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Interrogation Tactics [Yami | Alice]

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Interrogation Tactics [Yami | Alice] Empty on Mon Feb 06, 2017 2:10 am

The wind blew through the streets of Oak as a figure could be seen standing on the edge of a five-foot tall building. The figure stared down at the streets, leaning over the edge, people looked on gasping as he suddenly stepped forward, he by his shape, and descending, feet aimed down towards the ground. Wind picked up flowing beneath the man's feet slowing down his fall and cushioning it as he landed, the white Haori he wore on his shoulders, arms not in sleeves, flapped behind him as he landed softly on the ground. He was leaning forward ever so slightly. He soon stood up, rising to his full height, towering at seven foot two. The man had long black hair that cascaded down his back reaching his ankles, with bangs framing the side of his face. He had piercing dark grey hues with slitted iris much like a snake. The man had a youthful appearance and seemed to scream sex appeal, accompanied by silky smooth yet slightly pale skin.

The male was known as Yami. Yami wore a flowing long white kimono that ran down to his ankles revealing his white tabi and waraji. Beneath the kimono, he wore white hakama pants. Running down from the sleeves of his kimono hanging off the wrists are two long silk strands of fabric that reach down to his knees. Etched onto the white strips of silk are twin cyan blue serpentine dragons. Wrapped around each sleeve of his kimono are chains of golden silk embroidered into the fabric. Hanging on his shoulders, with his arms out of the sleeves was a white Haori.

Yami craned his neck, stretching it as he started to walk towards the guild, but he was soon stopped by a man, six foot in a black suit, who stood in front of him. "Greetings. Are you Hateshiginai, Yami-san?" enquired the man, getting a simple nod from Yami. The wind mage stuffed his hands into his pockets and slouched forward. The man bowed politely, 'Greetings I am a member of the Martello family and we would like to hire you to acquire some information from a captive, however, you are not the only one we hired." Yami raised his right eyebrow before shrugging his shoulders, "I have nothing better to do, why not. Show me the way."

The man would walk past Yami escorting him through Oak, to an old warehouse. Yami raised an eyebrow as he examined the place. The man took out a balaclava and stood off to the side, "We will wait for your partner." Spoke the man getting a sigh from Yami who leant lazily against the wall of the building.

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Adelaide Sokolov
As Alice had just arrived in Oak, she had immediately gone to the Guild Hall to find a room, maybe her room, she didn't know she hadn't been here in a long time. However when she just got there and dropped her stuff on the bed, there was immediately a knock on her door. With a quick turn she turned around and stared at one of the members, it was so weird to see them. It freaked her out a bit and yet not entirely, she was here with a mission.
"You're Alice right?" the guy in her doorway asked, she nodded, slightly irritated by the fact that he had opened her door or that she hadn't closed it properly. "There's a mission for you." She didn't say anything, didn't want to show her surprise but she grabbed the letter out of his hand and slammed the door in his face before she yelled a thank you.

She was just surprised that there was a mission from the Guild waiting on her already. She had literally just arrived. She grabbed some off her clothing and went into the bathroom to refresh herself and change into another outfit before she would head out to the address of the letter and meet up with her partner apparently. She headed out quickly. Her long orange coloured hair was drawn into a bun and her hazel brown eyes stared at each and everyone that dared to look at her, but thank god it weren't many. And they were probably just curious.

She was dressed in blue jeans and a dark purple top that left her right shoulder bare although that wasn't visible because of the black leather jacket that she was wearing. With a quick step she got to the meeting point where someone called Martello asked her again if she was Alice and again she nodded before the guy took her to a building, "This is miss Alice. She will be your partner. We're ready to go on." Alright, only introduce her, she looked at the tall man, was he a Phantom Lord too? Send by the Guild or something? The man she had followed gave her a balaclava and she was glad she had done her hair properly.

She took it and listened to the instructions that they could only use their fists. Such a shame. She nodded when the Martello's said not to use their name, she thought that made a lot of sense. Than it was time to go and do the job.



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Yami had shut his eyes falling asleep under the winter sun while waiting for his partner arrive. It wasn't long before someone shook his shoulder and he began to part his eyelids, his dark grey hues that seemed to pierce the soul opened slowly, bangs framing his face enhancing his look. He kicked slowly off the building wall, standing in a slouched position, even though he was 7'2" slouched he stood 6'8".

Yami raised his right hand to brush a few bangs out of his, tucking them behind his right ear, the sun's rays reflecting off him seeming to enhance his natural sexual charms. Yami looked towards his partner, it was a girl in her twenties with orange hair standing five seven in height. Jeans and a purple top. Yami bit his lower lip, his grey hues locking on like some animal predator as he looked her once over, "Well now this won't be so bad after all" thought the wind mage as he retrieved the balaclava, "You can call me Yami." called the mage as he pulled the cloth over his face, his hair falling down around him, its length impossible to shove underneath.

