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Proletarian Shopping [Yami & Alice]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Proletarian Shopping [Yami & Alice] Empty on Thu Feb 09, 2017 2:08 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had been doing groceries again. It was better now that she was able to cook in the kitchens of Phantom Lord for herself. She had a bundle of fresh veggies and fruit that she thought she could maybe make a salad off. She yawned behind her hand, it was early in the morning. She was stopped on the middle of the street by the boy that she had stopped yesterday, "Yo Lady. I have a job for you." She raised an eyebrow and stared at the child, Jerr, that was his name. She had stopped him from stealing, "Are you for the guild?" He asked and she took a step back, she had wanted to say something sarcastic as in: what count your three jewels because you can't? But she didn't got time for that and before she could answer this question he asked another one, "Do.. do.. do you.. k-know.. the t-t-tall ma-man?" Again she raised one eyebrow, there was only one tall man that popped up in her mind, she nodded. "So what you need?", he shook his head, "I w-will tell to you both." She rolled her eyes, "See you in a bit. But I warn you, if this is a joke, I bet he will have your head." She left him after that to head back to the guild and drump her groceries and went to look for Yami. She asked someone in the guild to find him and meet her as soon as possible at the front of the Guild.

She wondered if she had warned the child good enough, but as he seemed to know Yami, he might have been punished before she had done, so it could maybe be that he thought Yami was more capable of the job than she was. Although, ugh she was thinking too much. She would wait for Yami.



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Yami had been napping by a small lake when a member of the guild approached, rudely waking him from his nap. Yami awoke in a burning rage rising to his feet quickly and grabbing the man by his throat. Yami's fingers clenched, veins tightened as he lifted the man off his feet. The phantom lord member gasped and choked for air, clutching onto Yami's wrist tightly, his face turning blue. Yami's grey hues bore angrily into the man who had disturbed him, before realising he was a fellow guild member. Yami released his grip dropping the man onto his ass, before demanding what he wanted. The wind whipped violently around Yami, frightening the man into spilling his guts saying Alice was looking for him and would be by the guild entrance, for a quest.

Yami did a completely one eighty, smiling happily as he skipped off to meet up with Alice. It seemed she wanted to work with him again, or they had once again been partnered up, whatever the case he was looking forward to it. He headed to the guild, finding the orange haired woman standing at the front of the Guild. Yami would raise his left hand in a lazy manner, "Hi there. How's it going!" Exclaimed Yami happily was he walked up until he was only two meters from Alice.

"What are we up to today?" Asked the wind mage as his haori fell around him, covering his form.

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#3Adelaide Sokolov 

Proletarian Shopping [Yami & Alice] Empty on Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:38 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Apparently the members of Phantom Lord knew every crook and crany where Yami could be because as she was waiting at the Guildhall enterance, it didn't take that long for Yami to show up. She turned to look at him, it wasn't easy to miss from which direction he was coming. He seemed to be in a good mood, she didn't even think it could be a mask or something, it made her smile herself. "Hi, I hope I didn't bother you, I was in town and bumped into this boy that had a quest for us. I warned him that it shouldn't be a joke but he seemed to get the point." She shrugged and wondered if Yami would remember him, "I believe his name is Jerr or something." it was probably short for another name but that she didn't really care about.

As she had told the quest to Yami she said it might be smart to find the boy again, since she had given him clear instructions to wait in case it was a joke and she had also warned him for that. She found Jerr in the same spot as she left him, or well almost the same spot, he went a bit back into the ally. She looked up at Yami for a second before she took the last step to Jerr and pointed out to Yami, "You mean him right?" it seemed the boy was rather scared of Yami but he nodded, "Well go on, we don't have all day." She said and even though she didn't particular act nicely with her words, she said it nicely.

The boy started to explain in a soft voice, from which Alice demanded him to speak up, "I want someone to steal for me instead of me. I want a good amount of food from the shopowner that asked you too. It-it needs to last a week." He had been going so well to stutter again in the end. Such a shame. Alice looked back at Yami, "What do you think?"



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Yami yawned softly as he stood opposite Alice, listening to her speak about some kid she had bumped into that wanted to request them for a job. Yami shrugged his shoulders it didn't bother him if they were to take another quest, but the mention of the name Jerr, reminded Yami of a quest he took before he started working with Alice, a quest he took solo. Some shop keep had requested him to teach some little orphan brat a lesson to stop him stealing. Now that he thought about it the name Jerr did ring a bell. If he recalled Yami had frightened the heck out of the kid with his wind magic and even threw him against a wall to get his point across, using his height to intimidate the brat.

"I wasn't doing anything. Besides could always do with the extra money." Spoke Yami before he would follow after Alice. Yami would be led through oak to where Alice met up with the boy Jerr. The boy was clearly frightened of the tall wind mage, not that Yami could blame him especially with what he did. Yami rubbed the back of his neck having zoned most of the conversation out, only really hearing the boy wanted them to steal food from shopkeep, last week. Yami took a few steps past Jerr and Alice, looking over his shoulder giving a bored look, "Sure, I wasn't doing anything. I'll work over the shopkeep, keep him busy. Alice please grab as much food as possible." Said Yami in a lazy yet charming tone.

