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Codeine Dreams [Open]

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He'd decided early on that he didn't like this place. Too many melodramatic characters, overly-prideful personas and fragile egos piled under one roof. Kenny found his patients thinning away just walking through Pub, he desperately needed a drink after his little excursion out of East Fiore and into Oak. One of these days he’d be able to afford a horse of his own, and he’d get his wagon on its feet again, though that was just a pipe dream, a dream he dreamed to lie to himself about his current situation; he was a magic less human with little to no skills other than his ability to flash a charming smile and his mediocre swordsmanship.

That kind of selectivity on Kenny’s part left him without a few choice commodities that West Fiore offered, though. Fortunately, in Fiore, those were easy to find elsewhere. In many ways, the town of Oak reminded him of the one that he'd been raised in. Then again, in all of his travels across the region, seeking out the right rarities to plunder and people to gawk at, he'd ghosted through many towns that recalled to him his birthplace. Shadow and sin resembled one another, but in Oak both were lacking.

Kenny didn't frequent any hunt in his quest for a drink and some pockets to pick. It was second nature for him to not stick on anyone's minds. He wasn’t a thief persay, he took when he was in need and gave when he had too much, though mages were fun targets to pick pocket. He had never gotten his hands on anything magical, but he did manage to scrape the bottoms of a few Pockets and come out with some more or less interesting things; Rings, necklaces, watches, even a picture of a loved one or two, but he could never bring himself to keep such things often faking as if the owner had dropped them. The particular pub he'd chosen for his evening's pursuits was on the cleaner side. Every surface was clean no sign of the years of spilled drinks, the air however was heavy, not with smoke, but Tension.

Kenny sat at the bar, carefully selected at the end of the tavern incase anyone were to recognize him, though he wasn’t one to frequent the minds of others, as he was simply a forgettable, dismal little magic less human. Who would find him interesting enough to remember? No body, and he hated that fact. His seat wasn't too conspicuous, nor too obvious on the shaded edges of the pub's central room, Kenny nursed his drink. His brown overcoat was unfastened, his orange bandana pulled under his mouth so it wouldn't get in the way of his glass and his amber eyes surveyed the room absently. There wasn’t anyone of interest in sight so far, not a woman to engage who already wasn’t being talked up, then again considering the location they were all probably mages, and what mage would waste time with a  janus-faced power less stranger. None of them.

Kenny was growing tired of watching the groups who filled the pub, he was more nervous about speaking to anyone. He was a foreigner in their land he hadn’t a clue what was on anyone’s mind. What was in their news, and he didn’t have the nerve to casually walk up to a stranger and casually strike up a conversation, well not now anyway. There was the option of pick pocketing someone to strike up an interaction but he knew that none of them had pockets lined with things to truly interest him, which was irksome, but at the same time they were so liquored up and numb that he could probably nick the clothes off their backs and they wouldn't pay any mind. With his time in the pub winding down, Kenny was left with the simple choice of either talking or leaving.

That was when the bell on the door tinkled. Kenny's fiery eyes, strangely luminescent in the shadows he sat in, flicked that way. “Well, look at you..." he muttered to himself at the sight of the stranger.

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Adelaide Sokolov
It was already evening and it was still the plan to know the cities ins and outs before she would take her leave in a rather dramatic way that she didn't really look forward to but it would happen. Alice had to leave Phantom Lord at one point as she had promised to her cousin, she had been here around a week and not really taken the action. She had met her Guild members and had been more afraid. It was easier to stay, make money in the evil way and go on with what she was doing, as she always had been doing. Not dependent on someone else or entitled to someone else opinion in the slightest. It had just been Alice, forever. Or at least for so far she could remember.

Even though it was dark outside and clouded so the stars were barely visible, her hair was like dancing flames in the wind. She was done with walking around, pushing and pulling her hair away from her eyes all the time and the most lively pub in the area was this one, so she opened the door. Her hair again blown to one side, thank god not in her face, so she could quickly scan the room. It was rather crowded which made it very interesting for something that she always did. She decided to walk to the bar and order something but in the mean time to take that walk, she bumped into five different people. Each one of them she had looked up and down to see where the money was at, the last one, she turned her hazel brown eyes to someone else whom might seem to look at her. She simply winked, hid the money in her hand and placed the hand on her chest to hide it in her bra. This was why she didn't like wearing turtlenecks, which she had done in the last couple of days when the wind outside made it too cold to simply walk along. However today had been okay,

She was wearing a bohemian styled long sleeved top, with blue, brown and red colours that mixed more fabulous than it sounded, together with a light brown short and high boots that reached above her knees. Her hair was still dancing until she reached the bar and ordered a beer with her new earned money. She twirled her hair around in a knot before she got the beer and looked around for a place to sit. There wasn't much free and it would maybe take some time before she would be able to join something. As she normally took the easy way out and didn't speak to anyone, it would have to be different today.

