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Chocolate Festival [Troy & Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Chocolate Festival [Troy & Lacie] Empty Tue Feb 07, 2017 2:40 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie had just arrived this morning in Orchidia and there was a lot of things that she wanted to do. Especially visit the church but that could wait. She had just dropped her belongings at a inn and thank god there were many so she could try and find something to do. Especially something to eat and drink because she had been in that carriage from Magnolia to Orchidia in forever, she only noticed now that she was hungry, before she had enjoyed the trip.

She was wearing a dark brown dress with creamy coloured high knee socks and almost the same brown heels and a beige woollen trenchcoat. She really looked like some sort of tourist, thank god she wasn't even wearing sunglasses because that could have been completely possible. She arrived at the market not much later and it was very busy. There was a festival going on and apparently it was all to do about chocolate. Lacie didn't put the link between Valentine and Chocolate. She just went to look around, she didn't really care about Valentine nor chocolate but it was interesting to see how there were all sorts of chocolate on the market and even some sort of figurines.

At some point Lacie heard the beggars asking for money and she decided to buy hot chocolate and some other food to share among them. She didn't like giving money because you would never know on what they would spend it. However at first the beggars seemed to be happy with the food and drinks until they were pulling on her legs and begged for more. She tried to step away but it was highly impossible with two people clinging onto both her legs.

#2Troy Desrosiers 

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Troy Desrosiers
Chocolate Festival [Troy & Lacie] Sora.%28Kingdom.Hearts%29.240.186478

It was a surprisingly warm day in Orchidia, which Troy decided he would make the most of by heading into the markets, a place he expected to be full of strange shops selling stranger items. He wasn't wrong, but what he saw was not what he thought he'd see... it was so much better.


As far as the eye could see, Troy saw vendors selling their chocolate creations to everyone. From love hearts to animals, selections to massive blocks; milk, white and dark all the way up the street. It definitely deserved the loud shout of excitement that left Troy's lips, and instantly angered the poor people that were in close proximity to him. It took him a few moments of walking down the markets, but eventually Troy realised why they were selling chocolates, and why the designs were all cutesy.

"Oh shit yeah, it's almost Valentine's day. Oh well, no one to buy this stuff for, so I might as well tuck in and enjoy it." The logic was sound in Troy's head, as it would've been to many single people this time of year, and so he bought two items: a small chocolate rabbit and a slightly larger selection box, roughly the size of his head. He decided to play the role as the vendors asked if 'she' was his 'special girl', and he convinced one of them that this was for the proposal, despite his young age. it mattered little, as Troy went round to one of the alleyways to enjoy his chocolate in peace, away from prying eyes.

As he turned the corner, he was forced to wait a little longer to eat his chocolate. Some beggars were harassing a poor young woman, with their hands around her ankles as they were begging her for more food. Chances are she had given them something for their troubles and they were not yet satisfied. Knowing what it was he had to do, a single tear escaped the young man's ducts as he shouted, holding the large selection box in his hands before tossing it to the group, who released their hold on the woman.

"Hey guys, have some of this. There's gotta be enough for all of you." As he spoke, he gestured to the woman, trying to get her to join him away from them, before whispering, if she joined him, "Let's get out of here, I'm not sure how long that'll keep them."

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#3Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie tried to struggle her way out, muttering apologies and other ways to get away but apparently these people were quite rude to her, since they kept holding on to her legs, hadn't she been kind enough to at least give everyone something. There were probably more people that would share some, why didn't they let go? What was the Divine teaching her? She was almost on the brick of tears when someone yelled something and she turned her brown eyes to someone that was here to save her.

Her eyes shortly looked at him, following the box of chocolate that he threw and she felt the release of her legs and stared with big surprised eyes at her empty and lonely ankles before she heard the young man beside her whisper that they should go. She turned to look back at him and nodded, "Yes please." And she followed him through the crowd of people that were looking around at all the chocolate stands and she turned to look over her shoulder one time but she didn't see the beggars anymore.

Let's say that walking on heels isn't the most easiest thing to do, leave out running but Lacie was a pro. As if she was born on heels, she was only a few steps behind the guy that saved her and probably only because she wasn't really well trained and short so her steps were smaller. Finally the two of them stopped and she could catch her breath. When she caught it, she looked up at her saviour, "Thank you, I'm sorry for your chocolate. Can I buy you a new box?" she said with a worried frown on her face, after all he had just thrown her chocolate at some beggars to save someone.

#4Troy Desrosiers 

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Troy Desrosiers
After the woman agreed to Troy's request to leave, the two began to run back into the crowds in the market street of Orchidia, the woman surprising the young Rune Knight by her speed despite wearing a dress and heels, two items of clothing that were not known for ease of movement. It took a few minutes before they came to a stop, as the woman turned to look and see if she could see the beggars. After having run as far as they had, Troy knew they'd be safe from them, but he let her check for her own safety, before she turned to look at him, surprising him again. She thanked him, as he expected to happen since he had helped her, but then she apologised for his loss of chocolates and offered to buy him some more, to which Troy just smiled before replying.

