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Hunter-Gatherer [Alice & Yami]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Hunter-Gatherer [Alice & Yami] Empty Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:40 am

Adelaide Sokolov
A new morning, a new chance to find out what to do and how to handle everything that she wanted to do and try to get it as soon as possible. It was around 10 o'clock in the morning and it was a soft winter morning, there wasn't snow, it was a bit cold but not very and the sun was trying to do its best to shine as bright as possible. That would do enough for Alice.

She had just left her room that was in the Phantom Lord Guildhall and made her way down to the bar to get some food or any other way to eat breakfast. She yawned behind her left hand and simply passed the board with requests, that's when she saw her name again, together with the name of Yami. She turned her heel to grab the paper and stared at it, a new job. She totally didn't mind to work together with Yami, he was actually rather nice.

She turned back to the bar and ordered a sandwich before she headed back to her room to grab her jacket, now the only problem was that she didn't think Yami would have seen the message of the Guild and otherwise the problem would be: where would Yami be.

She looked around in the guildhall with her black trenchcoat in one hand and her sandwich in another. She was wearing a black and white striped t-shirt and again blue jeans. She would eat later probably but now she was simply trying to find Yami somewhere, the instructions were clear: find a mushroom. Something completely different from last time and she would see it as rather boring. There was a picture with the request and they would have to bring it to Dr. Stephan Mabuz. Well this would be a piece of cake. Since she couldn't find Yami, she first started to eat before she headed out of the Guild to find him maybe somewhere in Town. However she stayed as near the guild as she could in case he would come back. It wasn't smart to walk away herself, you could probably miss each other just by walking into another street or shop.


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Yami lay atop the roof of the phantom lord guild, back against the wooden oak as he gave a loud yawn. The wind blew gently around him as he snoozed while enjoying the cold winters sun. He had grabbed a quest to find some rare mushroom for some quack of a doctor in town, only to discover he was to pair up with the lovely Alice once more. Yami would admit he didn't mind the last time they worked together, she seemed nice enough but he had yet to form a proper opinion, but he would say she was easy on the eyes quite the looker. So with his partner in mind he decided to wait for her to arrive at the guild, but taking a nap on the guild roof using magic to help him get up. He then had lay down to watch the clouds, only to fall asleep while doing so. He sat up stretching his arms, hoping he wouldn't have kept the orange haired woman waiting too long.

Yami climbed to his full height, hands tucked into the pockets of his usual hakama pants, dressed in the same style of clothing he first met Alice in. Yami began walking to the edge of the roof top and looked down, it was a good fifteen something meters off the ground, a normal human would break a limb if they were to attempt what Yami was about to do. The charming mage narrowed his eyes catching an orange dot below beginning to walk away from the guild. Yami took a step forward and let the fall take him as he descended to the ground, giving a loud, "WOOO!" cry of excitement as he descended rapidly. Magic flowed from his body summoning the wind to slow his descent as he struck the ground hard and fast, dust blowing everywhere from impact, as he landed three meters in front of the orange dot (alice).

Yami was in a slouched position, five feet in height from the ground. He cracked his neck and slowly began to stand, his haori fluttering in the wind he generated as he rose to seven foot two inches in height. Yami rolled his shoulders before lifting his arms up into the air and exclaiming, "WHAT A RUSH!" He began to laugh with glee before noticing he had company. He raised his right hand lazily while flashing his usual charming smile, "Yo." It was a simple greeting, but even by just saying one word his voice was smooth like silk and seemed to just radiate with a powerful husky undertone.

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#3Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice wasn't really focused on where she was walking because she was brushing the crumbs of her clothing while she left the Guild hall to find Yami. She maybe should to be better acquainted because that would make it a lot easier to simply find him at points like this. That's when he found her and even though she didn't scream or yell like some weak ass woman, she couldn't hide her eyes getting bigger and her shoulders moving quickly up and down to show her surprise.

Now it was also that Yami wasn't a short person, that also had some impact even though he didn't start with his full height he came to that point and the surprise was a bit off and she couldn't help but giggle shortly, "Hello Yami." she said after his greeting. She held up the paper that she was holding on to, since she had put on her coat before she went outside, "We are a team again for another request, did you know?" If Yami would say he did know, she would put the paper back in her coat pocket and otherwise if he wanted, he could keep the paper. The picture might come in handy but Alice didn't think it was necessary.

When the formalities were given and everything, Alice suggested to go to the forest and get started on this request, "It might be a bit boring compared to the one before." she said to see if she could get to know Yami a bit better. It wasn't that far to the forest, especially not compared to the Guild hall, it was basically behind them and next to them already, since the Guild wasn't in the middle of the city. She looked left and right already but there were no mushrooms immediately here, they were probably further away in the forest. When she finally saw one, it had blue dots instead of green ones but she didn't immediately remember and thus got the paper out of her pocket and stared at it, "You got to be kidding me, this thing comes in multiple colours?" She sighed as she figured out this wasn't the one they were looking for. So they had to continue.