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His fingers, encapsulated in his charcoal black gloves stapled against the bar for a moment as he watched the ginger headed woman shift and shake through the bar crowd. He couldn’t quite comprehend as to why she seemed so clumsy, bumping into other bar patrons, his untrained eyes barely picking up on her subtle movements as she made her way through the crowd. “Is she…” he mumbled the words to himself as he saw the woman’s hand press against her chest, “Wow…” his suspensions may have been true, but he hadn’t a clue as he didn’t see anything leave anyone’s pocket, but when suspense gets the better of someone like Kenny, he opts to investigates instead of watching. It didn’t take long to devise a plan, someone with a deft hand could feel that of another couldn’t they? He was going to test her, it took a thief to know a thief, but in this case he could have been in over his head if she was more than a common lifter of wallets.

Kenny downed another shot of liquid courage before lithely rising from his seat, leaving a mostly drained tankard there. Kenny wound through the bar goes reaching up with one hand to adjust his coat, thereby his bandana hiding the lower portion of his face Kenny chose his exit very carefully so that he passed close to the woman he'd chosen to test, who was ordering from the bar at that very moment. His bandana hid the smirk now playing over his lips, and Kenny’s hand flicked outward in a dexterous flash - a viper striking - to claim his prize. That was until realization hit him, his hand merely smacked against a thigh, there was supposed to be a pocket there! There were always pockets there, he attempted to pick her pocket again only to get the same result, “Where are your pockets?” he asked the woman, shock and astonishment in his voice. This didn’t make any sense! How did this woman not have a pocket for him to pick?

As instinctively as someone snatches their hand away from a burning flame, Kenny's thieving limb was withdrawn. His eyes wide, he felt unhinged from reality, it was all so surreal. She didn’t have pocket, Kenny hadn't been caught pickpocketing since he was a child, and not only being found out, but being found out by a general lack of pouch seemed had him disoriented. He could run, a part in his brain pointed out. It was uncontested that getting caught with your hand not in someone's wallet was never a good thing.

In the back of his mind an unnerving chuckle could be heard, just on the edge of hearing. Kenny’s brow furrowed and he pivoted, putting his back to the bar, head still facing the red head in disbelief. He couldn't keep suspicion from his eyes. This didn't make any sense. How did she not have a pocket? Not only getting caught - Kenny could only imagine the kind of punishment he would've received from the surrounding groups based on the stranger’s reaction. He could have been shocked, or he was already drunk...

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was fast, she checked with her hip, she could mostly make out the coins and those were too annoying to carry, but she would also get the idea if she could hear the paper and her right hand would check very fast and that's how she got quite some. Most people carried there money in their pockets, especially in a pub like this because it was easier to pay as soon as you got your drink. And that's how she ended up with quite something, she obviously didn't take all because she didn't want the people to notice but it was nice to buy a beer. And she had the idea that most Phantom mages hung out here as well as others that weren't opposed a brawl. She would just have to look like a nice young lady. She would do fine in this attire.

It seemed to be the best option to drink a beer here. She wasn't the biggest alcohol fan but it would do. Her eyes checked on the barkeeper and the beer that he was tapping for her before she gave him the jewels. That's when she felt a bump against her right tight, her hand quickly grazing it before she turned around to look up at a quite tall young man. Yami was taller though so she was actually relieved with 'normal' height of men. She knew that he had seen her stealing, wasn't he the guy she winked at? It didn't matter, the bandana hit most of his face but she did recognize him, only his expression was more difficult to read. She lifted her right eyebrow only and slowly and stared at him but couldn't surpress her smile.

She opened her mouth to answer but bit her lip to let him in his moment of surprise. It was funny to see. She beckoned him to come a little closer so she could tiptoe and whisper in his ear. She wasn't giving her secrets out here in the open, not that it were really secrets but still. If he was getting a bit closer so she could whisper, she would say: "You think that a pickpocket has pockets? I don't need them, I have elsewhere to store the goods." That's why she had touched her own chest, she had a bra to hide everything in. No pockets necessary. The purse that she normally would carry, would also be empty. She remembered that it was stolen from her in Baska and she had only given off the show that it was important and got it back thanks to Rowan and Zhu-li but still: she wasn't that stupid. She would be a too easy target.

