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Petty Theft [Yami & Alice]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Petty Theft [Yami & Alice] Empty on Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:32 am

Adelaide Sokolov
It felt as some sort of  deja vu. Not many days ago, Alice had been going into the city centre of Oak to get her groceries and bumped into this kid called Jerr. Alright she hadn't been going on a grocery hunt today but on a shopping spree at the market but she was still holding on to a couple of bags. And again as  she was on her way to go back to the Guild, the little boy showed up again. She rolled her eyes, she definitely had hoped she had seen the last of him after her job for him together with Yami. He stood in front of her with a challenging stance and again she could simply raise an eyebrow. Did this guy stalk her?

He wasn't afraid of her like he was of Yami, that much was clear and she could understand why as she had seen Yami his approach with the shopkeeper a couple of days ago. "What do you want this time?" no longer trying to play sweet, she was really annoyed, "Your help again. I have the money again, same as the other guy please." at least he learned how to say please because for god's sake this wasn't even interesting anymore. "What for?" He said he would tell once she got back here again, she felt more like a messenger, it was almost as if he only said he needed her for the sake of being able to talk to Yami. But the money would do, so she shrugged and left after saying she would meet him again here.

Just like the last time she first dumped the bags in her own room. She had wanted to do a fashion show in front of her own mirror but of course she was now disappointed for this stupid job and again the task to find Yami. She went to look outside for he seemed to be there more often than in the guild, maybe she would be able to find him.


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Yami was making his way back to the guild, returning from attending a formal function. Today due to the function Yami was not in his usual casual attire but wearing more formal style of clothing. He was wearing a formal black suit, the collar and sleeves of the white shirt with frilled giving it an older look. Instead of a tie he had a ribbon tied around his neck bound in a bow. The buttons on his shirt were double buttoned and his shirt made from soft silk cotton. He wore a long black suit coat that had two long tails reaching down to his ankles. He paired it with long black trousers, a black belt looped around his waist with a silver belt buckle. Yami even wore white socks with black formal footwear, his shoes shined from having been freshly cleaned. To complete the look Yami even wore a pair of black rimmed glasses.

The wind mage had his hands stuck into the pockets of his suit pants. The suit had been specially made for him, due to his height. He rarely ever could buy clothing in his size having to get it specially made, the negative of being so incredibly tall. Of course, there were other cons but many pros as well, one was it made him appear very intimidating which was useful when it came to frightening his prey.

Yami would begin whistling to himself as he climbed up the path that led to the guild. As he walked the wind would gently caress his form, allowing the tails of his coat and his hair to flow in the cool winter's breeze. Yami whistled a merry tune even as the guild came into view. He didn't know why he was in such a good mood, he just was.

The wind mage came to a stop when he spotted a familiar person coming out of the guild. The giant of a mage would raise his right hand lazily into the air, it would be easy to catch there attention. It's not often a giant of a person waved to you. "Alice-chan! How are you" called out Yami as he sped up his walking pace. He soon stood two meters from the shorter phantom lord, a cheery smile sitting on his pretty boy features, "How are you on this fine day?" Asked the wind mage, his eyes shutting as he gave an upside down U like smile.

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#3Adelaide Sokolov 

Petty Theft [Yami & Alice] Empty on Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:41 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was just on her way out, looking everywhere but on the path. She was already looking at the tree line hoping to find Yami somewhere there, asleep of some sorts. However in the corner of her eye she obviously saw something and it was moving, she turned her hazel brown eyes to look at what it was and because of the sight she immediately stopped in her track. Yami, in suit. She couldn't help but keep blinking at him, her mouth a little open because of the surprise. Yes Yami had always been handsome but this was over the top. She tried to look away as Yami came closer towards her, even calling her name which made her blush. But it was more the chan.. or that's what she told herself.

