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Proletarian Shopping [Quest]

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#1Arthur J. Sokolov 

Proletarian Shopping [Quest] Empty on Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:42 am

Arthur J. Sokolov

The morning light was especially blinding as Aonaka opened his eyes to it's relentless bright force. He stood on his bed for a while, sprawled, his body aching with pain. He hated mornings such as this one, normally he was a morning person, but apparently during his last mission he had tired himself more than he thought so. "I'm sore all over." he muttered in a annoyed tone and slowly stood up. He looked at his sleeping companion and yawned while stretching himself to wake up better.

Next to his bed was a beige, birch wood end table that looked as cranky as they come. With even more sluggish movements he reached for the table and pulled the small drawer to reveal it's contents. Several package of cigarettes gently slide from the inner parts of the drawer towards outside, along with some loose ones and many particles of tobacco. Aonaka cocked his eyebrows as he reached in for the part he couldn't see and took a roll of medical bandages and one cigarette before leaving his bed and going to the bathroom.

He changed the bandages on his hands, arms and the small one on his face and looked at them. The firmness fresh bandages gave were quite a nice feeling. He didn't want to look at the burn marks underneath them.

With his morning coffee in hand, he went to his balcony. There stood a little table, glass in the middle, circle framed by a dark colored wood, and same a same colored wooden chair that looked quite cheap accompanied the table quite nicely. The morning puss was still around, the horizon was gray and cloudy. "I suppose it will rain soon." Aonaka thought and lighted his cigarette, dragged the ceramic ashtray closer and left himself loose on the chair, watching the streets of Oak. The cold breeze of the outside world had felt quite nice. The taste of clove from his cigarettes along with bitter coffee blended quite nicely and created a skewed smile on his face.


Aonaka continued his morning routine without giving much care about what was happening. That hey he heard was probably not towards him, why would it be? He finished his coffee and took the last poison puff if his cigarette and went back inside. He took his clothes from the dryer and laid them out on his bed before going inside his bathroom for a shower.


This time, the voice was much closer, so much that Aonaka had to close the water to listen better. "Rude mage guy?" the voice asked. A young voice, somewhat familiar but Aonaka didn't know any children, the only ones he did know were busy trying to kill each other and Aonaka, not fond memories if you think about it. He wore his bathrobes and left the bathroom to see a sigh that maddened him to a thousand degrees.

It was the thief kid that he caught a few days ago, bandages on his knees, looking at his bird cage. Aonaka raised his hand to take cover but stopped when Jerr, the kid, showed him a bag of jewels. "Why are you here?" Aonaka asked, his tone still angry, silent, incensed, all at once. He didn't need to ask how he had came in. The kid was a thief after all. Using a lock pick was probably nothing for him. Jerr turned his gaze to Aonaka, his child-like look had a short of mysterious gaze to it, like watching gray smokes behind a colorful stained glass. "Hello, I will wait outside, why don't you come after you change?" the boy said and took the jewel bag and left the room. Aonaka stood there in his bathrobes trying to understand the situation before his curiosity got the better of him to do as the boy said. He changed his clothes, tied his ribbon and left.

Jerr was waiting him outside, wearing a patched black trench coat that was bigger than he was, looking stupid, which caused Aonaka to squint his left eye a little in an expression of "ugh no." Jerr turned towards him, trying his best to act high and mighty, perhaps even what kids call "Cool" with a candy stick in his mouth, his eyes only half open, his speech sluggish and heavy. "You see, you caught me that one day." Jerr spoke, raising his trench coat to show the bag of jewels. Aonaka was still confused and somewhat wanted this whole thing to end already. "You will steal food for me!" Jerr yelled in the middle of the street, and if Aonaka didn't know he was in Oak, he would be worried. "I don't steal, kid." Aonaka told him and then slowly turned around to leave, thinking about dishes he had to clean up. "Alright wait!" Jerr said, Aonaka didn't stop but slowed down. "Do this, and I have an even better job!" the boy yelled, which caused Aonaka to stop. A bigger job huh? Could he do that so? Money was money after all and it wouldn't be that hard but... "Why did you come to the guy that caught you?" Aonaka asked without holding himself back. Jerr chuckled slyly. "If you can catch me that means you are skilled, no?" he said.

Aonaka understood what he was doing, trying to suck up to him but his pride was picky to be petted by everything. He sighed and took the money bag from the kid. "Fine." Jerr screamed about how he was going to get the money afterwards, but Aonaka just said that he wasn't a liar, with a tone that made Jerr believe him. It was the truth, however. Aonaka wasn't a liar. Jerr and Aonaka walked without talking side by side to where Jerr had his eyes on. Aonaka rolled his eyes when he saw the guy and realized that it was the guy who gave him the money to catch Jerr in the first place. "Really?" he asked to Jerr, questioning his petty comeback, but he was hushed by Jerr who was watching the guy quite seriously with a smile. "Okay, show me what you got slave! I want huge foods, big amounts!" Aonaka tilted his head and turned his gaze to the guy. Jewels were truly the core of all the shit ever in the world, weren't they.

He caught a guy looking at the their target stand and moved his hand to cast a spell. "Mint.." he whispered. And at that moment the guy slide full speed to the stand, making the stand go of it's holders and tumble down. Aonaka heard muffle laughs from Jerr behind him. He waited for the crowd to gather and everyone was making sounds, while the shopkeeper screamed and screamed at the guy demanding jewels for the lost items. Aonaka however was merely waiting for his spell to cool off. He aimed at the shopkeeper this time and used the same spell once more. "Mint." he whipered under his breath and the shopkeeper slide right on top of the trembled fruit stand. Afterwards, Aonaka put on his acting mask and went there to check what was going on. The crowd was big and commotion was getting bigger. Amidst the large number of people, Aonaka collected the food and Jerr himself had managed to get more than enough.

Afterwards they carried the food back to the children that were with Jerr. They were grateful.

Used Spells.:
Name: Mint.
Rank: D.
Mana Cost: 25.
Requirements: Handbeat Magic.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: Nature.
Range: 5 meters.
Cooldown: 1P.
Duration: Instant.
Effect: Aonaka slashes the air in front of him with a straight palm towards the desired ally/companion, taps chest if the spell target is self, and the target gets covered in a thin veil of lime colored flames, having a dash 5 meters forwards with 5m/s added to their speed. Dashing target cannot change direction and must be in 5 meter radius of Aonaka. They can leave this radius while dashing, of course.

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