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Wonderful Day [Open | Social]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
As Lacie have had an adventure at the market before, she decided that it wouldn't stop her from going all together, you had to grab opportunities and just go on with your life. It would make things a little bit difficult if she would be scared for everything. Besides it was not a completely disaster for the day, it had gone rather well at some point. She should keep that in mind.

She had gone to the Church this morning and was still wearing a navy blue coloured dress with white stripes on the corset part of the dress. She was wearing her beige woollen trenchcoat and some boots with high heels that made her a few centimeters taller than she was originally. Never ask her about her height, her twin sister had always been taller, although she was dead, so it was easy to be taller now.

Lacie her eyes scanned the market and she stared at a scarf that she might wanted to buy, it was a cold day because of the wind today, the reason why she had pulled her hair up in a ponytail but that made it a little bit colder too. She should do something today, maybe go back to the Church or so. That's when she heard someone yell and hurried that way to do another good job today, somebody's money was stolen, alright there wasn't much that she could do about that, she now stood there a bit forlorn.


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Cold sweat slid down the man's face as he jumped out of his bed and away from his nightmare accompanied by a fearful scream. Slowly he pushed away from the soft silk blankets that he had draped over himself before he rested for today having kept himself awake as long as he could. Gradually one by one his legs left the bed and made their way onto the hard polished walnut floor, the cold ground drained warmth from his feet. Casually he made his way to his open suitcase that contained his regular attire along with some more formal clothing, steadily he undressed from his nightwear placing the shirt and pants of it onto the bed for his return. Unzipping the suitcase he pulled out the clothes for today and had a brief shower before donning them, showers had never been the man's favourite past time only deeming them as a daily necessity.

Once fully dressed he finally donned his headband that he wore practically everywhere and made his way out of the room, moving ever closer to the door, voices could be heard with each passing moment them becoming louder, opening the door revealed that the owners of the voices were the owner of the building that the man was staying in as well as the owner's daughter. Their argument, Him, according to the owner, his daughter had been eying him up for marriage though much to her dismay the man quickly dismissed the idea, lying instead to prevent tensions behind him and the owner.

Managing to avoid any incidences between the owner and himself, he left the building altogether. The wind had picked up in the past couple of days with it blowing his golden hair every which way occasionally in his face though for the most part to the sides. The man's companion, Sparky could be seen resting on the ground, however, was alerted by the presence of his owner and quickly got up allowing him to also grab his staff that he was holding onto for him.

Wielding the ridiculous staff he set off into the market place where he hoped to find some breakfast, his hopes for food, however, were interrupted however when the calls of help were shouted out. Sighing he rushed to the person's aid, he noticed that several others had made it to him as well. Wanting to know the situation, he would speak to the person along with all the other. "Sir, I'm here to help, I'm going to have to ask you a few questions, what happened?, Did you see the person responsible?, Any information you can give me would be extremely useful to help alleviate what's just happened?"

Having spoken to the man, he moved onto the others eying off one by other questioning them more importantly about the person who had caused the man such grief providing a few questions that had little in the way of answers. "Yes, can you provide any information about what's just happened for me? What did the person responsible look like for instance?" that was until he stopped on one particular individual dressed fashionably, yet still suitable for the weather. "So miss Can you tell me about what happened here? And after all this is over how about we get some breakfast."

#3Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie was still there, looking at the man whose money was just stolen. She felt sad for him, he must have done something wrong for God to punish him like this. She didn't know what and it wasn't her to judge the man, either it would go alright or not. Maybe God made a mistake, that was plausible as well although she felt like a sinner for thinking that. Maybe it wasn't something wrong but just a simple need to teach something to the man. She wanted to say all that but and that the man should be patience but she didn't dare, if the two of them were alone she would. But there were many people watching and thus she said nothing. If it was God's teaching, something would happen sooner than later.

And Lacie was right, someone did show up that seemed to grab the situation with both hands. Maybe, he was a knight or something. She looked at him with her hazel brown eyes and liked how he knew what to do. He would certainly get the man his money back, so it was only a lesson. It was always nice to know when it wasn't something that had been evil. Lacie hated people that did things wrong on purpose with every viber of her body.

