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When a voice is locked away (open)

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#1Talia Locket 

When a voice is locked away (open) Empty Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:44 am

Talia Locket
Throughout life, the thing known as a voice eluded one such as Talia, how's voice had been sealed and prevented her from speaking up and being heard for what she was. The only thing that being without a voice is good for is to be ignored and thus be away from everyone, a thing that Talia wasn't good with. Knowing she needed to find a way to recover her stolen, if it was truly stolen, true voice. Entering the pub, Talia sat herself down nearby the door, her blade sheathed and hidden away while her appearance shown, to most who would encounter her, a person who is rather shy but determined to meet others but to Talia herself, a way to escape the prison known simply as solitude

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