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Perspectives of light and dark grey [Experimental Hexes Quest][Kenny]

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#1Arthur J. Sokolov 

Perspectives of light and dark grey [Experimental Hexes Quest][Kenny] Empty on Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:14 pm

Arthur J. Sokolov

"I swear to Illumin there is no one else with jobs aside from kids and scientists in this town."

With quick steps to navigate around his small room, Aonaka tried to get ready as fast as possible. If he was right about where the sun was, it meant that he had slept at least 10 minutes than usual, he wasn't that much of a stuck up, but it seemed as if fate had its plans of always making Aonaka wake up a bit late whenever he had a job to do, figurative or literally.

After putting on his shirt, he decided to go for a dark grey sweater this time around instead of his usual red. He petted the chin of his beast companion with his index and middle fingers with a slight smile and peaceful expression to greet him on this day and searched around the room quickly to find his keys.

The streets of Oak seemed a little bit more crowded than they usually did. Loud noises of indescribable talkings and cheers ventured the town. With a questioning but more of a natural look Aonaka looked around, then turned on his heels towards his destination. Doctor Mabuz' so called store has been a regular point in his life, like a pub for the common man or woman, or the chair by the fireplace for the detective. He had just come back from a mission from there yesterday in which he had stumbled upon a familiar someone, in particular, a story that perhaps could be the most peculiar, for another day.

The same alleyway showed itself from his peripheral vision and he stopped in his tracks. Would he stop if he didn't see the slight sight of the alleyway? "Eh..." he mumbled realising that he was lost in thought. "That no good," he said, his words and syntax said wrong as he was interrupted by an acid reflex that felt the most vile. He walked towards the alleyway and the store door before opening the door and hearing that same damn bell while holding his stomach. "Hey Doc, do you have any baking soda?" he asked, as consuming a little bit of it would help ease the pain immediately.

Aonaka listened to the doctor's explanation about his request drinking the glass of water to down the teaspoon of baking soda and inhaled. "This feels the most uncomfortable," he mumbled. Hurting people was a grey concept he didn't think much of, hurting people for no reason, however, was just stupid and akin to the barbarians he hates so much. "They won't get hurt," the doctor said in an elongated, annoyed tone. "It's just a test, just think of the money... And if you are not going to do it, then I guess I'll just leave it to your partner." doctor said. It was another partner situation, huh? Who was it this time? "Who is it?" Aonaka asked. But perhaps the doctor wouldn't need to answer.
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Perspectives of light and dark grey [Experimental Hexes Quest][Kenny] Empty on Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:11 pm

“Hm, seems like the right place,” amber eyes scanned the rooftops of the city, as the gruff adventurer went on his way to his new job.

Doctor Mabuz' place was around here somewhere, he was offered a job to do something to a few people, nothing all that bad, he didn’t pay attention to the details, he kept his mind focused on the money. People get hurt all of the time, it wasn’t something unusual, so what if a bone or two was broken money was money.

He heard two people behind the glass pane door, it must have been his partner for this…. Debacle. “Ey doc, I’m ready to get to work.” he took off his over coat and folded it before tossing it on a nearby sofa.

#3Arthur J. Sokolov 

Perspectives of light and dark grey [Experimental Hexes Quest][Kenny] Empty on Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:48 pm

Arthur J. Sokolov

With the sound Aonaka turned his back to meet with whoever it was that walked in. He cocked his eyebrow to see a man, that was new. All his encounters with women so far. However, curiousity replaced itself with inditimation as he realized the sheer size ofthe guy. Aonaka with his small and lanky figure could easily be used as a tootpick by the guy. "Oh." he managed the mumble. Why did Mabuz need someone of this figure for the job? It was a magic leaning job after all.

He felt his face get red with embarresment and a weird sense of discomfort, thankfull, Mabuz was there to break the awkwardness that maybe only Aonaka was feeling. "Omega, Aonaka, Aonaka, Omega," the doctor spoke quickly as to not waste time.

Omega? Aonaka thought. He was meeting with people with some spectacular names. Irony, and now this. No matter his situation, he took a deep breath to greet his potential friend.

"Hello." he said towards the guy. "Is... is your name really Omega?" he asked him before he was cut off by Mabuz who was more interested in telling them what they needed to do.
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Perspectives of light and dark grey [Experimental Hexes Quest][Kenny] Empty on Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:32 am

Kenny saw the other male, he was short and seemed flustered about something. The raven haired young man sat on the Doc’s desk. . He didn’t have much of a relationship with the doctor, but he was comfortable enough inside the doctor’s office to let himself go. He waited for the mission to be explained, there was a brief introduction instead.