She still kept her eyes on the young man that seemed to be probably a knight or so. He had asked the man first, than went on to the others surrounding the place before he ended up standing next to her. He must at least be ten centimeters taller than her so she looked up in his blue eyes, she was a little bit flabbergasted before she dared to answer, "Oh uhm.. I just arrived when it already happened. I didn't see anything." She looked away because there was nothing she could do, maybe God could give her a sight, "I came from that side," she pointed behind her, "So I only can guess he went the other way since I didn't pass a person in a hurry." After that she took a deep breath and focused her almond shaped eyes back to the young man, she couldn't help but pout a little, which was actually almost her normal face, "As for breakfast," she tried as casual as possible, "I would love to."


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Listening to the last bystanders comments revealing she was merely arrived just shortly before him and that she hadn't seen anyone, he gathered all the available information from the victim along with all the bystanders none of whom seemed to be witness to the crime itself, The man spoke to the victiim once more to apologize to him. "I'm sorry to say sir but your stolen cabbages and the theft responsible are nowhere to be seen and with the lack of evidence as to whom stole them I can not do much, however I shall submit a report of stolen goods which you might be able to continue with other members of the Rune Knights." This apology in turn would inherently reveal his identity as a Rune Knight to those listening carefully enough.

Hopeful his rudeness to hold off replying to her agreement breakfast wouldn't be taken to harshly as he was there to do a job after all. However considering she had, he spoke to her this time, apologizing to her as well. "This job is hard sometimes, forgive my rudeness for ignoring you there I had to give him my statement, anyway about breakfast where would be a good spot to get some?, I'm thinking somewhere in the market place after all we both seemed to be heading there." Scratching his chin whilst giving a brief smile revealing pearly white teeth. "Oh and before I forget to introduce myself, I'm Kon, Konstantin Sokolov of the Rune Knights."

#5Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie had answered the Knight and was simply watching and anticipating on what would happen now. She got that the thief wouldn't be found, he was long gone or she. It was a shame though but she knew that something good would come out of this. Everything happened for a reason, God made decisions very specific for a person, so everything was connected and everything was going according to a plan. Of course no one knew the plan, not mortals like her. Something she found quite disappointing, she wished she could serve as one of the hands of the Divine and understand more of her God and be closer to him. But well, she had something else entirely to focus on right now.

The way he talked and for explaining, her guessing that he was a Knight was confirmed by himself. She completely understood why he didn't reply, which was one of the reasons that she remained around as one of not many. Most people left after the incident didn't seem to heat up the moment anymore. Lacie was still a bit flabbergasted by the idea that the Knight simply had asked her out during his well.. job? She cuoldn't hide the red on her cheeks anymore.

He returned to her as the matter was over and done with. He first apologized and she waved it away as it was nothing. She completely understood, she even liked the idea that he was devoted to his job. Besides with the apologizing part, he showed he had manners. She couldn't help but smile, "I actually arrived yesterday. I have no idea what I can find on the market, so I would like to try it out." She explained and agreed with his idea to check out for breakfast on the market, after that he introduced himself and she couldn't believe that she hadn't done that herself already, "Lacie, Lacie Eventide. It's a pleasure to meet you." Today might be a very interesting day, was all she thought after that.

She waited for Kon to make the first move, as she said she was new to Orchidia and thus the market and had no idea where to go or where to look.


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His hunger was more apparent than he first realised, with his stomach rumbling angrily. Normally Kon would eat at least a slice of toast before he headed out to get more food, however, he was forced to dodge the potential arguments at the building he was staying in meaning he couldn't make any. Sighing slightly touching his stomach with his left hand, he slid his staff onto his back as his focus remained on the woman. She revealed to him that she was clueless to the goods in the market along with her name though no affiliation either due to her not choosing or not having one. Not one to pry into personal information having just met a person, Kon refrained from questioned her about it.

