running up. “Sorry I am late I was busy!”



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What a beautiful morning. Geb's waiting seemed to be soothed by him just looking up at the sky, being able to appreciate the sheer looks of the sky and the sun as it was quite prominent today. Spring would be coming soon, Geb had a feeling. Geb got so caught up with the whole staring at the sky and enjoying the weather that he didn't even see Roman walking up to him. "Ah, Roman! Hello there. Shall we get going? We're not late, but not exactly early either. Best not to keep the doctor waiting!" he exclaimed, as he began to head down the stairs to the laboratory, signaling Roman to come along with him.

Following down the stairs, Geb opened the door to the magic shop. Lookin around within the place, Geb would see many different potions and other items that seemed a bit.. suspicious. Overall, it didn't seem as bad as he thought it was. The doctor looked nervous behind his desk, as he instantly sat up the moment he saw Geb. "Ah, you two must be the people I hired." he said, as he would grab two white phials from his desk. This was getting stranger by the second... "come here, follow me". he said, as he seemed to lead the two into a backroom. Geb looked back at roman and shrugged. He supposed that they'd just have to play along, no use in backing out now when the money was this close to being their's. Geb would follow the doctor through the hall, as he unlocked a door to a white walled, empty room with 2 simple folding chairs. "Please, take a seat, I'll be right with you in a moment." the doctor said, as he seemed to go back down the hall, not before signaling the two to the chairs to tell them to sit down.


White Claudia [Roman + Geb] BORZAPv

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Roman was greeted by Geb. The doctor was not to be kept waiting. It was best for them to make haste down the stairs. Following Geb he opened the door to the magic shop. Various items lined the store counters with potions and all sorts of magical ingredients. Some of which Roman knew about as they were used in various poisons. There was not much of a odor, or he could not really tell the difference. Geb looked around the place, seemed a bit off put by such wares. Roman was just thinking what could he use here to make all sorts of fun toys. There was a stalky man sitting behind a counter located at the back of the store. He could only guess that it was the spot where he collected funds for the wares sold here. It was a nicely designed shop for selling potions of the dark arts. The man spoke up from behind circular glasses.

While the man spoke he listened as he looked around the shop. There were several different labels he couldn't understand. Then again where was the fun in killing someone with a toxin? The man stood up from the counter and walked to the backroom. He wanted the two to follow him into the back room. The man grabbed the bottles on the counter and made his way to the back. Roman took the joint that was between his lips and placed it in his pocket. He followed the two into the back room. He sat down in one of the chairs and leaned back on the chair. “So what's the job?” Roman would ask.

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"Well, you see..." he said to Roman. "I'm not sure. I know this doctor wanted to test something on us, and it seems to be that white phial he had with him. So, I'm not entirely sure myself." he said, as he awaited the doctor to come back with the presuming materials needed for the experiment.

After sitting in the room for just a little while with Roman, the doctor had come back prepared with two needles. Geb couldn't help but admit he was a bit nervous about this little thing. What exactly was he going to inject into Geb? Most likely that white phial, now that Geb thought about it a bit better. This was suspicious, but to be honest, Geb had seen and done worse for twenty five thousand jewels. So in other words, it wasn't THAT bad. Geb would play around, after all, what bad could happen? Besides you know,.. this totally killing him.

Getting himself ready as he didn't quite like needles, Geb closed his eyes as the doctor gave them directions. "Now, in just a second I will insert this into your left arms. I'll pay you no matter what, and don't worry.. there's a big chance there will be no.. long term effects." he said, as he then rested two needles on a table. "So, who will be going first in my little experiment? Of course, you'll both be within 20 seconds of each other, but still. Who volunteers?" he asked.

Geb then looked over to Roman. "So, you wanna go first? Or should I? Let's not keep the good man waiting. Actually, know what.. I'll go first. No reason not to."

The doctor then nodded, wasting no time as he held down Geb's arm to inject the fluid.

Suddenly, Geb saw Roman vanish. He was alone in the room. There was blood all over the wall, and it was deadly cold. However, he saw the doctor. "Doc..?" he asked, struggling to get a look, before seeing a vile, nasty monster in his face. Screaming, Geb's world went black.

Geb woke up, feeling groggy. The doctor poked him. "Get up, here's your money. You may leave now." he said, as he grumbled while walking away. "I shall need a second experiment, it seems like.." Geb heard him speak as he would walk away.

Feeling dizzy, Geb would stand up and wobble out of the shop, not energetic enough to think about Roman. He slipped his money in his pocket, as he would go back to the Gallery to get some damn rest. That was a horrible day - but, to be fair, it was easy money. And, he got a nap out of it, he supposed?



White Claudia [Roman + Geb] BORZAPv

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Roman sat down in the chair and looked around the room some more. The doctor had some form of concution. Something experimental no doubt. Ideally Roman wasn't about jabbing needles into himself. He stuck to low level drugs, anything that required stabbing it was avoided at all costs. Two needles sat in front of the doctor after a short time of preparation. For once Roman felt uneasy about the whole thing. Should something happen they would be dead and that's it. On the other hand if nothing happened they would make some jewel and gain a valued client. Roman looked over at Geb with a eye of worry so he pulled out the joint and lighter. He proceeded to light the join as he put it in. The doctor gave him a look that said 'Can you not.?' He clicked the lighter a few times before shaking it. There was lighter fluid in it he wasn't hitting the sweet spot. Suddenly a light came to life. He spoke before actually taking his first puff.

Roman only spoke, “Look if you are about to jam something into me that could kill me. I would rather die comfortably alright?” He would light it causing a smell of skunk to fill the room in a instant. He watched Geb put his arm up first. Roman would have taken a few puffs before waiting twenty seconds as the doctor asked. He threw out a arm and the good doctor stuck a needle in. He didn't really look over at Geb as he did it. He just closed his eyes and prepared for the prick. The needle entered the arm near the vein region as if he was giving blood. The needle pressed in and Roman winced a bit. The concoction began to travel through his blood stream.

Suddenly the world would be filled with a multitude of colors. Roman could only feel the euphoric feeling of the drug rushing over his body. Something he had never experienced before. The room twisted and spun out of existence. Suddenly Roman was in space floating around, he could breathe normaly but he was quickly brought back by him falling out of the chair. The drug wore off quickly and he was on his feet. He grabbed the joint that fell out of his mouth. He snapped back to reality, it was a jarring feeling. It was almost like LSD but a bit more potent. He saw Geb stumble out of the door behind him first. Roman would only point at the doctor. “I don't know what the fuck that was but I want more. We will speak more later. Let me walked this off first.” The doctor smiled and pushed a small coin purse towards his direction. He let out a deep sigh and left the shop.


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