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Magnolia -> Orchidia

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Magnolia -> Orchidia Empty Tue Feb 07, 2017 2:12 am

Lacie Eventide
It as early in the morning, even before nine that Lacie was ready to leave for another city. She hadn't seen Serena around anymore even though she had visited the bar and she was a bit sad about the idea. She was sure that fate had wanted her to get something out of it but she didn't. She didn't even yawn, even though she was still so tired. She grabbed her suitcase and handbag and got out of the hotel that she was staying in. She planned to go to another city, maybe talk to a view locals. Maybe even join a guild, she wasn't so sure what to do. She didn't want a guild to obscure her visions on the Church and everything that it meant to her. Her mind needed to be clear and free to practice her love for the Divine.

Actually she wondered as she went to look for a carriage that bring her to another town, shouldn't she be against magic? But she herself practiced magic and it was a beautiful one. Sun's Blessing was her favourite magic in the world. The illumin fate had given it to her, so she was a little special herself.

She had to get her thoughts out of the cloud if she wanted to arrive at Orchidia in four days. She finally found a coach that would go that way too and paid the fee. She was the only passenger and thus the only girl aboard but she was sure that the Divine would protect her. Right as the carriage started to drive towards Orchidia, she closed her eyes and folded her hands to pray to the one that would protect her during this trip. She even sang a hymn softly to make sure that she would be heard.

It was a long journey but not something Lacie couldn't handle. She had decided that if she wanted to see the world and thus mainly Fiore, she would have to travel through the country and visit the cities. This is exactly the reason why she was leaving Magnolia behind, she needed to go on again, there was a good chance that she would come back at some point but not yet. She had to see where the Divine brought her and she looked outside the carriage every day of the journey to see the changing nature and couldn't wait to reach Orchidia, which wouldn't take that long. After four days of travelling, she arrived at the end of the morning. It had been a pleasant trip and she even gave a tip to the men that had brought her here and thanked them before she left with her suitcase and handbag to find a place to stay the night.

469/400: Arrival at Orchidia

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