With the decision of where they would be eating together being left up to him, he decided to return to the same cafe that he had met up with Miyu and Alek in. "Hmm, I do know a nice cafe in the area, let's go there, they have some lovely baked goods and the coffee there is very well made, just a warning it can be very busy and if someone I know comes in I hope you won't mind if I speak to them for a bit." His comments made, he, his companion and presumably Lacie would be on their way towards their destination where he would order a vast array of meals having taken a look and sampled a few of them just yesterday.

#7Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie nodded strongly, trying to hide her smile because she could hear he was hungry. Definitely time for breakfast, she thought to herself. Konstantin said he knew a nice cafe but warned her that it could be busy and he could bump into people he knew. Which she was totally fine with, they were complete strangers, she didn't expect him to.. wait.. what did that mean? Did he already apologize because it was more than just breakfast? This was way too confusing for a girl that was only travelling alone since well now. She felt a blush reach her cheeks but simply followed him as Kon let her to the cafe. "That's fine. I am quite curious to the cafe now." she said to try and keep the conversation going. He was very straight forward, wasn't he? She must say that she totally didn't mind that, maybe even prefered it, but she wasn't used to it and had no idea what it meant.. if there was another definition to it.

This was the first time she noticed Kon his companion and she stared at it shortly before she found that, again that was rude and she simply looked left and right as she followed Konstantin around and looked what more there was on the market before they reached the cafe, "I can barely wait for some coffee." She said with a smile and turned her brown eyes to Kon.

It wasn't a long walk and she was wondering what would happen to the companion, pet, or whatever you actually called it, she found it a bit scary, but she didn't have a thing with horses, and well she was less scared for this one because he wasn't that tall.. (yet).. She had no idea how companions work, "Should we ask if they have a heater on the terrace, so we could stay outside with your pet?" Was her careful question, because she didn't really mind, as long as there was a heater and coffee!

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Lee Nakamura
The redhead finally arrived in Orchidia with Hans right at her side. The young neko wore her armor that made her hide the scars on her body easily. The armor was black leather and dark colored seal to keep herself protected. It was her mother's armor. It was fitting for her liking. This town was the one of few places the have not visited, but her parents did quite often back in the day when they were young. Rune Knights seemed to be swarmed in this place. Her eye skimmed the area as there was a few things out of place. Although, the environment was a new uncharted territory for both of them. Hans wore black slacks, a white button up shirt, black vest, and top hat with a few keys and empty vials on it. She LeeAnn still had that eyepatch on to keep from everyone seeing her blind eye. Something she didn't want people to know about.

"Hans, come on lets get something to eat then we could report to the Rune Knights station to tell them were here. Hans? Hans? Where did you go" she asked. The kitsune stood over her looked over her shouder with a huge grin. "Sure what ever you want" he said, making her jump. A little frightened by where he was. Usually, he would not scare her that often due to being used to his shenanigans. They would walk to the cafe, she and Hans would walk past Kon and Lacie as her direction of attention was on food. Her stomach growled as so did Hans's. Though, she noticed Hans's face growing serious. Which only meant a few things either music or he sensed something was wrong. Either way, she knew something wasn't right about him.

They would enter the cafe. Hans would stay with her at all times. LeeAnn place their order of cheap beer, garden salad, and some deer jerky for herself. Hans gotten water and a small salads. They both sat down waiting for their order with two spaces left open for another two people. LeeAnn eyed Hans. "Something's wrong with you isn't there? What's wrong" she asked. He only stayed silent looking around this place then eyed back at LeeAnn to whisper. "Konstantin is here" he whispered. LeeAnn had forgetten Hans had pissed her cousin off until now. She only sighed looking at her fiance. "Dont worry about it since I am here, he probably wont do anything to you. He's no harm to me. Just stay quiet and work on your mechnical spider or something if he comes by" she said with a smile.

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Kon took the occasional glance and listened to Lacie as she spoke, noting the redden cheeks that stood out strongly from her pale skin, he smiled in earnest this time he wasn't the embarrassed one which was good to see. Her thoughts on his decision were of satisfaction with her finding him more knowledgeable in the area. Several thoughts continued to waver in his mind, many trivial, others that more far longer lasting and one that always seemed to hold him back from his potential, how he would cast it aside he didn't know. Whilst his attention was drawn to his clustered mind he continued to look at Lacie who took a quick glance at his Blitzle, with it's strange appearance, Kon laughed at Lacie slightly. "Don't worry about him, he's friendly, A Blitzle commonly found throughout Earthland and associated with lightning."