She eyed if there were people watching them, and simply gave them a death stare and waited until they stopped. "I'm not your average princess." she muttered to a guy that was still staring before he finally let the gaze go. Maybe she should dye her hair because the orange, in this dark pub stood a bit out today.

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He inclined a brow when the fiery young woman mentioned that she stored her goods elsewhere. Were other people to be so bold, Kenny would have hightailed it out of there. Somehow - and maybe it was a combination of lingering disorientation at his sudden failure, and maybe it wasn't - the Kenny didn't earn such automatic ire from the pocket-less woman. In fact, Kenny found the ghost of a smirk rolling over the edges of his mouth.Her reaction was different, but he couldn’t put a finger on it.

Casual. Flippant. She wasn't becoming physically aggressive. If Kenny ever caught someone trying to pull something over on him, his retribution tended to be swift and cruel, after which he would buy them a drink. Still fighting off a feeling of vertigo at the unexpected and inexplicable turn this had taken, Kenny - with an effort - arranged his tanned features in a look of amusement. "Ah, no wonder I didn’t grab much but a pleasant thigh." He debated for another moment fleeing. This woman - this thief - had done something even more unbelievable than noticing he was being pickpocketed: she'd piqued Kenny's curiosity. Something that hadn't happened since he came to Oak.

"You're… A princess?" Now Kenny's shock was wearing away, replaced by genuine intrigue and bemusement this time.. In fact, his interest in the woman was so refreshing, in contrast to the grey monotony his life had taken on of late, that he was weirdly glad he'd been caught. Kenny quirked a brow. "Oh I see…” he followed her gaze, it seemed she was warning off wandering eyes, was she a princess? The way people broke eye contact with her certainly backed the assertion that she was.

Rather than being affronted, in fact, Kenny was further made curious. What kind of kingdom had she grown up in, if their kleptomania made her so intensely aware of when someone had a hand in her pocket?

Kenny, if she was a princess he would hate to be on her bad side, so in a show of good faith he bowed to the princess and gestured towards the bar, “Well, m’lady, may I have your company for a few drinks?” he did his best to sound as posh as possible to earn favor with the young lady, if he played his cards right he may just end up with a powerful friend. Kenny's lips curled a fraction.

The last thought. That was the one that made cunning spark in Kenny's eyes. It was also the theory that lead him to decide to make the paradoxical invitation. "I mean unless you’re busy, I suspect a princess’ work is never done," he said, as close to a verbal assurance as there'd be. He reached up and deftly pulled down his bandana so it wouldn't impede his breathing anymore, revealing his dark beard and smile. Taking a drink of his beverage, Kenny squinted his eyes in a show of how the drink "affected" him.brandishing the glass, maybe he could coax her with a little show of vulnerability.

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Adelaide Sokolov
There were lots of things Alice could have done. Maybe call out a Knight, maybe that's what the stranger was considering, wondering why she didn't do that? Well at first, she thought the pub wouldn't really appreciate that considering all the dark mages in here. She eyed the tall man next to her, he must be a pickpocket too, used to the fact that everyone had pockets or purses and she didn't. Maybe that's why he sort of freaked out. Freaked out was a bit exaggerated but still, she liked the word atm in her head. Her brown eyes still looked at him, wondering what he planned to do, but he replied to her, "As long as it was pleasant." she couldn't help but say with a giggle all while she was trying to hide the smile on her face, but it was funny. So she couldn't help it.

That's when she noticed the stares and told them to stop, not their average princess. She had said it as a joke, there were pretty looking girls in the city that were helpless, Alice obviously wasn't. She turned to look at the man that took her serious, well if she was a princess: this wasn't really a good spot to hide out. Maybe, she actually was, she would never know, which caused the answer: "Maybe, or maybe not." It seemed as an open answer given the idea that she indeed was a princess but wouldn't admit it in a shabby place like this. Which wasn't actually what she was trying to say but she was fully aware of the consequences.

He seemed to observer her, which made her feel awkward and embarrassed, however she managed to not blush. Her pale skin remained pale but her left hand was clutched at her side, it was actually funny and yet it wasn't, "Let's skip formalities, although you are very good at it. I'm not a Princess or at least, not that I remember." is how she started, she turned her hazel brown eyes back to Kenny or well the man whose name she didn't know, "I think my name is Alice, I have amnesia." This was the first time that she told someone she had amnesia. But slowly things were turning back, this was when she realized she told LeeAnn about her sister, without properly remembering she had a sister. Obviously it was Selena who told her but she never had said it was a twin, did she?

