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White Claudia

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White Claudia Empty on Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:09 pm


There they were in Oak again, standing in the streets Erebus awaited the arrival of Celeste. He hadn't seen her in what seemed like a few days. Just how was she? They sure hadn't talked, it almost felt odd doing another mission for Mabuz on Valentine's Day... Then again Stephan was twisted like that. Mad Scientist's gave Erebus the creeps. Oh well, Erebus knew he'd be meeting both the cocky bastard, and his blue princess very shortly... It was just a matter of waiting it out. In regards to the mission, it was just another payday, the cat was ready.


#2Celeste Vagarosa 

White Claudia Empty on Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:29 pm

Celeste Vagarosa


Celeste had just finished up her shower, she was no adjusting herself, trying to make herself look as best as she could, it was valentine's day. Celeste's right hand cupped her left as she rubbed the nub on her left hand; it took her pinky's place as a week ago it was chopped off. Celeste sighed, would he still love her, or would her missing limb be a problem for him, sure it was small but this made her a freak to others. She was called upon to do a mission with Erebus on Valentine's day for Dr. Mabuz, she didn't mind it would help her lover and herself bond even more.

Celeste had walked up to her lover and Doctor Mabuz who were both awaiting her arrival. "Hey you two."

Celeste mumbled, obviously not her cheery talkative-self from recent events. She did however walk up to Erebus grip his crotch and kiss him, with much more force than she'd normally do.

"I think I want some white-chocolate tonight- mmm." Celeste bit her lip.

Oh dear what would Valica and Leonal think of their daughter acting like such a seductress. Maybe they'd be proud but maybe they'd be majorly disappointed.


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White Claudia Empty on Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:54 pm


When she gripped him, a slight sexual expression left his lips. Pulling the lust right up to her alley, then again. She was fairly attractive on her own without even needing to try. Tonight would be the night he treated her finally. They'd waited plenty, no time like the present left to act right? Right. Upon entering the building Erebus quickly noticed the sweat beading at Stephan's eyebrows,, he was tensing up. Strange, but no stranger than his own anatomy. "Mabuz what's the meaning of calling us on a holiday, maidens like this need a man to treat them. Your games are becoming most distasteful." The man rose from his chair, an expression of excitement and fear plastered across his face. What was this bastard up too? "Ah yes, Strategist. Lovely Irony. It's goo to see you please, if you will." He pulled a lowing white vial from behind his back. The stuff looked potent, perhaps black magic, the cat ventured. "So you have something? What do you want?" The boy slid his hand around Celeste's waist and gripped her tightly. Before pulling her close to him. It had grown into a habit to be so rough and domesticate the angel. Mmm.~ "One of you will test this. Choose wisely."


#4Celeste Vagarosa 

White Claudia Empty on Tue Feb 14, 2017 10:23 pm

Celeste Vagarosa


Celeste had looked over at the corner of the room as Mabuz told them of the experiment, he seemed to be a little dense on the subject, maybe he was hiding the fact that this experiment had some whacko crazy side-effect? You never know with this scientist, it's a hit or miss with him. She smirked at the first time the two had helped him, it was actually her first mission with Erebus. Erebus had pulled the Oasis-Woman close, he seemed to think of her as his territory, cute. She didn't mind it one bit, he could do as he pleased with her, she had no objections that was obvious.

Mabuz, simply told them one of them would test this and it was a needle, Celeste's eyes widened. She had a severe fear of needles, a bad case of Trypanophobia, which is what her fear was classified as. If Erebus' had looked at her pupils it was obviously how terrified she was, as her pupils rapidly shook as well as her knees. However the Oasis-Woman ha stepped forth weakly.

"I will be our test-subject..." Celeste whispered. "I hope... I can handle this."

Mabuz had led the couple to the back of a room. Quite a room too, full of whips, chains, paddles, gags and many other gadgets. Mabuz had lead the fair Celeste to her seat of straps, as he strapped her in giving her a wink. Celeste terrified out of her mind, stared at Erebus, trying to stay confident. If he tried to volunteer as her replacement she'd refuse endlessly.

"I'll be fine..." Celeste mumbled to herself, before the injection.