Just as they were reaching the cafe she revealed her desire in coffee, which he too, shared. Once they arrived at the cafe, she asked him if they should ask for a heater to have their breakfast outside apparently for his companion's sake. Agreeing that it was perhaps inappropriate to bring him into an establishment despite doing it frequently he nodded and spoke to her. "How about I go do that and in the meantime you take whatever spot in the terrace and take a look at the menus there's surely something you'll like."

Once inside the noise of a dozen people talking at once bombarded him, gradually he made his way towards one of the waiters, questioning them for a heater outside, resulting in her shouting at another waiter behind the counter whom provided him with a lacrima that was warming to the touch. Just as he was about to leave the building, he spotted both LeeAnn and to his frustration Hans. Wanting to remain civil between the two of them, he would talk to the two of them very briefly and invite them outside as he had never been the fan of crowded buildings. "Hello Lee, Hans, interesting to see you here, especially seeing as I meet Alek and another one of my cousins here just a yesterday it seems like a hotspot for my family, Haha, I'd love to chat with you here, however I've got a woman outside that I'm having breakfast with you are more than welcome to join us though provided she doesn't mind." Having finished both his invitation and greeting, he left the building wielding the lacrima and placed it on the table where-ever Lacie had chosen to sit next to. Knowing that he had taken longer than normal, he once more apologized. "A cousin of mine was in the cafe just had to give her a quick hello, she will probably join us along with her fiance, they're both one the furry side if you catch my drift."

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Lacie Eventide
Kon had noticed her glanze at his companion, a Blitzle. She had heard the name somewhere but had never seen them before. She looked at the blitzle one more time and nodded without knowing. Maybe the lightning part made her still a bit afraid but Kon said he was friendly and she trusted him obviously. Why else join breakfast, "I have never seen a Blitzle before. I feel like I have barely seen anything in the world." she admitted, it was some sort of a confession, which she was pretty good at, considering she went to Church on a regular basis.

Lacie smiled at Kon as he seemed to agree with her idea of sitting outside. That was a good thing, "Alright." she answered to his suggestion to find a spot while he went to get the heater. She stared at the five spots in front of the cafe. One was next to the door and the other four on the other side in front of the window. She didn't want either ones next to the door, a lot of people would pass them and it would be quite annoying if you tried to enjoy your breakfast. She looked at Blitzle and thought that it wouldn't be a problem to move the companion to either of the three left over tables. She shortly eyed the window while she took the table to the far left, at the end of the establishment. Simply because it had the most space and wasn't immediately in front of people that sat behind the window inside the shop. Maybe it was a little too much considering her reasoning but Kon had said she could pick a table, so that was done.

The Blitzle followed her as she walked to that table and actually she couldn't stop smiling because of that. She started to like it. She sat down and grabbed one of the menus and opened it to look at all the sorts of coffee that they had and something she wanted to eat.

Her eyes had scanned the menu lightly as she had no idea what she was interested in. Before she could make a decision, Kon had returned. She smiled to him as he had the lacrima to keep the spot warm, it already felt a lot better now. She actually prefered sitting outside more than she had at first thought. Kon explained why it had taken a while, she had actually expected that it had been busy inside but he had really bumped into someone he knew, "Oh that's fine. The more the merrier." She would wait and see if his cousin and her fiance would show up. But she was wary because of his words. Furry side?

#11Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
The redhead saw Kon was holding his end up on the bargin to play as if Hans and him were civil. That's what she wanted. Hans on the other hand seemed a little uneasy about everything. She could understand after the way he freaked out. The kitsune remain serious for once protective for LeeAnn's sake. Her fiance held her hand. She gave her fiance a look of worry about him. He only gave a wink then flashed a simple smile that showed he was up to no good. Her gaze turned to her cousin who mentioned he would love to chat though he had a woman outside. The redhead raised an eyebrow at the word 'woman'. Both Hans and LeeAnn smiled looking at each other with a mischievous glint in their eyes. A simple nod as she got up and went to Kon's table to meet this 'girl'.

