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Death Cutter Arc, Murder of Five [Call Quest]

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Kaidou called him in for another episode, excellent. Erebus was full of determination after having become accustomed to his skills and abilities. He was a boxer, a death cutter. Truth be told, he still carried doubt for being unable to wield weapons. However, the idea of overpowering someone with raw talent was way more appealing than any kind of magic. Allegedly though-- he was still much weaker than any mage. He just knew how to fight at close proximity. A range that required he be point-blank next to something to execute it. This style had more cons than pros; the red-haired cat pleaded to himself he'd made the right choice by throwing away weaponry for this kind of thing.

He probably, maybe he hadn't-- all he knew of was one direction he was faced in walking. Forward. There was no going back, only aiming ahead, in all honesty that brought joy to his face. The Neko had changed considerably, he was growing very powerful, everyone around him knew this. Respect was rightfully earned, even Kaidou had acknowledged him in the tournament. For inside Erebus was a monster, a crazed lunatic. Lust for power was his tribunal, and he would sacrifice armies if it fed his hunger to decimate the enemy. He wasn't the type to just give up either, hence why he was still here.

The streets of Oak Town had grown normal to young Strategist. He woke up for the last three months here, and nigh everyone in town knew his name. It made shouts towards the heavens, it did. He was becoming famous under the code-name. His moniker for the world. What he mother have thought if she found out he was now an infamous serial murderer working for Grimoire Heart? Would she bat an eye, tear up? Or would she feel miserable for disowning him? With all due respect, he couldn't care less what she thought of him. He had a smoking fine girlfriend, and a future in this business.

Not to say it was the kind of entrepreneurship he had imagined. Though, it was still a pretty decent one. Criminals racked in jewels by the pounds. Better yet, without their Etherion Cannon... Grimoire Heart was unbelievably powerful. They were agents of evil. Erebus being one of the top benefactors nowadays. The cat-man chuckled, as he passed by a bakery, and the people inside froze upon sighting him. Funny how one's infamy could spread so fast and enact fear like that into others. The boy pushed his hair back with a free hand, grunting as he approached what would soon be the destination point.

His sensei had already informed him of his objectives, his sins to commit here today. There would be a total of five warriors to engage against. The mission was simple. Slaughter them, and prove Death Cutter to be the ultimate combat style. Very well, Southern Star, your wish was the Cat's command. It would be done. Nearing a group of martial arts students as they passed by a guard, Erebus hid his face and followed in behind at a distance. They were exiting to the outskirts of town, for what he could assume was more training because they were carrying to-go bags as if they'd broken for lunch. Even if they had, this would be their end.

He followed the group for what seemed like much, they were far discharged from the city now, one of the students turned to see Erebus tailing them. He whispered to the group and they all halted to look back. Standing there in the frey, was the mighty death cutter himself. Ready to end these younglings, just as he was told by his master. "I'm here to murder you all. You won't live to see your families, or your sensei, ever again. In fact-- he's probably dead too. My master sought him out after I departed to come defeat you bunch. Please understand this, I am not sorry. Your blood brings me joy."

"I will enjoy this more than a common man does a hooker. You will all know Death Cutter in the afterlife, and you'll resonate it to the living every-time I enter a new town. On guard..." Just like that, a battle had been issued. The five had already stanced, intelligent of them. Using his arrogance when he went into the dialogue as an adequate amount of time to prepare. "whoever you are, you'll pay if our teacher is dead! Listen, we're travellers, we heard this town housed villains. You'll be our step in the direction towards becoming heroes. So get ready!"

Predictable shonen jump speeches, what a jest. The cat laughed, from his knuckles blood seeped off the flesh and dripped to the floor. In their wake was large claws.Three out of each hand, then almost on cue, he raised his arms, his right foot moved in front of his left, and he was stanced. Twenty percent increase, on top of twenty percent increase to his physical quarters. He rushed at a speed not clocking his top, but also not slowed down. As he approached two entered an advancement, time appeared to lag for his cat-like pupils. The fight caught an ongoing kick with his claws, and sawed the leg straight off while the other tunneled into his stomach and picked him off the ground to make contact with the second artist whose fist punched into the meat shield.

Erebus wasn’t done yet, he was grinning ear to ear. Three of the circulated and threw fists of mighty strength upon his spot. He casually dodged and parried. However, one of the fighters was keener than the rest and stood back in stance. He called out a strange play, and the other four fighters switched in stance, every time one went to punch, the parry was a distraction and a spare fist met his lower body roughly. They were winding him, it was obvious… Shit. The cat’s smile had dimmed, he was now locked in spot guarding as the ground took turns on his free spots. This just wouldn’t do, anger was pinning up in his pits… He was about to lose control.

Deep gashes and bruising was hitting him, then out of nowhere, a powerful kick laid into his shin causing him to shout and fall his knee. A bolo punch from high air ripped the silence and punched Erebus so hard blood slung from his face as it turned from sheer output. He laid on the ground. Motionless. Was he so cocky to allow himself an outmatch from five warriors? One on ones… They were much easier. Maybe Erebus would rest on the ground while his head spun. The ringing in his ear sure made him want to pass out after all. With his lights fading, Erebus was caught off guard by blinking memories.

Victor was beating his sisters… His mother was dead… No, no, nooo... Shooting up from the ground like a deadman, Erebus spun at lightning speeds claws extended. He caught all three who’d be circle navigating hi in the chests. Blood spurted all over his clothing-- in addition their stomach fell from their bellies. He didn’t stop there, in the horror that was this event, the fifth student watched. It was mortifying; the cat proceeded to take their limbs from their bodies. Forcibly behead them and then. In an almighty uproar, sever one of the students in half, strength and claw alone.

The last students eyes were widened, he tripped and was on his butt now. The morbid sight haunting his mind and breaking his fighting stance. He begged for the cat to stop, as it approached. A glowing ochor was radiating from the being’s eyes, it didn’t help make this any less scary either. What was this power, was this anger alone? The student had never seen anything like it. Even his own sensei didn’t have skill which allowed one to weave through attacks and rip people in two. It became evident now. They were outmatched by this ‘Death Cutter’. Destruction was their ending. The last student prayed to his religion, whatever it was.  

Three claws shot through the skull and it was over as they retracted back into Erebus’ knuckles. He panted, breath out of him. This was more difficult than originally believed. Falling to his knees, he unbuckled the man’s karate belt. Soon after he held five blood soaked belts. He slid them around his neck allowing the wet blood to run down his back. The neko then pulled the bodies to the lake opposite to the West, and got rid of ‘em. Once they were weighed down, they sunk and their traces were gone. Popping a french fry into his mouth, Strategist began to laugh. He’d taken their lunch, and he’d taken their belts. He should’ve felt bad, empathetic, or maybe even sympathetic. Sadly though, he didn’t. He only knew the taste of victory. He was overjoyed.

Upon his return to Kaidou, the blossoming youth explained his story. He went into detail about his berserk state, his memories. Kaidou’s facial expression was full of hate but also excitement. His smile always looking the same. The man turned away from Erebus and told him to return home. There would be much for him to learn in the next few days. Much indeed. The cat-boy obliged and left the belts on the floor by the door of Kaidou’s stay place. After that, Erebus was home showering crimson off of his body. The murders made him relive the excitement. What exactly was he becoming?


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