As she was injected her pupils became some small that they were barely visible. She shook her head quickly as rusty metal appeared around her, this was surreal. This had to be an illusion, everywhere she looked their was blood. She saw Mabuz and Erebus headless bleeding out. Celeste shook in fear, gripping against the belts. Even though she couldn't free herself they'd buckle and practically almost come undone.

"EREBUS!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" Celeste would practically screech as if she'd been stabbed.

When she blinked the dead Mabuz had stood still turning into one big flesh of shadows as he shifted. The woman saw children, they looked like the offspring of the couple. Celeste was sure they were when she looked to her left to see a future version of herself and Erebus, hung with spears all in their body, she counted about twenty. The children screamed out in pain and agony, Celeste cried at this point, it was the most she'd ever cried in her life, her sobs mixed with pleads and screams of fear.
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White Claudia Empty on Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:14 am


Erebus wasn't comfortable with this set-up, matter of fact he almost turned around to leave on sight of the potion. However, when Celeste broke contact with him to take on the mission-- that reality became forfeit. He gritted his teeth, pulling on her skirt. "Irony, no." He said, but her stubbornness was stronger than his persistence. The belts strapped over her rest and and ankles and before she could resist... He gave her a dose of his torture drug right in the arm. Upon her shaking-- Erebus darted across the room and gripped Stephan's neck. "Turn it off!" The mad doctor only laughed... Erebus threw him and moved to the chair beginning to unbuckle her. Meanwhile his cat-like pupils trained themselves on this bastard, whatever relationship they had in the past was ruptured. Dr. Stephans was a sick, cruel, fucked up individual. Then again, so was he. But this was different, it concerned Celeste. His one and only... The man would someday pay the toll for this, maybe an anonymous tip to the rune knights. Whatever the case, this guy had messed with the wrong dark mage. That much was certain, and moreover, he harmed the sweetest girl in Grimoire Heart. Such a thing would be a issue for him in the future. In fact, he was lucky that he hadn't been gutted on the spot and robbed dry.


#6Celeste Vagarosa 

White Claudia Empty on Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:52 pm

Celeste Vagarosa


As she screamed, Erebus had already unbuckled her at this point, she dug her nails into his shoulder, the drug making her see him as a cannibal, blood all over his face, his skin darker than it really was. Celeste shook her head rapidly in fear, over the next few seconds her shaking became weaker as her eyes had closed, blacking out. Her once disturbed face was now calm and looked serene. In her slumber her lips curved into a smile as a tear rolled down her left cheek, soon onto Erebus.

Her voice gentle, obviously worn. "Did I do good, my dear..." She coughed, giving him a small and weak but reassuring chuckle. "I even faced a needle..."

Her eyes now open but obviously tired. She nudged her head under his as she rubbed her cheek gently across his chin. Celeste was way to tired to do anything else but move her head. 

"You know, I think I rather we go to bed together... it'd make me feel better." Celeste nodded to herself, under his chin.

The woman was shook from witnessing him dead that she needed a night with him in bed just to know he's safe by her side. With that the two would collect the reward and then leave the scientist.

Total Wordcount: 800+/800


White Claudia Empty on Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:06 pm


Erebus comforted the girl, patting her back as she spoke, evident on her bewildered sate that she saw him as a monster he just brought her in tight. The boy's hands caressing her softly as they stood there. He began to feel trapped, afraid, what was life if she were like this? Should he really be so dark around her? Maybe he needed to reevaluate himself and this evil thing, for her sake. From here out he'd have to try and be less psycho, less violent. If the two were ever to have children, she'd be there with him. Not alone to raise them like his mother was.

"Shh, it's okay now. Of course you're coming to my bed. It's Valentine's, you know that. We'll put a movie on and relax okay? Everything is going to be just fine, it'll be alright. I promise."

When the girl fell asleep in his arms, he picker her curvaceous body up out of the chair. Walking her past Mabuz as he stroked a pencil prodigiously across his papers. It seemed he got what he wanted. The bastard. "You can pay up tomorrow; I'm taking my girlfriend home. You better hope she's alright, or else I'll gut you. Understand?" Erebus spit on the man, but he was too engaged in his research to look up. Stephans was an animal, controlled by his work. If Erebus believed in God. He'd be praying for the man's sanity. But, it just wasn't his thing. Mabuz was too far along to hep anyways; a real sociopath. Erebus kicked the door open. Making his exit with Celeste in his hands.


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