LeeAnn was right behind Kon. Unlike regular humans, her hearing was a bit sharper. As observant she was, her sharp, single good eye saw a young pretty woman with red hair like her only more orange. She held an elegance to her. Something LeeAnn did yearn for, some sort of beauty within all of these scars. The red head had a eyepatch over her right eye with scars running down the black side of her face. She held her ghoul eyes, red ring with black as the background, in her left eye. The neko smiled a little then look at Kon. Hans, who was taller, held red eyes with white hair with a tophat, black vest with a white button up shirt, and black slacks. LeeAnn picked up calling her "Furry". The signal of warning shown as she smacked Konstantin upside the head with her ears sideways.

"Would you please not talk about stuff when I am here? Thank you. Especially to your girlfriend present" she said with a irritated voice. She narrowed her eyes on her cousin. Though, she eased up on the woman. LeeAnn knew her cousin was not a player, but to seek a little revenge back might as well embarrass him. She gave a warm smile. "I'm sorry about him. I have to get my cousin back in line. What is your name, by the way? I am sure Kon never mentioned my name. I am LeeAnn Nakamura and this is my fiance Hans. We're pleased to meet you" she turned away from Kon and winked at Lacie to play along or that she was kidding about this whole girlfriend thing. Hans gave a small smile loving LeeAnn was doing something a little mischevious every now and then. She looked at Kon. "Cous, why have you never told me about her. She is very pretty. Never knew you were a ladies man. You, sly dog" she smiled teasing him.

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His head jostled from behind as it was struck by an unknown force until he turned to see Lee, evidently she had heard what he had said, causing him to close his eyes for a slightly longer period of time to roll his eyes back. As usual perhaps she seemed rather frustrated something he'd have to adjust to though he'd have to speak to her once more to refrain from bring Hans on requests as it's one thing to be one's significant other all the time but it's another matter entirely to have them on the job as it were.

Her request took Kon a second or two to recognise. "what did she mean by stuff, all the stuff they talked about?, of course I wouldn't not unless she brought it up." The final portion of her comment slightly annoyed him though it was more than likely delibriately mentioned as he said woman not his girlfriend and she wished to tease him. Having taken his seat just prior to them having arrived he took a seat unintentionally the furthest away from the empty ones, closer to Lacie.

Not wanting to seem overbearing he paid little attention to her intodurcing herself along with Hans, but her remark on his character under his skin. He had always tried to maintain a respectable impression on anyone he met whether it was male, female it didn't matter but again she chose to bring it up causing him to become far more serious. Pausing for a moment to response, he replied. "Well Lee, I have never told you about Lacie here because I only met her today just this morning in fact she was a bystander at a crime scene, you know the things we take care of?, I do agree she is attractive however beauty is something that isn't my only focus in someone, As for being a player I don't know what you are talking about..."

#13Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie had made the word Fury and Furry in her head mixed up. Her eyes with a questionable look to Kon until LeeAnn showed up. Or well it was more his cousin smaking him on the head that her brown eyes trailed to the person behind Konstatin. She tried to give a smile but it was wary, she didn't really understand the situation and turned shortly to look at the Blitzle just to avoid looking too awkward.

She had seen a glimpse of the cousin of Kon, she also had red hair like Lacie herself, although Lacie her hair was more orange than the other girl. She heard Konstantin's cousin saying something about girlfriend and she quicly turned her head to look at her, she was actually planning to say they only met today but her mouth didn't talk and her brain was pointing out the error far too loud. However it was good she didn't say anything because there would be some nasty words coming out her mouth as she properly saw the way the cousin looked, the eyepatch, the scars, the ears.. It was something God couldn't do to a good person right? It was quick to judge but she was just surprised and her mouth remained open and the blush stayed on her cheeks, almost letting the freckles disappear.

