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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

Clean Up Crew | Solo Empty on Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:00 pm

Celeste Vagarosa


Celeste jumped out of be getting ready to take her shower, she quickly went to adjust her water's temperature in the bathroom, turning the knobs. As she got the water to the right temperature hot enough for her to wake up, but not to burn herself, she began to enjoy her warm shower. Celeste looked around her shower, it was a decent size, her and Erebus definitely could try a few lewd positions in the rectangular space. She smirked at the thought, as she finished washing her body and hair with her many variety of soaps.

Once out of the shower she had went to her kitchen to make herself breakfast, since Celeste usually make pancakes, she decided to make herself potatoes and eggs this time. Mostly due to her bummed out mood as she had recently gone under a sort of punishment. Oh well, what was she to do? Cry? No. She was stronger than that.

After having her breakfast she made her way out of the apartment, this would be an eventful day for her, she could already tell just by the aroma in the air. It felt different than most days. Then again she did have a sort of special-mission. She hummed as she walked, trying to stay positive. Today can't be too miserable right? Yup, hopefully. Today will only be as miserable as she makes it, so she had to be sure to keep her head held high.

Tiredly rubbing her eyes, she sighed. As she stretched her hands out in front of her, she noticed the pinky missing. Celeste had recently lost her pinky on her left hand, from Icarus, the master of Grimoire. Had she failed as a dark wizard? Celeste had no longer felt the thrive of speaking, she was more so scarred to speak, when others spoke to her she tried her best to nod to show she understood. It was a minimal punishment, truly he could've killed her; who was she dealing with... was this why her mother had died? Because she too had liked to socialize? Celeste didn't want to ever make another mistake, and for her to nothing but perfect, she would have to endure a trial for herself, she'd have to become much crueler and malicious.

These were the rules she would set along for herself. She will have no second thought on who's family she might be destroying, she will act without sympathy for her enemy. Erebus will no longer will he seducer, she will be his seductress. Of course this would be a huge change for her, so it would most likely take her time, but she was determined to do so, she had to get prove herself to him, she felt like he was ready to move on and she wasn't. Why was he holding his lusts back on her? She didn't know, he even could hold back his visible lust, with the way he acted before hand.

Either way, the Oasis-Native had taken it upon herself to get back into missioning, usually she brought Erebus with her, but she had to do this one alone. She wanted to prove she too was capable of being strong and didn't need to be told what to do. Her mission, is to help the Martello family once again, something about a family mafia war-sort of deal. She was basically going to be the pit-crew to help throw out all of the dead bodies that tainted one of the town's buildings that is under-construction. Hopefully her mouth wouldn't get her into any further trouble with Icarus.

Upon arriving at the building, her client had met with her, guiding her to the floors that needed the bodies removed from them. Celeste hurriedly rushed the bodies she saw into a pile, checking them to determine which ones were apart of Martello family or not. As she sorted them out she found three of the martello's bodies out of the seven dead bodies that laid in front of her. She had removed them from her small pile of deceased bodies, they would be the bodies that Remy wouldn't want chopped up and ridden of, they'd probably get a funeral.

She had slid the other bodies into a bag walking them down the stairs to Remy, so he could chop them up with an axe. She never saw the man as a violent kind-of guy, maybe the one to pay others to do it but not the one chopping deceased human beings. He certainly didn't mind if that's what he had to do. Celeste then had went back upstairs to retrieve the other three bodies, that she'd later return to Remy and tell them of their family marks. He'd inform her that they would be given a funeral and that she did a wonderful job and was free to leave whenever she felt like it.

Mission Complete!~

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