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Interrogation Tactics(Bianca/event)

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Interrogation Tactics(Bianca/event) Empty on Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:35 am

Caius looked at his watch as he headed to the main street of Oak for a request he had picked up. It was almost time to start. The request was for the Martello family which was a newer group in the vast crime syndicate spread throughout the town. It didn't matter how small they were to Caius as long as they were willing to pay the price for his services. This request must have been of major importance as he would be working with another mage as well. The directions he received led him to a back alley of an old building where a man in a white suit was waiting for him. That must have been the client. He walked up to the man and shook his hand.

"My name is Varian. I'm one of the mages that accepted the D rank request you posted.". The man would offer out his hand and greet him. "Good now we just need one more. Here take this. Now we wait on the other one before we can begin." the man would say tossing him a black mask. The mission they were going on required their faces not to be seen so they weren't associated with the family. With nothing to do but wait, Caius moved over to the wall of the building and leaned on it. He tapped his foot impatiently as time went by. He hoped that the mage that he was teaming up with would not hold him back.


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Bianca Fleur
Bianca had decided to spend today finishing some quests. She needed some money and she had nothing to do that day, plus the guild was empty. Maybe the others were out doing quests, too? She checked the calendar in the main hall. February the fourteenth. Nothing special. Bianca never knew a Valentine’s day, so today was as normal as any other day. She put on her normal outfit and headed outside to the quest board, looking at each of the sheets before picking one that she felt like doing at the moment. It was called ‘Interrogation Tactics’. Never having interrogated someone, she felt like this would give her a new experience. The phantom then went to the location she was to meet with the client by foot.

As soon as she arrived in the alleyway, she noticed two men standing there, one wearing a black mask and leaning against the wall while the other was bald and seemed to be waiting for someone. “Hello, I’m Bianca and here to complete your request,” said Bianca, guessing that the bald man was the client and the masked man probably his bodyguard or something for safety. It was smart to have a bodyguard with him, she thought. After all, he was working with dark wizards. The man clapped his hands together as soon as he saw her with a grin. He didn’t seem to notice at first since Bianca’s steps were soundless.

“Ah, yes, your partner just arrived too,” he said, gesturing for her to come forward and receive a black mask, too. She thought it was useless if she put on a mask because she would still have the flower on her eye. What normal person had a flower on her eye? Bianca blushed a bit for thinking that the other wizard was Martello’s bodyguard. She gave him a small smile before putting on the mask herself and listening to the client talk about the request.

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"Dont just stand there put your mask on before the other one arrives." The man would demand. Caius just rolled his eyes as he took the mask and attempted to pull it over his head. His spiky hair made it a giant pain in the ass but after pulling on it hard enough it went around his face covering most of it up. After a few minutes, a white haired girl wearing a flower eye patch walked towards the client stating that she was the second mage that accepted the request. Caius was a bit shocked a woman that pretty doing a mission that involved an interrogation. Most women liked to be clean and proper and interrogations were messy. Looks could be deceiving it seemed.

The client rubbed his hands together as he explained what needed to be done. "Alright you two listen up. As you know I'm from the Martello family. I got a guy in here tied up from the Tessio family that has information about a cash transport happening soon. I need to location and time of when it's happening. That mine should be mine. Do whatever you have to do to make the little pig squeal but DON'T use my name at all." He explained. Caius was baffled why he would need two mages to do such a simple task but it didn't matter now. He walked up to the woman who would be his partner in the request.

"The name is Varian. I suppose we are partners for the time being. Let's have a successful mission Bianca." Caius would say offering to shake her hand. Afterwards, he opened up the door next to them to head into the building. The door led to a small, dark room with their target tied up and tape across his mouth. He saw them and started to squirm with fear but it was no use. Caius could easily make the man talk but was more curious about this woman's abilities. He turned to Bianca and shrugged his shoulders. "Ladies first"


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Bianca Fleur
Bianca tried to remember everything that the guy had just told her and the masked guy about their job. All they had to do was get some information out of a dude who is held captive in the building they were standing outside of. She nodded when the man finished explaining the request to them. He told them carefully not to mention his name at all. She nodded again, and then turned to her job partner who came to introduce himself. Giving him a small smile, she said, “Alright,” and shook the hand that he offered. Then, she followed him into the building, giving the Martello man a last look. Afterwards, once they reached the place, she noticed a guy tied up to a chair and his mouth was taped. She gave Varian a look and approached the squirming man.