Their eyes met and Lacie quickly closed her mouth and tried to bring a smile on her face, which worked with a lot of difficulty. She simply stared at LeeAnn as she introduced herself and Lacie nodded and turned her eyes to Hans, to remind herself that staring was rude. She turned her eyes back to LeeAnn and it took about five seconds before she found her voice back, "Lacie Eventide," the fake smile that was hard to recognize as fake returned on her face, "Nice to meet you two." She turned to look at Hans again for a few seconds before her eyes ended up to look at Konstantin again, her smile changed a little but she tried to hold her face in place.

She watched Konstantin reply to his cousin and she was just used to the red cheeks, until they flared up again. It was awkward when people talked about you as if you weren't there, again she wanted to say something but words didn't form proper sentences and she would just let it be, she tried to laugh a bit, but it probably sounded a bit painful, so she quickly stopped, "Why don't we all sit down and order something?" Not that she had fully decided but whatever would pop up in her mind would now be the first thing to order, if a waiter was coming soon.

#14Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn's light hearted mood slowly turned to her cold dead look she gave everyone. The smile of joyfulness faded to a serious look. Rarely, was she ever in a good mood these days. No appreciated a good joke when they heard one. At least her brother would just play along, her ears turned sides ways with an irritated twitch giving her cousin a look many would despise. The redhead just stood there hearing Konstantin just say fact. There is nothing about her "It's a joke, tight wade. No need to fucking explain, I can ready anyone like an open book" she replied interrupting him. She was giving him the cold shoulder. LeeAnn caught a glimpse Lacie staring at her. This was nothing new to her. People staring and judging her was quite common for her especially with how much scarring she had. Reason why she never wore short sleeves anymore was because of it. LeeAnn would keep any eye one her for a while.

Hans would look at Lacie then look at her fiance. Silently,the kitsune would remain silent and hold his faince back from hurting anyone. Lacie would introduce herself clearly, LeeAnn had seen this type of smile. She had read people for years but there was vibe about this woman. She really could tell something was wrong. It was probably with what she said about the girlfriend situation. LeeAnn had to remind herself of that. She gave a small smile at her back. "Pleased to meet you as well" she said. Slowly, she just appeared to look at Hans. A glint in her eye to tell him that she was tired of the negativity.

She sad down next to Hans across from her cousin and Lacie. The woman heard her cousin reply once more making her ticked. Silently, the redhead's eye flamed burning anger. "I am not stupid. Clearly, I was being sarcastic or teasing as most would say It was quite obvious or are you just that dense?I'm sorry if I just wanted to lighten the mood a bit. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Come on Kon, tease me? I just need a pirate costume nad it would go perfectly with this eyepatch. Sheesh, no wonder people arent so fond of Hans. No one knows how to actually laugh" she said. She crossed her arms clearly hurt and look at her fiance.

"Hey Lee, whats that behind your ear" said Hans. LeeAnn knew this trick. He pulled out a small white daisy from behind her ear. A small smile that made her laugh a little. He placed it in her hair then kissed her forehead making her laugh a little to lighten the tense mood. He held her hand as he look at Kon. "How are you doing lately" he smiled, trying to put water under the bridge.

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It was odd, there was always some form of tension between the two of them, whether it was Kon's differing opinion or the lighthearted nature that she portrayed from time to time which would get his nerves somehow. Fortunately, with the company of both Lacie and for once Hans being of assistance to him indirectly, he'd try and make this breakfast as manageable as possible. Wanting to break up the two of them Lacie suggested they continued their breakfast, comfortable with the suggestion, as he was sitting down he continued to scan at his menu. Of course though Lee had to have the last say mentioning things such as lighting up the mood just as Hans once tried in the past during a past encounter much to his annoyance.

Apparently her "joke" was designed to do so, which he hadn't taken in the best of strides. With her suggesting, no offering for him to tease her, he thought a few moments as if he was looking at the menu and deciding what to get from the cafe as Hans distracting Lee. Several jokes popped into his head, thinking of perhaps the most apporiate or least cruel jokes, he questioned her staring directly at her as he placed the menu back down onto the table. "So I noticed you've got some cat ears now?, So you became a cat person or Neko?, Does that mean you're licking yourself and Hans now to clean yourself?"

