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Crash the Cash House[Solo/Cecilia Lore][WIP]

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#1Cecilia Lore 

Crash the Cash House[Solo/Cecilia Lore][WIP] Empty on Mon Feb 06, 2017 3:10 pm

Cecilia Lore
Cecilia had just accepted her first job after joining the Phantom Lord guild. She stood outside the house of her client, map in hand. A large grin crossed her face as she set out to find the cash house.

It was a calm and peaceful night, not a single cloud hiding the crescent moon in the dark night sky that shone brightly down on the ground
below. Not too many people were out and about in the streets, most were either at home, or in taverns, having a drink and or getting wasted. 

This was the perfect time to pull off this raid without raising suspicion. Cecilia ran through the streets of her guild's town, every so often looking down at the map to make sure she didn't get lost.

Cecilia was wearing her usual attire only tonight her hair was down instead of being in its usual style. Cecilia looked down at the map she had been given. This would be a piece of cake, all she had to do for this job was find her client's rival's cash house, steal the jewels hidden there, burn the place down and pass them onto an associate of the client and BAM! she'd get paid. It didn't get much easier than this

Cecilia started on her way using the map to navigate. She eventually arrived at what appeared to be a deserted dinner that seemed to have been out of business for months. It was more secluded than the rest of the buildings on the street. At first, Cecilia thought that she had the wrong building. So, Cecilia checked the map once more just to make sure she wasn't in the wrong place.

After looking over the map, she confirmed that this place definitely was the Vincenze Tessio's cash house. Cecilia began to feel excited as she crouched down below a window to peek inside. It looked like there were a few people inside. She took a deep breath before heading from the window to the door. 

Slowly, Cecilia opened the door a crack, big enough for her petite little body to slip through. Once she was inside, she slowly and quietly closed the door. 

Now, Cecilia ducked down, running quietly and quickly towards the diner's storage room. Lucky for her, there was no one inside which made her search a bit less difficult. The storage room had quite a bit of its space taken up by boxes and furniture. Plus, most of it was covered in a layer of dust, something that Cecilia wasn't too thrilled about. 

For now, she would have to start her search for the jewels somewhere. So, she started by searching in and outside the pieces of furniture. There was a glass door cabinet with drawers. Cecilia started with that. She opened each drawer only to find more dust inside. 

Next, she searched a large dresser. However, none of the drawers turned up anything. So next, Cecilia started looking through the boxes. 

She opened the first box that had nothing but matches in it. She decided to set it aside for later when she wanted to burn the place down. 

Next box, had silverware that was all covered in dust. Box after that had cooking utensils. None of them had what she was searching for and it was starting to frustrate her. So much so, that she kicked a box which slid across the dusty floor to reveal a few loose tiles.

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