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More Hunting and Gathering [Alice | Yami]

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More Hunting and Gathering [Alice | Yami] Empty on Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:15 am

Yami yawned loudly as he lay beneath a large Oak tree on a hill to the right of the Phantom Lord guild. The mage was lying down, back on the grass eyes shut as the shade of the tree covered his form, his feet sticking out into the sun slightly due to his height. He was sleeping beneath the tree while waiting for Alice. He had sent a message to her through the guild asking if she would like to take another quest with him and to meet him at the tree at two o clock that day if she accepted. The quest he had taken was a rather easy one. They were to look for a herb on behalf of Dr. Stephan Mabuz the owner a little magic shop in town that specialised in black market goods. The last quest Yami and ALice did for the doctor was to find some mushroom which had been easy after Yami started blasting everything with wind blades destroying all the fake mushrooms in order to find the real one.

The wind mage yawned again as he laid back down resting both hands behind his head and shut his grey hues, it was only one thirty he still had thirty minutes till the arranged meeting time, might as well catch a few z's while he waited. He raised his right leg into a comfortable position so knee was off the ground and began to drift off into snooze fill, his dreams filled with bloodshed and screams of the innocent. All the while a child like smile formed on his lips at the sadistic dreams he was having.

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More Hunting and Gathering [Alice | Yami] Empty on Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:28 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had been on a shopping spree, food not clothing this time. Mostly because she was done with the food in the guild. It could be better and she would only have to figure out where to cook for herself. Maybe she could just do that in the Guild? If they were a dark Guild, why follow some rules? She chuckled to herself until she realized it wasn't funny and she had promised Selena to leave.

She walked passed the road and saw Yami sleeping or sunbathing underneath a tree, so she went for the first option. She silently shook her head with a smile on her face and headed back to her room, not knowing Yami had send her a message. She wasn't even able to open her door or someone stood immediately behind her, she almost dropped the bag with groceries to hit him with a fist, however she realized that not every Phantom Lord member could read her mind and would want to just talk to her, "Reflexes." Was all she said as the man stared at her with big eyes, "So tell me, what you want?" She didn't know exactly what else to ask, "Uh well Yami is waiting for you to take another quest. It's almost the same as last time, something to find for Dr. Mabuz."

Alice raised her eyebrow, she had seen Yami just a minute ago, "If you agree, he asks to meet him at the tree at two o'clock." Alice her eyes darted to the clock on the wall of her room, damn that was in less than 20 minutes, "Sure thanks." she shoved the messenger out of her doorway, slammed it close and hurried to change into something more comfortable for shoes, so instead of heels, she put on black dr. Martens and grabbed her leather jacket again before hurrying outside to meet Yami, she knew exactly where he was.

When she arrived soon, she looked to see if Yami was still asleep, it must be around 5 to 2. "Hello Yami." she said a bit unsure.


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Yami was awoken by the voice of an angel. His eyes fluttered open, as he began to sit up. There standing over him was Alice, whom he had asked to assist him. Yami's lips parted as he began to yawn, bringing his right hand up to cover it. Bangs framed his features, his hair was slightly messy. Yami rubbed the sleep out of his eyes like a child before brushing fingers through his hair to fix up his hair, letting it flow smoothly down his back, tucking bangs behind his ears. Yami placed his hands on his knees and began to rise, his Haori falling around him as he stood to his full height, a low hanging tree branch just inches from hitting his head. If he was just slightly taller he would have been in serious pain.

Yami walked out from under the tree giving his arms a stretch before rubbing the back of his neck to get rid of the stiffness in his muscles. Yami gave another yawn before turning to face Alice, "Salutations." He spoke in a slight drawn out speech, sounding like he was still half asleep. Yami swayed in place, he looked like he would fall asleep where he stood, but he quickly shook the drowsy from his body.

"Shall we be on our way? I heard it's a long climb up the hill." Said Yami as he tucked his hands into his pockets and slouched into a lazy pose. He was ready to get moving whenever Alice was. Once she started moving Yami would walk with her, heading through Oak town and follow the path out of town leading up a hill. The hill was quite steep.

"I do so hope I didn't intrude upon your day asking you to assist me. Were you busy?" Enquired the wind mage in a soft tone as he walked alongside his short companion, creating a little small talk to help the journey go faster.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was bowed a little forward to have a look on Yami's face while she greeted it. It seemed to wake him up rather easily. He didn't seem like a deep sleeping person, she gave a smile and stood up straight while he stood up himself. She waited until it seemed as if he was ready to go and the good thing was he said so himself.

"Yes let's go. I only have no idea where we are really heading." she answered and she was glad she had switched shoes if it was quite a climb. However she turned around and walked into the direction of the city to leave it behind them not much later after that. She tried to take as big steps as possible, not to tire herself out but to make sure Yami didn't have to walk all into tiny steps.