Since they were standing at the bar and he asked her to accompany her for some drinks, and she had ordered a beer, she decided that sitting at the bar instead of at any of the other busy tables was a good idea, "Mind if we sit down here?" She gesture to the bar stools and she hopped onto one and took a chuck of her own beer.

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He was curious as to why she didn’t stir a scene, as a princess she would probably need some sort of assistance in a dire situation like this, that and Kenny practically copped a feel on her leg earlier. Kenny felt like apologizing, he wanted to grovel and beg her not to call for help, it was just how he was, when you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar what else was one supposed to do? Though in his case he wouldn’t have minded dipping his fingers in a second time to see what else he could grab. “Well I must say it was one of the most pleasant I’ve had.” he stifled a chuckle behind his hand not wanting to seem more like a creep. When she struggled to hide her smile, however, his chuckling became a bit gruffer in sound, “Well, why would you want to hide such a lovely grin from me?” he asked, noticing her attempts to keep from smiling.

“Oh well in that case I’ll be sure to be on my best behavior around you, just in case.” he gave her a brief wink, he wasn’t sure what to believe, she could pass for a princess, but judging by the drink she had she could probably take care of herself, not too many dainty damsels could choke down a beer better than anyone Kenny had met before.

In truth, he was happy to skip formalities, “Sure, I’m all for it and well if you aren’t a princess it’s still an honor to be in your company m’lady.” he joked a posh accent as he gave her a swift, but moderately formal bow, “ I’m Kenny, I’m a bit delusional.” to hear something like that was new to him, he didn’t mind the amnesia, though if she were to get her memory back would she remember this little confrontation? Kenny would hope so, at least for the sake of making a new friend.

When she asked to sit he cheerfully nodded and sat next to her at the bar, again staring in awe when she chugged down her beer, not to be left behind he picked up his tankard, well, a freshly poured tankard that may or may not have been awaiting another bar guest and gulped it down, small streams of the gold nectar sinking down the side of his jaws and into his beard. It was a bit messy, and uncouth to drink like this in front of a lady but he felt comfortable enough with her to do so, “You know, you’re one of the nicest people I’ve met thus far, would you mind letting me keep your company?: obviously he was in her company now, but as a foreigner he had no idea how much of anything worked around here and by the relaxation in her temperament she seemed like the perfect person to keep in company with to learn his way around here, that and with any luck he could make another grab at her leg.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice stopped with the attempt to hide her smile. She tried to live her life the happiest. You had to do something when you couldn't remember much. This man seemed to be nice with words. It reminded her of Yami, whom really had a silver tongue. Which made her very aware that she wasn't sure if she always got what Yami meant or in what way. But Yami wasn't here, and she would enjoy this moment alone. Or well with this stranger. He asked why she would hide her smile and she couldn't help but giggle in silent, "It might be too dazzling for you to handle." She couldn't help but say it, it was too funny to leave it out.

She found him pleasant company. Which said a lot about Alice as she always liked to be alone. Hell she had always been alone for as far as she could remember, apart from the jobs with Yami. So that was a development on Alice her side and this one, was a bigger one since she could come and go as she pleased. With Yami she had jobs to finish. She remained smiling and was wondering what else she would drink once she finished her beer, which didn't take too long.

She opted to leave the formalities, and he came with a joke which made her smile stay even longer. He introduced himself after her, "It's a pleasure to meet you." which was not only for formalities, it was the truth. She liked to talk to Kenny, he was funny and a nice man, "Are you from around?" she asked to get to know Kenny a bit better.

She would chug down her beer and put the glass with a little loud plop back on the bar and clean her mouth with the back of her hand to make sure her mouth and chin wasn't dripping with beer herself. But nothing happened, she actually had done a proper job drinking. She couldn't help but again giggle abit by the fact that Kenny pointed out that she was one of the nicest people so far, "Of course," she started about him being her company, "Likewise. You just happen to be in a town full of bad guys. You have nothing else to expect but the rough and tough guys that do everything for money and maybe even fame on the dark side. That's what I learned at the very least. I haven't met many people and those I did meet, were not all my type of cozy new friends." She didn't meet much people, but there were a few faces that she wouldn't mind never seeing again.

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Kenny couldn’t contain his smile, he loved what was happening. It felt like he had already made a new friend today. She seemed kind, relaxed and he contemplated her question and nodded, “Yes, I’m from uh the mining portion of the continent.” he laughed, the name slipped him and he probably sounded weird saying ‘the mining district’ but it was partially true, there was a large mining industry where he was from, he just couldn’t recall the name. Strange, he forgot his childhood home.