Yami was disappointed he couldn't use his magic as he walked into the building. The man they were to interrogate was tied to a chair. Yami glanced at the woman, Alice, he believed she was called, "I'll take first cracks if you don't mind." Yami then stepped forward standing to seven feet, easily towering over the bound man, his shadow looming over installing fear. A sinister smile formed beneath Yami's lips as the wind picked up blowing about violently as small wisps of blue mana flowed from Yami's body showing his excitement.

Yami inhaled before he struck lightning fast with a right hook striking the man in the right side of his face. The bound man went sailing through the air his chair back crashing into a pillar behind him, a three meter gap having formed between Yami and the tied man. Yami shook his fist before cracking his knuckles. He moved attacking the man deliver a series of brutal punches one after the other. The loud smacking of flesh echoed through the air as Yami beat the man's face blood flying out through the air along with teeth. Yami punched for a good five minutes before backing up, blood coating his fists.,

Yami retrieved a silk cloth from his hakama pocket and began cleaning the blood off, looking at Alice, "Your turn. See if you can get the information out of him." Yami would make space for her.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice gave a smile to Yami, as he introduced himself. It was best to stay nice, you never knew. She lifted up her right shoulder because it was for her a weird situation, "Nice to meet you. I'm still Alice." She said with a tiny joke, not sure if this guy could appreciate that but she followed his example with the balaclava. She was rather impressed by his looks, but she tried to not show that. This guy probably knew he was good looking.

She nodded at Yami when he said he would do the first cracks. She gave a thumbs up and remained behind him at a good distance. She too found it a bit of a disappointment that magic was not allowed but on the other hand, it was maybe easier. She bit her tongue to not gasp out loud, and tried to refrain from making any surprising noises at all. Obviously a man of his height was able to do this but it was still a little surprised. It was also obvious that the man had not been willing to cooperate so this was his own damn fault.

She waited until Yami said it was her turn and she thanked him softly for that. There was a little bit of pressure on her, having done nothing like this before and the thought drifted to Selena and she felt herself getting a bit more nervous. She quickly hid that behind a mask and well the balaclava. Since the captured guy was sloched down on the ground, Alice went to hunch down, so she would be able to stand up quickly if needed, she made a clicking sound with her tongue right now, "I think you and I need to have a nice chat. Because this was a warning for what happened if you do not talk, got it?" The guy was pale and she felt a little bit of sadness for him, but yeah.. victims, "Now about the cash transfere.. any thing comes to mind?" She said with a sugar coated sweet voice, the guy started to stutter and Alice had to move closer to hear what he was saying, she had her hands clenched in fists because she didn't want to make a mistake, thank god he couldn't just grab her hair or something. She stood up and turned to Yami. "He says he doesn't know much but that the cash transfere is next week and he even was so kind to give me the route through Oak. There is no more to tell." With one look over her shoulder she walked to the door and knocked on it to get out.



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Yami leaned against a pillar as the girl alice took over. He raised a right hand giving a loud yawn as he folded his arms over his chest, leant against the pillar and went to sleep. He could hear the sound of fists hitting flesh as he slumbered waiting for the man to give up the information. It did not take long as the woman was able to beat the info out of the man and draw Yami's attention. The wind mage cracked open his eyes yawning loudly again, using a right hand to cover his yawn. He kicked off the pillar with a leg, hands sliding into his pockets as he slouched, even slouched he continued to tower over the orange haired woman.

"This was too easy. D rank quests are such a bore. Be glad to finally leave these puppy quest's and start taking proper jobs." Commented Yami as he followed after Alice as she went to the door knocking on it. They were greeted by the Martello member. Alice had told Yami want the man had said so the wind mage decided to relay it, "As Alice reported to me, he says he doesn't know much but that the cash transfer is next week. Alice has the route being used, she'll give it to you." spoke Yami in a soft tone that seemed to flow with sex appeal as he flashed a smile at the man. Yami would look over his shoulder at Alice.

"While we did not get to meet each other for long, I do so hope we meet again. Until then take care." Yami bowed politely, before rising flashing a lady killer smile, his teeth twinkling. He turned and left the building taking some jewels from the Martello man along the way. Yami would disappear into the streets of Oak.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice followed Yami and let him do the first talking while she took the Balaclava off. She shook her head softly because that thing was anything but comfortable if you put your hair in there too. She let Yami do the talking until he came to the point that she would have to give the information. Maybe it was something she should always do, you would never know when you were betrayed.. no. She had to leave Phantom Lord not dwell in here, she promised Selena.

She looked up at Yami, she gave a smile back to him, but damn his one was distracting, "Yes, let's meet again." He left, and she gave the route for the cash transfere that would go through Oak Town and would get her cash herself. Without another word, and without another smile, she left herself. Going back to the Guildhall and finish what she started. But at least she had a few more coins to use right now. Maybe she could do more requests before she would leave Phantom Lord. Just maybe.


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