She was also a bit embarrassed by the fact that she herself was wearing a dress. A brown woollen dress that reached just below her knees with some black heels and her black trenchcoat, her orange hair dancing in the wind, she waited for Yami to be close by and tell him what happened, didn't he just ask about her day. She finally looked back at him, meeting his eyes and put a smile on her face, "Hello Yami, I am doing rather well, bought a lot of new clothing, I was actually just looking for you." They have been in a lot of jobs together, pretty much coincidence right? Before she actually explained why she was looking for him, she couldn't help but stare at the suit again, "Why are you wearing that?" For girls to wear dresses was more normal but suits.. it was a bit weird. She waited for Yami to explain and participate in the conversation if he explained or else she would just shake her head to focus back on her own conversation, "That boy is looking for us again. Says he has another job but he didn't want to explain what. He only told me that he had the money again."

She would probably convince Yami to come along and would head back to Jerr again, who finally was about to tell what was going on. First he moved slightly out of the alley way and pointed at the stance of the market, it was about stealing a bracelet and someone needed to distract the merchant and another one the polisher so Jerr could steal it. She turned to look at Yami, to see what he thought.



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Yami's smile would remain in place as he towered over Alice, casting a shadow over her as the sun was to his back. He didn't say anything about the blush on her cheeks, making it seemed as if he didn't notice. So far it seemed his fellow phantom lord hadn't been up to much just doing a little shopping and surprisingly looking for him. Yami wondered why perhaps she wanted to spend some time with him or maybe they had a new quest to take. Yami was always up for a little more cash in his pocket, especially if he planned to eventually leave the guild. He would need some funds in the back for his travels around Fiore, sure he could do quests while guildless but it was always best to have a few funds up one's sleeve.

Soon the question came about why he was wearing a suit, "I was attending an upper class function. The function was formal wear. While my usual attire can be considered somewhat formal, it was suit and tie. So I had this custom made at the last second. It's not easy getting clothing, especially a suit, for a man my size." Said Yami as he pulled on the end of his left sleeve, straightening it out, "Anyway the function was boring. I was hired to kill some cheating husband on behalf of a jealous wife. Hell Hath no fury like a woman scorned." Said Yami in a nonchalant tone, admitting he freely killed someone as if he was talking about the weather. Killing came easy to the wind mage.

"Oooh." He said when the matter of a quest was brought up, being hired by the kid Jerr. He didn't have an opinion of the kid but as long as he had the money, Yami would do as hired. "if he has the money sure. If not I'll just harvest a kidney, they did fetch a nice price on the market." Said Yami waving a hand through the air before he followed after Alice, being escorted through the streets to meet Jerr in an alleyway.

"Spit it out kid. I don't have all day." Would bark out Yami as he stuffed his hands lazily into his pockets, waiting patiently for an answer from the young lad. Yami was towering over him, his height greatly intimidating the young lad who remembered the rough treatment he received at the hands of this monster.

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#5Adelaide Sokolov 

Petty Theft [Yami & Alice] Empty on Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:16 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice listened to the boy as he explained that he wanted to have a golden bracelet and that they needed to distract the merchant and the polisher. She stared at the people Jerr mentioned, she wasn't really happy about all of this but it was more that she rather would have the bracelet herself. However she wouldn't risk this stealing on her own either. It was simply that she didn't like this kid. She looked at her own dress and the suit of Yami, "I think we could come up with a rather nice plan." She wondered what would be smarter to do, distract the polisher or the merchant, "Any preference?" she asked Yami. She didn't have any jewels herself, so she couldn't simply ask the polisher about some things but they needed to quickly go on since it would be easier to go now, since the polisher wasn't working on the bracelet yet, it was on the edge of the stance.