She stood about a foot in front of him. He didn’t stop squirming so she thought it would be easier to get information out of him. Which was a good thing. Then her partner said ‘ladies first’, which made her almost jump into the captive’s arms because she was too busy studying him and actually forgot that she had a partner for this job. “Oh, okay,” she said with a slight cough and a smile. She turned back to the Tessio man and gave him a look so fierce she hoped it made him kind of automatically spit out the information. But he did not, of course. That’s not how it works. So she said, “Tell us all you know about the cash transport,” with a stern tone. The guy would have been afraid of her...if he was four years old. Now instead of squirming and whimpering, he just stared back at her. Bianca did the same, with her eye a little bit bulging to assert dominance.

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Bianca was a bit fidgety while they were in the room but would comply with his request. Caius crossed his arms as he watched her walk up to the man with anticipation. To be a dark guild member she probably would use some of the most brutal tactics available to get the information. Wrong. Much to his shock, she didn't even harm him. She just walked up to him and asked him.......menacingly. The worst part is she didn't even remove the tape from the mans mouth to allow him to respond. Caius just stood there dumbfounded, staring in awe. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. This is why he liked to work alone or with professionals he knew in his guild.

Caius cracked his knuckles and walked over to the both of them to take control of the situation. He reached out and ripped the tape from the targets mouth causing him to grunt in pain. He reached down and pulled out the mans left hand from the rope and held it in front of him. "Answer her question." Caius would say putting pressure on it. The man just looked at the both of them and spit to the ground. "Fuck you! They will kill me if they find out I talked. You ain't getting nothing out of me." He had resolve but you could tell by his shaking eyes that he was nervous. He would crack.


And crack he did as Caius bend his index finger backwards and broke it sideways so the bone was poking out. The man started to scream in pain as tears went down his eyes. "Please stop I don't know anything I'm just a lowly...." *CRACK*  This time it was the ring finger of the man that was shattered. He hope he wasn't married because that ring wasn't going to fit after this. The man just whimpered in his chair not saying anything. Caius doubled down and took his pinky and middle finger and snapped both of them. Caius just had a cold stare at the man as he thrashed around and wailed in pain. He was moving so much that he knocked himself over from his chair and fell on the ground.

"Alright...Alright I'll tell you just stop the pain." he said finally giving in. Caius walked up and lifted his head up and pointed it towards Bianca. "I never asked for anything. She's the one you owe and answer to." Caius hoped his antics didn't scare Bianca away. All she had to do was get the answer from the man and they were done


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Bianca Fleur
It is safe to say that Bianca is a total noob at interrogating or anything of the sort. She had never done anything like this, making this her very first time. It was worse because she had a partner with her who would be watching her every move, probably silently judging her performance. The moment that Varian came forward to remove the tape over the Tessio man’s mouth was the moment Bianca felt like banging her head into the nearest wall. How did she expect the guy to answer her without removing the tape on his freaking mouth!? That was probably why he was staring back at her instead of answering her. Once he was able to open his mouth, he began to say that he couldn’t answer her because if he did, he would be killed. Bianca felt like saying that he would be killed if he didn’t answer her too but she wasn’t sure, so she kept quiet and let Varian do his thing...which was breaking fingers.

Of course breaking fingers was a great way to make someone say something! Bianca took note of that, remembering to use it next time she had to interrogate someone and they weren’t cooperating. She then wondered if pushing a nail into the point between his fingernails and skin would work too? If she had some nails she would have tried it for sure, but breaking a few fingers seemed to have done the trick as he then decided to spit it out with a remorseful face. Varian stepped back, saying that Bianca was the one he owed the information to. The vampyre remained still, watching and collecting the information in her head. It seemed that all he knew was that it was going to take place next week and that they were using the old tunnels in the Oak hills as their route. “Thank you for cooperating,” she said in a cold tone before unfolding her arms and leaving to give the information to the Martello man.

After giving the information, Varian and Bianca would collect their reward from the Martello man. Once she had made sure she had received the full payment, Bianca turned to Varian and said, “If you feel like taking more requests, find me.” She liked his style of getting things done.

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