He nodded to the other, “Pleasure, I suppose we’ll be working together.” he waved to Aonaka, he didn’t understand the young man’s embarrassment, was Kenny ugly or something? He thought he was fairly handsome considering his size. He wasn’t an oaf, but he had a decent build.

“Yep, my name is Omega, strange I know.” he chuckled in an attempt to break the tension that had built early on, “So will we be working on any women? I mean, I have no problem working on men for this magic thing, but ya know…”

Kenny listened to the plan and looked at the two, “We’re testing magic?”

#5Arthur J. Sokolov 

Perspectives of light and dark grey [Experimental Hexes Quest][Kenny] Empty on Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:10 am

Arthur J. Sokolov

Aonaka folded his coat over and moved to  place it on the one of the seats of the shop. "I see." he said and leaned for the papers on which the hexes for the spells were written. He almost read them out loud before realizing that that could be a horrible, horrible mistake. He took the papers and pointed them towards Kenny, "Hey hold these." he said and turned around to put his coat. At that moment he heard Omega's comment and chuckled. "You can test the hexes on women if you wish so." he said while chuckling and turned around with a much more neutral expression. "Shall we go then?" I will leave the coat here doc, we will return anyway." he told the doc and looked at his now co-worker to get approval. He took a deep breath and reached for the door where his bat companion was waiting.

Panthello quickly landed on Aonaka's head, but noticing that the other person was taller, he would try to land there instead if Omega allowed him so. "That's my beast companion, he must've followed me here." he told Omega. "Come here boy."

With Panthello at their side, Aonaka started to look at the streets, "Let's find someone alone so we don't cause a big scene."
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Perspectives of light and dark grey [Experimental Hexes Quest][Kenny] Empty on Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:19 pm

“We probably should try them on whoever seems healthy around here.” he admitted, while it would have been fun to trick a few young ladies out of their spaces and into theirs, it’d be terrible to hex them and send them on their ways. No, they had to do this unbiasedly, and on subjects that the doc would probably like. So strapping young men like his new associate, the raven hair stepped outside behind his cohort, a bat flapping from the shadows and onto Aonaka before changing course to Kenny, Omega didn’t flinch, he offered the small mammal a smile and rubbed the top of his head with a gentle finger.

“Interesting companion choice, very cute,” he gave the duo a compliment, his eyes looking up at the quickly darkening sky, it seemed rain was on the way, but it shouldn’t interfere with their work too much.

Omega licked his lips and looked over the immediate area, a target soon came into sight, a bald gentleman, he couldn’t have been taller than six feet, his body type thick and burly, his bald head shining in the depleting sunlight. His attire put Kenny in mind of a biker, a leather vest over a white t-shirt, faded torn pants and red boots, an interesting sight, “He’s alone.” Kenny pointed out the gentlemen, sitting on a curb alone, toothpick in between his teeth as a satisfied smile had contorted his features.

#7Arthur J. Sokolov 

Perspectives of light and dark grey [Experimental Hexes Quest][Kenny] Empty on Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:11 pm

Arthur J. Sokolov

With Omegas words, Aonaka would turn the corner to look at whoever Kenny was looking at. Omega was right, the place was non-crowded enough for them to do their job. Aonaka looked at Kenny with neutral eyes to get some short of affirmation, and took out one of the papers the doc gave them. "Alright, I'll do one, and you can do the other." he said with a cold tone and quick pace. He look at the hex written in ink on the strip of paper and gulped silently.

He then stared at the guy and raised his palm towards him, trying to focus his mana there and said the words. "Stimuli."

The very moment he said that the guy screamed and took the toothpick out of his mouth, screaming in pain, he got on his knees, rolled and scratched all inches of hs body, he started to drop sweatdrops everywhere and gasped for air. Aonaka couldn't look at the scene any longer and quickly turned around the corner and rested on the cold brick wall behind him. He looked at Kenny in the eyes for a second and then took a sharp breath in. "It works. Let's just move on," he said and gave the other paper to Kenny. Panthello made a low and sad sounding growling noise as it looked at Aonaka. This wasn't how he usually acted after all.
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Perspectives of light and dark grey [Experimental Hexes Quest][Kenny] Empty on Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:32 pm

Kenny watched his partner do the first of the hexes, he crossed his arms and waited for the effect to take place, Aonaka seemed uncomfortable with the proceedings, Kenny kept a stern gaze on the patient however. He didn’t look away, he didn’t return his cohorts stare he only look forward with a sort of bored gaze, he wasn’t bored, but he wanted to see more and soon his wish would be granted. The bald man withered and flailed about, sweat dripping everywhere as small drops dotted the concrete floor.  