"Honestly, don't worry about it. In hindsight, there was a lot of chocolate in that selection box for just one man to have by himself. Besides, I still got this bad boy, he'll keep me from starving to death, I hope." Troy gestured to the small chocolate rabbit that he was still holding onto, as he began to unwrap it, licking the melted chocolate from running with it from his fingers as he did so, before taking a bite out of it in a very un-flattering way. Smiling once more at the girl, Troy's eyes widened as he spoke.

"Shit, where are my manners. Firstly, name's Troy, Rune Knight Page and chocolate connoisseur, what's yours? Also, would you like a bit? There's enough to go around."

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#5Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
It was the only thing Lacie could do, apologize and repay him. She wasn't sure if there were still nice people in the world and apparently there were and he was one of them. She noticed how he said just one man, he didn't buy chocolate for his Valentine? That's what the whole Chocolate festival was about right? She couldn't help but smile, it was funny that he didn't seem to be bothered by that idea and why should he? He was obviously allowed to buy chocolate for his own self. She lookd at the chocolate rabbit that he showed her and she found it rather cute, she wasn't entirely sure if she would be able to eat something like that if she would buy it.

She couldn't help but giggle a little when he surprised her from the moment that he pointed out his manners. She actually liked that, he was nice, saved her, charming and had manners. Good thing. She liked people like that. Although again, she had missed to introduce herself as well, who did that anyway when you were running, She couldn't help but giggle again with the chocolate connoisseur. She smiled as it was her turn to reply, she hoped that she wasn't rude with giggling, "My name is Lacie, nice to meet you Troy. As for the chocolate, I don't really like chocolate or let me rephrase that, I haven't found the right piece of chocolate yet." Since he was an expert, maybe she would find it today. Should she ask that? Ah well, why not? "Maybe, you could point out something I might like?" it was a stupid formed question in her own mind, but she had said it already, no time to take it back.

She looked around, there was so many chocolate, it would be a shame if she still didn't like it after today.

#6Troy Desrosiers 

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Troy Desrosiers
The warmth coming from the woman's reactions were replicated on the face of the young Rune Knight, who couldn't help but let his smile grow as she smiled, and giggled, at his words. She seemed to be a lovely person, and very pretty looking, despite probably being a few years older than Troy (something he was definitely not going to point out). When she herself looked at the chocolate rabbit, Troy licked his lips and did the same, not wanting to wait anymore as he began to unwrap it, taking care and trying not to just rip the paper off. The design of the wrapping was almost as lovely as the chocolate itself, and it wasn't something Troy wanted to ruin.

It was only a moment later that the woman introduced herself as Lacie, not stating her surname or affiliation, which wasn't a huge surprise. Troy was proud to be a Rune Knight, but many people liked to know the other before trusting them with things that could, potentially, be used against them. Troy himself would never do that, but he expected the secrecy in the world they lived. Lacie's second statement intrigued Troy though, more so than anything else. Since she hadn't found the right chocolate to enjoy, she asked the, now regretting his smart mouth, chocolate connoisseur to help out. Smiling as he broke a bit off of the bunny and began to ate it, Troy finished the morsel of chocolate before speaking.

"Hmm, that's definitely something we'll need to rectify. What do you like to eat other than chocolate, maybe that'll give a bit of insight into your tastes. I promise you Lacie, I'm gonna find you some chocolate you'll enjoy this day, or I'll sleep on the streets tonight. Let's do this!"

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#7Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie couldn't really say why but she hadn't seen many people that were cautious with the wrapper, she herself was a person that took care of the wrapper with care. She only noticed, her eyes observing Troy for a short while before she found that she was quite rude.

She wasn't sure what to say to him but started to look around, obviously there were a lot of couples but she didn't really care about that. She was fine with being on her own. She was more interested in the chocolate than at the people, though it was always nice to see other people interact with other people. Troy asked her what she liked to eat, so a small frown appeared on her face as she thought about it, her eyes switching from one side to the other as she stared at the nothing and thought shortly, "I like fruit a lot, like strawberries? I'm not too fond of candy." That had always been Alice, gross.

She liked how enthusiastic he was, which almost gave her a permanent smile on her face, her eyes shiny with joy. She almost took his statement of sleeping on the streets, serious, but she was sure they would find chocolate, so she sort of ignored it, "Yes please, let's go."

#8Troy Desrosiers 

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Troy Desrosiers
Despite the fact that Troy had been deadly serious about his wager, and the possibility of sleeping on the streets was looming over his head, he chose not to worry about it. He decided it would be fine, no one could really hate all kinds of chocolate right? Surely that was impossible, and Lacie had just not yet found the right type, that was the hope. Lacie had kept her eyes on Troy for a brief moment as he had unwrapped his chocolate bunny, but then her head had moved and she'd tried her hardest to look at anything else. It was that sudden movement that had made the young rune knight notice that she had been watching him before moving, to which he smiled, something he rarely stopped doing.