She was a nice young woman, pleasantly listening and answering politely. Her words following made an already wide grin even wider, “I am?” he tilted his head, he had no clue about the reputation that Oak town held. He had heard it was just that, a town, but he didn’t know there was filth and grime walking the streets as of late. Maybe he should have asked around before coming here, but then he probably wouldn’t have came to this pub and wouldn’t have met this delightful young woman. Mayhaps this was a blessing in disguise.

“Well hey, atleast you met me here? And from what I know I don’t think I’m all that bad, be it I’m not in one of these scary Guilds.” he laughed thinking about it, he had no clue where to even find a Guild, he needed to atleast get stronger before he even thought about finding one, but alas it didn’t matter for now. “Are you in a Guild?” he continued on the conversation with a ginger smile.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was listening to Kenny, mining district? She had no idea where that was but as he would maybe remember the name and say it, she would still not remember. She hadn't been out of Crocus before. This was actually the first time that she could remember. She held on to the strap of her bag, her diary was in there. It did contain all stupid sorts of information, things that happened. Because she was afraid to forget again. It was her own thinking that he forgot and it made her well not afraid but uncomfortable for a few seconds, until Kenny laughed. He didn't forget he just thought this would be more clear to her. She simply nodded, "You don't like mining?" It was a simple question, just to understand why he sort of left. Maybe he was on a vacation though. Oak wouldn't seem like the best place and winter not the best time of the year.

He had called her pleasant company and she had said likewise and yet he seemed surprised. She ordered a new beer and took a new sip of it. All she could do was nodd at his question, he seemed to think about the town, "You only have to look around in this pub." She said and turned her back to the bar, with her beer in her hand. There were a lot of tough looking people, scars, wounds, arguing, spitting, drinking. She couldn't find a better example, except for maybe the Guildhall but people kept that nice for the sake of scary higher ups.

He mentioned the guilds and asked her, why would she lie about it, "Unfortunately I was taken into Phantom Lord. I'm waiting for the right moment to leave but they have enough easy jobs to get money." It was easy jobs, not easy money, although a bit. But it wasn't killing people so that was fine with her. She should leave and go back to find Selena soon, where would she be? Crocus? She frowned thinking about her cousin before she turned back to look at Kenny, "Are you looking for a specific guild?"

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Kenny rubbed his chin, and smirked, “I think I would much prefer the company of such a beautiful woman like you.” he leaned forward eyes drifting down to her wear and back up at her. She was something, a fiery head of red hair, two gorgeous eyes, and she was pretty hot. The trifecta of a wonderful woman.

“Eh, my father was a miner, and believe me the life of a minor is about as glamorous as having a black lung, which that line of work will give you one honestly. I wanted to come out and see the world, join a guild or something ya know? Meet people! Make a name for myself.”

“Phantom Lord? Sounds interesting, is it that bad? Maybe I can join you? We could maybe spruce up that mundane job with some meaningful conversation and flirting.” he winked crossing his arms.

“Not really, I’m still looking for one. I guess I have to travel the region and hope that I can impress someone.”

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice wondered if all guys were like that. Nah not that many flirted with her but the idea of her red hair was something that most guys did see. Of course it was hard to miss, she giggled: "Well aren't you the flirty type." she said coolly but she absolutely didn't mind.

She asked him if he liked mining and he told about his dead and the not so glamorous live that came if you were a miner, "I see. You are too handsome for that." she shrugged as if it was nothing, imagine guys like him in mines.. Maybe she would join. She smiled at him and they continued to talk. She didn't know much of the world herself, she wanted to see more, hoped to regain her memories. "Well Phantom Lord shouldn't be too bad. They love fighting, destruction probably too but you know I like my freedom and for a not so good Guild, they still have a lot that they do not allow." again she shrugged, "It would be more fun to be out and do what you want yourself, like make a name for yourself not based on the Guild in which you are. Don't you agree?" She definitely didn't want to be depending on a Guild or so, she wanted to be Alice herself. In this case now Alice Baskerville for she couldn't remember her official surname. "You are obviously still welcome to join me on my mundane jobs, Phantom Lord or not," She didn't really understand why people wanted to join guilds. Especially not as she had thought about leaving, and a lot about that thought. But she didn't want to destroy someone's dreams. Maybe she was a little nice.

She gazed at the people in the pub and ordered a new beer. She was definitely not a princess, no matter what memory would have to come back.
That reminded her of something else, she had to go. There were things waiting for her. "I'm sorry, I have a job waiting for me. But let's meet again, it sounds like fun."

With that she walked away, drinking her new beer again in one gulp. She waved away and hurried to finish the job she had to do.


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