Finally a plan formed in the back of her mind and she held onto Yami his arm, they were properly dressed for this, "Let me talk to the polisher." She wondered if he would be up for a little act. She had seen his violence, would he simply go over to that? She looked at the jewels, rings, necklaces and bracelets on the stance and bend a little forward to look what the polisher was doing, "Oh excuse me but it's such fasinating work. I actually never dared to go to a polisher, my jewels are so precious." and thus she talked along about what she had and what he thought was the best way to approach such jewels. She leaned on the stance with her hand next to the golden bracelet. She was waiting for Jerr to pass her and she ticked against the bracelet softly with the side of her left pink as it slid of the table while she was pointing out something else to distract the man. Hopefully Yami was distracting the merchant or else this might go wrong.



Petty Theft [Yami & Alice] Empty on Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:27 am

After the explanation it seemed Alice had a planned, she would distract the polisher while he would focus on the merchant. Putting his game face on, Yami allowed a smile to spread in play as he approached the Merchant, dressed in his suave attire. He would act as if they were old friends or he had met the man before, "Why my good man fancy seeing you here!" called out Yami as he approached the well off merchant who sold high price goods. With the way, Yami looked he appeared as some rich noble who due to the attention of the merchant. The merchant, of course, didn;t recognised Yami but played it as if he had, since the man knew him, "How are you my friend? Looking to purchase wares once more?" Beckoned the merchant playing it cool. Yami smiled as he raised his hands in an extravagant motion into the air, "Why of course. My money won't spend itself hahaha. I'm always looking for an exquisite piece." Said the wind mage as he shook hands with the merchant.

By this time the bracelet would have been stolen by Jerr. Of course while Yami was mingling with the merchant, he would stealthily snatch a similar golden bracelet from a nearby stand. While it wasn't a complete look alike in the confusion he would make it wouldn't matter. Yami then slipped it into the hands of some rough looking thug that crossed by. Once there was enough distance Yami would point and shout, "My friend isn't that your cherished bracelet that man has stolen!" Shouted Yami catching everyone's attention, after all when someone as tall as Yami made a scene it caught everyone's attention.

The merchant gasped and shouted in anger, "STOP THAT MAN!" he would then chase after the thug with his guards. The thug, who happened to have stolen something else panicked and ran for it, not knowing they hadn't actually caught onto him. With the confusion Yami would grab Alice and head back to the meeting point with Jerr, surprisingly for someone so big he was able to disappear into the crowds.

Yami stepped into the meeting point and gave a thumbs up to Alice, "Quest accomplished now we just need the kid."

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was still talking to the polisher as if nothing happened when she pushed the bracelet into Jerr his hands. She couldn't just suddenly stop talking. However the attention from the polisher as well as her own were snatched away when the merchant behind her yelled something about stopping someone. She looked in surprise, but Yami was still behind her, he seemed to grab her hand in the commotion and pulled her away from the situation. She had to give quite some speed as Yami was walking fast and compared to her small steps, she had to be faster than before, she was capable though.

They stopped not too much later and Yami told her the quest was completed, she first had to take a few shallow breaths before she was able to answer but she gave a thumbs up, "For his sake I hope he didn't run off with that thing." However she had just finished the sentence and Jerr showed up from behind some dust bins. He was still holding on to the golden bracelet with a big grin on his face. She had to admit it looked cute but she was still annoyed by him. He put the bracelet on and thanked the two of them, handing them both the money.

"Thank you Yami." Alice said as she turned to him, it was now her own time to hold the fashion show in front of her mirror.



Petty Theft [Yami & Alice] Empty on Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:37 am

Yami accepted the jewels from the kid, counting them making sure he wasn't cheated. With the money in hand he quickly pocketed it so the transaction wouldn't be seen. He was looking forward to going home and getting out of this monkey suit. While he didn't mind wearing a suit, he much preferred his normal attire, it was a lot more comfortable than this suit.

After being thanked by Alice, Yami would bow politely, "My pleasure to work with you, my dear." Yami would then leave after Alice, but not being tossing the kid Jerr a glare to enforce that the kid should never think of crossing them, ever. Yami left into the surrounding crowds returning home to change.

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