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Yami brushed his Hakama pants off from the dust that had collected on the material, before doing the same to his top and haori. "Splendid, I was hoping we would be paired once more. I quite enjoyed our last meet. Tis a pity this quest could not be any more exciting. I desire for combat" Barked out Yami before he released a charming laughter as he placed his hands on his hips like some hero. With a flick of his head, he threw his bangs over his shoulder and smiled at Alice as she showed him the quest. He took a quick look, committing it to memory. If only he could have a little excitement, oh how he couldn't wait to do C rank quests instead of these boring D ranks.

The wind mage took a step forward in the direction of town, they would need to head into the forest. Yami would walk in silence with the shorter woman, leaving oak and heading deep into the surrounding forest in order to find the mushroom they were after. The only problem was it came in multiple colours. Yami scowled, but even his scowl was charming as he eyed the various colours. His grey hues dashed back and forth as he raised his right hand intending to clear a path to find the right mushroom. He might not get the chance to fight, but he might as well use this to practice with his magic.

Yami summoned the wind letting it howl around his right hand. As he summoned the wind a green book slipped from his kimono and floated around him glowing brightly. Yami then swung his through the air firing a blade of wind that cut through numerous mushrooms sending them to the sides. Each mushroom that was cut was a fake of the one they were looking for. Yami turned and fired another wind blade into another group of fake mushrooms clearing them out in order to make it easier to find the real one. Yami raised his right hand and swung down again launching a third blade of wind, nearly cutting through half of his magical reserves in the process. The wind blade cut through the mushrooms making another clear path before it dissipated after five meters. Six meters from Yami was a tall, skinny completely grey except for a few green glowing dots on top, mushroom. "FOUND IT!" shouted Yami as he crouched down plucking the mushroom from the ground. He would then offer it to Alice.

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Slyph Set -1 cooldown

Wind Cutter x3 75mp
125 | 200

Name: Wind Cutter
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Kaze no Mahou
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 5m
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Yami lifts a single hand, summoning the wind to wrap around it. He then swipes a hand through the air at any angle firing a 1m long, 50cm wide, 10cm deep blade of wind towards a target to deal D damage. Yami can continue to fire a blade of wind once per post by swiping his hand again. Yami deactivates this when he runs out of mana or of his own will.

#5Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was simply looking left and right. Remaining behind Yami since well he was using spells. The first time he did, and when the book came out, she was simply staring at him, she was curious by the book and curious about his magic. It seemed as wind magic. She was definitely not specialised in magic, since she only got hers a few years ago, for the most it was two years ago. She bit her lip as she went to look a little further but the magic ability of Yami still pulled her attention away from really looking. His way was much more effective than looking left and right to find it.

She started to look again when Yami was working on the third try. She was actually a bit jealous of that kind of magic, it wasn't that it looked easier but maybe it only asked for creativity to make spells and use it. She had to really find weapons. Something she had to do here too since she was in Oak and well it would be nice to do so. She turned her heel when she heard Yami say he found it, which was definitely a relieve. Maybe it should be said that the mushroom was very rare compared to its siblings with other colours. She came with a quick pace towards Yami and held up a bag that she had brought along where he dropped the mushroom in.

All that was left to do now was leave the woods and head to Dr. Stephan Mabuz shop to give him the right mushrooms. Which was just a walk nothing interesting, she could maybe try to get to know Yami a little better but she didn't know what to ask. It wasn't a long walk and she handed the bag with the mushrooms to the guy and got in return a bag of jewels herself, "I got to look at some weapons, see you later." She said to Yami because the idea had popped into her mind, with that she left the shop and went to look around.


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The book of sylph flew back into Yami's kimono as his magic died down. He tucked his hands into his pockets after handing the mushroom over, watching Alice drop it into a bag she brought with her. He hummed quietly to himself as he followed after her back to town. As he walked he would pick up a blade of grass raising it to his lips and begin to play the glass harmonica. A soft soothing tune echoed on the wind, as Yami used his magic to carry the melody through the air as they walked to town and even while walking through town he continued to play. He never seemed to stop, not until they arrived at the shop. He dropped the blade of grass and walked in, crouching through the door frame as he was too tall and had to duck so not to hit his head.

Yami approached the counter and easily towered over Mabuz intimidating the clerk slightly, as Yami had to duck inside the store as the roof was only a good six foot eight high. Yami would wait patiently as Alice handed the mushroom to the doctor, who then paid them. She then said she wanted to go look at weapons, saying her goodbyes and running off. As she let Yami simply admired her from behind, she had a healthy figure. He couldn't help the grin that formed on his lips as he left the store heading home for the day.

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