She was a bit concentrated on that but soon noticed his question, "Oh no, it wasn't of any importance." she wondered for a second if she should tell Yami about her plans, but you couldn't trust anyone. So maybe she should go on about the small talk, "I was just doing some groceries. I don't like the food in the Guild that much." she shrugged as if it was nothing but had to take smaller steps because the smooth road had become a little steeper. She had seen the hill that they were heading for now and she understood that it would indeed be quite a tough journey especially for small people, thank god she was average.

Even though she had to focus on not stepping on stones or falling into small cracks in the path, she decided to just ask Yami, "What do you think of the guild in total?" she was sure that it wouldn't be a smart idea to mention the name, she was also sure that they were alone but you would never know how others would react to the name Phantom Lord in the open and maybe they weren't alone. The twists and turns didn't make it easy to walk but she would just continue with a stubborn look on her face. She held still when there was an incredible steep cliff face and she had no idea how to climb that in the first place.



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Unlike Alice who was being careful with her steps, Yami was walking along casually, steps wide, but not too wide so not to lose his shorter compatriot. Why was he walking so casually and not falling over, why he had a secret, he was using his magic to create gusts of wind at his feet to smooth out of the ground, while using wind to keep him stable. The wind was breezing by gently and wasn't too strong so it was barely noticeable. it was a simple trick that required very little mana, so little he didn't even notice the drain. During the walk up the hill he kept his ears open, not only to pay attention to his surroundings but to listen to Alice as she spoke. Seemed she had been in the process of almost making herself a bite to eat. He did agree, Yami didn't like the guild food much either, tasted rotten in his opinion.

Yami glanced down at Alice as she asked his opinion of the guild, "I've been with the guild seven years now. I've been considering leaving. I can't stand all the rules. I like being free without rules holding me down, like the wind." Commented Yami as he raised his right hand into the air a gust of wind blowing through his fingers, gently brushing against his bangs. "I can't stand the current governing rules either, guess why I joined the guild original, but I don't like its rules either. To restricting, I'm suffocating. Sure we have enough room to do as we please, but I still find it suffocating. Plus like the Wind I hate being held down in one place. I've been in Oak to long, I need to travel. What about you?" answered Yami in an honest tone.

As he finished speaking he noticed they were at the top of the hill where the herb grew. He began to look around for any sign of the herb they needed. Maybe ALice would be able to find it before him.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice wasn't even aware that Yami was using magic. That's how new she was to the information. She had asked Yami a question during the walk and she was glad that she now had to wait for an answer because it was too difficult to simply walk those steep steps, however Yami seemed to not even consider the trouble. She was listening careful to Yami as he explained that he was part of the Guild for seven years. Which was a long time considering that she was only twenty. But it was very interesting to hear that Yami planned to leave. She understood what he meant comparing himself with wind, his magic. She was actually wondering how magic worked like that, since she was only able to summon weapons, armour and things like that.

She was done skipping and jumping through the gabs and the steep cliff face and reached the top with Yami once he finished his story. She continued to find the herb while talking to him, "I joined Phantom Lord two years ago. Actually almost immediately after I found out I could use magic. I'm a requip mage or something like that." Honestly telling she had no idea what magic actually meant, "However I also didn't know much about Guilds and I'm not the even build of being really nice, I like to do whatever I can whenever I want it. But Phantom Lord.. I don't know it pisses me off a little. I planned to leave, also on request of my cousin but I don't know how and to be honest, I'm a little afraid of what will happen." She had only told Selena she was afraid and she wasn't sure what Yami would do with the information, but she had said it now, it was too late to take it back.

That's when she spotted the dark green fern that they were looking for and she grabbed it, "Found it, we can now go back." She had enough time to catch her breath and it was easier to go back down, although it was sometimes a little bit of a fast run with the steep roads but she was glad to leave. She hated heights.



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Yami didn't retort, it was not his business what others did. He simply continued looking for the herb, luckily Alice managed to find it in record time. The wind mage stuffed his hands back into his pockets and began making his way to the path that would lead down, Alice already ahead charging down the hill to get the quest completed. Yami jumped forward in order to create distance between him and the hill and he fell descending downwards. Yami used a little wind magic to create an updraft that let him float in the air descending his fall as he fell.

Yami adjusted and landed on his feet at the base of the steep hill in a crouched position arriving at the same time as Alice. He would then head back to town, following her moving through the front gate and to the shop. Yami would open the door for Alice, being the gentleman he seemed to be, before ducking through the shorter door frame and coming face to face with Mabuz at the counter. Yami would wait for Alice to hand the herb over, before graciously accepting the funds from Mabuz.

Once he had his jewels he would begin making his way out of the cramped space, cramped for him, turning to face Alice, "Pleasure working with you again Alice. I look forward to doing it again." He smiled brightly and walked off, his towering form disappearing into the crowded streets.

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