As Aonaka drew back, Omega flipped open his note book and wrote the effects. There was no time to be squeamish when there was a job to do.

After taking a few more notes he approached the screaming simpleton, staring into his eyes, there was nothing but pain as he howled on, Kenny knelt over their victim and delivered a swift jab into his temple to keep him quiet. It was the least he could do, at least when he wakes up he won’t remember the pain… Probably.

He would soon follow Aonaka, “Are you alright?” he asked as the two walked on. Instead of waiting for an answer he pointed out a second victim, this person seemed perfect as they stood alone in the back of a nearby alley way. This man was suit clad, red stains on his shirt and was portly in proportion, he looked at the apper, and attempted to follow the instructions, “Stimuli.” he spoke lowly, the focus seemed to work,when the victim fell on his knees showing similar effects to the last, he scratched his cheeks hastily blood dripping down his fingers as he tore away the skin, it seemed his skin was on fire, as he cried out into the dark alley. Kenny crossed his arms once again and decided he had enough.

“Make sure to keep notes. Hey, If I can knock this one out next mission you dress like a chick.” he scurried into the alley instead of waiting for an answer. He didn’t speak he didn’t give him the pleasure of seeing him, he raised one knee and drew it down before hitting the howling suit in the face. Kenny slid across the ground and posed flexing his arms, “You get that Aon?” he smiled, proud of his work . “I took a few more notes, seems like itching is pretty common.” he looked down at the now unconscious pulp.

He stroke his chin while waiting for his pal, he sort of made an ass of himself just now. He did kinda hit the two guys to shut them up, but the last was just to be flashy and who would want to see aka in a dress? He’d make a nice girl, maybe, it was a weird bet but it was for a good cause! Seeing a stranger dress like a chick was always worth it. Yeah, some heels and junk. Kenny stood up and dusted the dirt from his pants, blood stained his left knee, as well as his brown form fitting shirt.

#9Arthur J. Sokolov 

Perspectives of light and dark grey [Experimental Hexes Quest][Kenny] Empty on Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:53 pm

Arthur J. Sokolov

The following scenes were important for Aonaka.

For he learned the word gray.

Ke watched the guy put the two victims down, not dead perhaps, but he didn't want to check. Omega seemed like a nice guy, but there he was working with him for Mabuz. He was gray, dark gray.

And Aonaka supposed he was light gray instead.

He watched Omega slide in and flex his arms which caused Aonaka to tilt his head in confusion, he couldn't help but look at the arms and flinch in a moment of being captured off guard. "The fuck." he hissed unconsciously and covered his mouth with two fingers, tapping his lips to shut himself up. "Y-yeah I got it," he told him, he did not want to be on the other end of those punches and kicks, nor did he want Panthello to be there.

There was one more hex they needed to test and Aonaka got it quickly. He would find the other... participant and try his luck on him, but the hex wouldn't work as much as it would. The guy only walked away with a limp instead. "Let's note that too," Aonaka said.

Afterwards, they'd get their reward and it'd hit Aonaka before they left the Mabuz' shop about what Kenny said about dressing like a chick. His body stopped in it's tracks and looked at the big guy. "That was a joke, right?"

But Omegas words would make him see that he wasn't joking. The rest of the evening would be the most interesting.



Perspectives of light and dark grey [Experimental Hexes Quest][Kenny] Empty on Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:04 pm

He laughed at his acquaintance's reaction,he must have liked the gun show Kenny put on display, “Ya know if you’re tempted you can always touch them.” he hopped after Aonaka. What a day, and then they only had one more! Luckily he didn’t have to knock this one out, instead he walked with a limp instead, nothing note worthy. “I already walk with a limp, I don’t think we need to note that… ZING”

Were his arms that big? Aonaka was nervous, or scared, or he thought Omega was going to put him on the end of one of those blows, that was strange, they were friends now, they beat up two people together, they had no choice but to be best friends. “Hm? Eh,” was his only response, “I mean you would look nice as a woman soooo.” he shrugged, “But hey, are you in a guild?” he tilted his head, if the answer was yes perhaps he could join it so he could see his good friend regularly.

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