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From Baska to Orchida [Foot-Travel//Private]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

From Baska to Orchida [Foot-Travel//Private] Empty Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:56 am

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn was seen packing things in her hotel room as Hans was doing so as well. They packed clothes, food, and other items that would be consider improtant for traveling on foot. She thought about her hesitation on telling her older brother everything, being called beautiful by two different people, and made friends with Rowan. A mixture of good and bad this whole time in Baska. Mostly good and a mental slap in the face was a needed one for her, although that time in the hospital here caused her to flip out when she was out after the fight. LeeAnn inspected the room twice to see if there was anything she was missing. She really didnt see anything thatt she would leave so she walked out with her fiance, holding his hand. The old woman from before saw her as she thanked her for the stay and wonderful service. She paid for the nights she had stayed as the old woman refused. To LeeAnn's surprise, she didn't want her to pay. "Your presence here young lady was more than enough as a payment. Go on, make hte world a better place, young knight' she smiled. LeeAnn smiled as she ears perked forward out of joy. She hgged the old woman ad thanked her as so did Hans. They would start traveling on the road together like old times. It was a while since they had been on the road together alone like this. The presences of the kitsune was more than enough to keep her company. He would would on a little mechinical fox he named Marvin. She really didn't know why though, but she thought of it as nothing. "LeeAnn, do you have a cork screw on you" he asked. She gave him a funny look and shoo her head. A snap of his fingers looking a little disappointed. Shrugging, she continued to walk. They walked for quite some time. Two days passed,, they would setup camp somewhere and sleep the night there as the other night Hans just carried her for most of the night since they wanted to get to Orchidia as soon as possible. The sooner the better for her to see her cousin. She was actually quite excited. Hans saw a change in his fiance. One that was probably for the better.

The drive in LeeAnn didn't look as force as before and seemed more lively. The third day was perhaps the same. LeeAnn mostly was writing in her journa and taking notes on her thoughts and events that took place for that day. The fourth day had arrived. Travelling was nothing for the couple since all they really do is travel. Being in one place for a while can get to either one of them, they would always feel cooped up somewhere. Though, this time around, the tough the countryside was a place they didn't grow annoyed by. Hans would again carry the young redhead and wouldn't put her down no matter how much she fussed to be put down. He clung to her like a magnet. LeeAnn would give up and let him win as she didn't want to admit that she loved the attention. Evenutually by the fifth or sixth day, the would make it to their desitnation.


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