And then came the news: Lacie was a fruit lover, not a huge candy fan. That was fine, it wasn't the end of the world that way, there were a lot of fruit flavoured chocolates, such as chocolate oranges and the like. A chocolate that was strawberry flavoured was not as common, but it gave Troy an idea.

"Right, I've got a good idea of where to start. And we might even get a discount, since everyone will think we're a couple." After speaking, he held out his hand for Lacie to take, before walking through the crowds towards one of the stalls he remembered seeing earlier on in the day. After a few minutes, he would reach it, smiling at the owner as he spoke to him in a friendly voice, "Two chocolate coated strawberries please, sir." Looking back at Lacie, his brilliant idea now revealed, Troy's grin just got wider as the chances of him sleeping rough started to lessen, "This counts right? Chocolate coated fruit are delicious, trust me."

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#9Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie looked back at Troy as she had answered his question of what fruit she liked. He said he had ideas and even told her they might get discounts because they looked like a couple. It was just a statement, but Lacie couldn't help but blush. Troy was nice, so she couldn't really help it. But she nodded and looked shortly at his extended hand before she took it. It was for the discount sake, she repeated to herself in her mind. She didn't need discount, she had enough money but it was actually fun.

She was still looking left and right as she sort of followed Troy, they were walking side by side when it was possible of course. She was really impressed by the chocolate, especially since there were more forms than just rabbits. There was a very big piece of chocolate made like a teddy bear. It must almost be as tall as Lacie herself, minus the heels though. They arrived at a stance after a few minutes and she looked at Troy and the owner of the stance. She was still smiling and she looked at all the chocolate. Chocolate covered strawberries? "I would say it counts. It is still chocolate after all." There were three colours, light brown, darker brown and white. She had actually no idea if the white would counted since most said it wasn't officially chocolate. With that question she turned to Troy, "However does it still count if I only like the white one?"

The chocolate covered strawberries were cut in half and on a small stick, with the three flavours of chocolate. The owner handed them to Troy, and Lacie obviously noticed the smile on his face, it was like it said something as he looked from Troy to her. She always knew she was dence but this was everything. What did it mean?

#10Troy Desrosiers 

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Troy Desrosiers
Smiling as they had reached the chocolate covered fruit stall, Troy waited to see what Lacie would decide on. She had said she liked fruit but had not yet found any chocolate that she had enjoyed, which had been why she had been brought to this particular stall. Pineapple, strawberries, any kind of fruit that would stay on a skewer could be found there, and Troy had simply asked for two of the most natural: strawberries. Milk chocolate coated strawberries were a favourite of the young Rune Knight's, and so he thought it would be a good idea to try and introduce Lacie to something that he himself enjoyed. If nothing else, it could help convince her that they were good if he wasn't trying to pretend.

Luckily, Lacie did think that the chocolate coated fruit counted towards her 'enjoying chocolate' if she happened to like one of these. Then she asked a question many would consider taboo, and even more would at least think was controversial. White chocolate, a creation that many would call an abomination, did it even count as normal chocolate? Personally, Troy didn't see the point in arguing over different types of chocolate, as they were all chocolate and tasted good. And everyone always seemed to hate white chocolate, but ignored the existence of dark chocolate, something that was also rather strange. But, at the end of the day, chocolate was chocolate.

"Of course it counts, I'll never say no to white chocolate." Turning back to the stall owner, with a friendly grin on his face, Troy continued "Can you make that two white chocolate strawberries please?"

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#11Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie looked at more of the chocolate covered fruit and wondered how it would taste, she let Troy order while she looked at how beautiful everything was made. It was like art, she had seen that before today. She looked at Troy for a second thinking about the funny way they met, at that moment she had not found it funny at all.

She asked him a question that was maybe not the best but his answer was satisfying, "So considering it's chocolate. What's your favourte, milk, white or dark?" She nibbled on the chocolate covered strawberry once handed to her and she really liked it that she was glad that she tried it out or that she had the change to do that.

Once finished she looked around to see if there was something else that she liked, like Praline maybe? Or would that be too much chocolate, "I know some chocolate I like." She turned to Troy with twinkling eyes, for she had found a stand with hot chocolate and because it was still early February, it wasn't the warmest day of the year yet. "What about hot chocolate?" she asked and if Troy would agree, she would walk to the stand that even had small tables and chairs in case they wanted to sit down, "I remember my sister liked sweets and chocolate a lot. I can only blame her," she said it with a teasing tone, no one needed to know how much she hated Alice. She hoped he understood that it was a joke, she didn't blame Alice for her dislikes of sweets, she disliked Alice for way better reasons if she would say so her self and by the divine was she far away and would she never return from the underworld that had swallowed her when she was eight.

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