To be honest Kon was actually interested to see how LeeAnn would behave particularly with a witness along with her status as a Seated Knight, in fact he was not only interested in seeing her behaviour but also how well she could potentially fight him without the aid of her precious Hans. If there were to be a fight though he would be ready in a matter of moments with a simple grab of his staff and two shakes of it.

#16Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie who felt like the only one sitting, it probably had more to do with her height than anything, kept her eyes from one to another. She actually liked being close to Blitzle at the moment. Although she didn't know it's name yet now did she. She felt tense, the whole situation was tense. She had actually expected it to be all friendly since Konstantin had invited his cousin, you would expect that you invite people you like.

She had suggested to sit down but even when they did, LeeAnn would point out what happened and well she sounded angry. The word mix up between fury and furry now didn't seem to be so bad. But Lacie tried to keep her face neutral and look from one to the other again and again, not staring at LeeAnn. God had his reasons and even though she wanted to know them, she wanted to know if LeeAnn was on the good side, she would not ask. She would not pry, she wouldn't do anything. She grabbed one of the menus again and simply stared at it, hoping a waiter would show up soon. Hoping that people were just hungry. She had never felt so uncomfortable in her life.

That's when she caught the word pirate costume and she had to bite her lip not to laugh, that would be very rude but it was so damn stupid to say. She was glad that her mouth was hidden by the menu and that her brown eyes were staring intensely at the word bacon. Which she wasn't going to order but it didn't matter for now.

The waiter came and it seemed that the guy was rather unnoticable for Konstantin and LeeAnn, Hans seemed to try and distract LeeAnn so also for him. Lacie turned to face him, given him a lovely smile, he should come back later, but before she could say anything, Konstantin made a comment about being half cat or something. It was a bit of a strange comment and again she would have laughed had it not been rude and not even particulary funny. "I would like a poppy seed muffin and a whole grain fruit and yoghurt parfait." Her voice sounded strained but it was just because she wanted the waiter to have come a bit later, she turned to look at the other three, "Did you all make a decision?" She felt like she was invisible, there was no smile on her face anymore and her eyes were a bit searching. Feeling she was the intruder.


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Evident that LeeAnn and Hans were both shocked by Kon's behaviour he continued to look at his menu as the waiter drew closer, playing to a childish side of himself that he rarely fostered, he would order himself a large chocolate thick shake and a large stack of waffles coated in maple syrup topped with cream and a cherry on top. The waiter looked eagerly towards the other two guests, however, lost his patience with the non-responsive couple. With them seemingly out of the picture, Kon attempted to drum up some conversation between himself and Lacie though he knew that the presence of his cousin would be a distraction, to say the least.

Fortunately, though the waiter returned with their food, With her far healthy breakfast in his right hand and his own in the waiter's left. Wanting to inform her that this wasn't a typical meal for him, he gave her a smile. "One make take the sweeter side of life from time to time to savour the bitter, enjoy your breakfast, feel free to peek at my own, here I'll cut out a piece of waffle in case you want to try some."

The breakfast itself went off seemingly well between Lacie and Kon however, in the end, he felt out of place so he paid for his meal and bid his farewell to both Lacie and LeeAnn.


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Lacie Eventide
LeeAnn and Hans seemed to be either shocked or not very nice or anything else that Lacie disliked because they were talking with the two of them and not really paying attention to the waiter, Lacie gave him an apologizing smile but at least Konstantin ordered something. Which sounded really delicious but she had to consider her weight and everything.

It didn't take to long for the waiter to arrive again but she had some small talk with Kon. She giggled when he sort of invited her to have a piece of his breakfast. She looked at her poppy seed muffin, which was really tasty but she actually never had waffles before, "Is it that good? Okay I'll try a little bit." Giving her first words, you could guess she never had one before and she was thus surprised by the taste of it, so different from what she thought was a delicious muffin, well this was better. Though her parfait was fine too.

It was a bit weird at this table and everything so, she didn't leave too much later, because it would be better. She thanked Kon for the meeting and she hoped to see him again. She said goodbye to LeeAnn and Hans. Not entirely sure what to think.


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