Yami would head towards the shopkeeps stall hopefully with Alice following after him. The store luckily for them was empty, with the exception of the old shop clerk. Turns out the clerk they were stealing from was the same one who had them teach Jerr a lesson. Before the shop clerk could say a thing Yami was upon him a hand wrapping around his mouth and face shoving the old clerk against a wall with enough force to form a crack. A dark aura surrounded Yami, as killer intent leaked from his body. The wind picked up violently around the wind mage.

Yami tossed the clerk aside onto the ground before stomping his right foot down on the clerk's right knee, making the old clerk cry out in pain, only for Yami to stomp down on his windpipe, applying pressure to stop him from screaming, or breathing. "I would like for you to kindly lay there and not say a word, your voice irritates me." Yami's once charming tone was gone replaced by one full of venom with a dark sinister edge, it was icy cold. Yami's magic flared violently around him knocking nearby cans over where they clattered against the floor. With Yami having the clerk pinned like he did it would offer Alice the chance to go through the shelves of the store and snatch up anything she could get her hands on. Yami personally could careless about the needs of the kid, but it had been a while since he could let loose and be a little violent. His heart was practically screaming for him to spill the old man's blood, leaving him a dried up corpse but Yami forced the desire aside.

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#5Adelaide Sokolov 

Proletarian Shopping [Yami & Alice] Empty on Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:11 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Yami took over the roll to make the decision on how they would work together and Alice was totally fine with that. Though the kid definitely underestimated them because she was sure the both of them could have done this without each others help. But it was more fun and definitely more easy this way.

The red head followed Yami as he made way for the shop where she had been yesterday, with one look over her shoulder she saw Jerr disappear back into the alley again. She turned her eyes back forward and did a quick pair of steps to catch up with Yami again. They didn't arrive much later and thank god the store was empty apart from the possible shop owner. She had met him yesterday. Before she could grab any food she stood a bit frozen over by the tactics of Yami. She had expected him to simply talk and distract the man instead of what he was doing. However she could have expected it based on the missions they had done before, besides him being a free soul as the wind. She remembered that. Besides she should not forget that it was a Dark Guild and Yami had been part of this for already seven years.

She quickly shook her head, letting the orange hair frame her face. She hastily started to grab food, tins were probably not very useful but packages were fine. Bread. Things for on the bread. Cookies. Everything she could carry as well as fit in her bag. It was quite useful that she carried a bag so she could take some more with her. When she couldn't carry anymore she turned back to Yami, "I have got it. We can go." Was stealing not a little beneath them? She did pickpocket but that was a whole different level of stealing in her own opinion.

They should head back to Jerr to give the food off and get that money. She was actually curious if he had some but she let Yami handle that. She actually didn't want to go on a job for the boy again but hey she would see what happens later.


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Yami kept applying pressure to the throat of the man beneath his foot, right foot. He could feel it slowly giving away as he applied more pressure than he needed to, in order to keep the old man subdued. The old man was sweating terribly, frantically pulling at Yami's ankle, his face starting to turn blue. Yami pressed down hard a sadistic look appearing on his handsome features, but the moment Alice called out to him he snapped out of his stupor. He removed his throat allowing the old man to inhale and start coughing up blood. It seemed Yami's roughness had caused a little internal damage to the clerk.

Yami turned his back to the old man and started walking away, but not before saying a few simple words, "Tell, and you're dead." Yami let the threat linger as he raised his right hand summoning the wind around it and swung firing a blade of wind into a nearby wall slicing deep into it.

Yami would leave the shop with Alice in tow heading back to the meeting point. He would arrive, finding Jerr pacing back and forth in a panic. Yami cleared his throat make the kid jump in fright, shivering at the sight of the Wind Mage. Yami inclined his head towards Alice and her sack of goodies, "Pay us then you get the goods." Jerr would nod rapidly handing over a wad of jewels to Yami. The wind mage then began to count, a total of fifty thousand jewels. He then split it fifty-fifty handing twenty-five thousand to Alice, allowing her to then hand the food over.

Yami turned and began walking away from Jerr, the task they had been assigned to complete was done, "See ya kid." Yami turned in Alice's direction tilting his head in a nod, "I will see you again. Take care of yourself." The wind mage smiled before dispersing into the crowd.

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Name: Wind Cutter
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Kaze no Mahou
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 5m
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Yami lifts a single hand, summoning the wind to wrap around it. He then swipes a hand through the air at any angle firing a 1m long, 50cm wide, 10cm deep blade of wind towards a target to deal D damage. Yami can continue to fire a blade of wind once per post by swiping his hand again. Yami deactivates this when he runs out of mana or of his own will.

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