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Interrogation Tactics [Celeste/Job]

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Interrogation Tactics [Celeste/Job] Empty on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:37 pm


Erebus moved like a shadow in the night. Moving himself from building, onto fence, and so forth. His natural agility made getting around quite easy. He was still annoyed of his curse for all time, but accepted being trapped in this body due to it's small-- almost insignificant perks. Nonetheless, the topic of race and species was just another old subject. The one at hand was what he and Irony would end up doing to the captured mafia member.

That's right, kidnapped and now ready for torture. Strategist personally wouldn't take it any other route-- interrogation or not. These filthy degenerates acted like they owned the town. It would bring him great satisfaction to brutally scar one of the arrogant fools. Hmm... "I think I start off by sawing his arm off. Or maybe, cut his fingers off, and then the arm. That way he knows exactly what I mean when I question him." The cat snickered fro he darkness as he met with a Martello outside the building. Erebus entered the building which he was invited too, it lied on the outskirts of town in a suburban lot of land. He trusted Celeste was already here. Before going through the doors-- the man was equipped with a balaclava.

The next bit was that he couldn't use his claws. Saddened, the young neko figured cutting anything off was now off the to-do list. Very well, he'd settle for punching the captive all night, as well as other excruciating bludgeon type damage. The door shut behind the male, and he stared off t the target. Glowing yellow eyes locked on. The only quality he'd show... "Hello, and welcome to hell, Tessio rat. You'll comply or you'll die. Do I make myself clear?"


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Interrogation Tactics [Celeste/Job] Empty on Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:08 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste had a few hours before she would have to be at the designated place for her mission, it was going to take place at night. They had to beat information our of some dude, surely her lover would enjoy that, but as for Celeste, that wasn't really for her, she was more subtle with things like that, maybe she just didn't have the strength to stomach it, although she would have to for the mission tonight. If they were going to succeed she would need to put away her personal feelings, or else she might risk them of failing.

As she made her way to the location she had stopped for dinner, probably would be a regret later, most likely she'd puke it out at the sight of the dude's blood. Celeste after eating made her way to the rendezvous location that they were required to be at, she'd be an hour early. As she made it to the location she had put on her balaclava mask on, it cover everything but her eyes and her hair. This was different she felt like an assassin with the piece of clothing on herself. It was different than what she usually wore.

As she stood waiting the suspect was eyeing her, she had put on an all black and skintight spandex which went over her whole body, up to her neck. He probably was checking out Celeste's curves, she felt uncomfortable, but as sixty minutes passed, she could hear Erebus approaching. For some reason just hearing his footsteps made her happy, she wouldn't be left to beat the hell out of this man. However as soon as he entered and his choice of words, she could already feel her stomach wanting to puke all of it's previous obtained food out, she was sure she could stomach this though.

"Nice to see you, love." Celeste smirked, under the mask. "Like he said, you will talk... or die." Celeste tried to sound stern, but under her breathe she whispered. "Please."

The victim probably couldn't hear the last part, but surely Erebus would because of his super hearing, that he had acquired becoming a cat-like person. She wouldn't be the reason they failed though.

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Erebus heard her, "Yo." He managed to say in her direction, approaching the target but his head shot in her direction with a wave. When he got closer he began to offer up questions pertaining to the suspects private life. If he had a wife, children, that kind of thing in the meantime he pulled up a folding chair and sat in it before the mafia member. When no answer was given, Erebus chuckled, such a shame. A powerful jab would meet the man's nose. Busting it with an all in one shot. Yet still the man managed to squeeze his eyes shut and ignore tears. From there though, fear would be instilled within. Now they could really get to work on all this.

"Come here babe, teach this bastard a lesson."

The cat smiled evilly under his mask. He'd force her to be bad, knowing she was against this kind of thing. He loved watching Irony obey, it was funny, but the two still hadn't bedded each other. Soon enough, he'd make her a real woman. For now-- she had to prove she was evil enough to contend with the guild. No weakness, only evolution. The boy scooted backwards allowing Celeste the chance to get close and hurt the target. Erebus was curious, what would she do to hurt the captive hostage?



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Celeste Vagarosa



Erebus had been cruel with his newly chosen words. He asked her to harm the captive, he asked her! Of all the people in the room he asked the one the least capable to do the job! She gritted her teeth, her hands clasped together as her left hand rubbed against the ring he had established upon her ring finger that was bestowed upon her right hand. Celeste shook with fear as she looked down at the captive. He had merciful eyes locked onto her regretful eyes. Was this a test to see if she truly had a place in Grimoire? Maybe she didn't... maybe she had to come to term with not being fit for Grimoire, she was the least dark-hearted person in the guild and it seemed to be the weakest in the guild. She grabbed her hair tie that had a huge sapphire-jeweled on it, this time she didn't do just a small fraction of her hair up, she put her whole hair in a pony-tail.

"Alright. Easy, I got this." Celeste told herself, however the self-doubt was obvious.

Celeste, punched the man however it was obvious she held back, the captive began to laugh. Her face became flushed as she glared at the ground. Damnit! She had to prove to Erebus, or else-... he'd find someone else more suitable for him. Someone else-... with Erebus-sama... IMPOSSIBLE!

"DON'T LAUGH AT ME!!" Celeste kicked the captive.

As she kicked him, she sent him flying a few feet, breaking the chair's legs, luckily he was still tied by his hands and ankles and not to the now broken chair. The man now looked at Celeste with fearful eyes, she simply had a demonic glare in her eyes, was the thought of Erebus with another woman driving her into a malicious persona?

"He loves me!- Stay away from him slut!" Celeste yelled, enraged.

Celeste began to unleash a barrage onto the man, each fist meeting his gut, groin or cheek.

"Never-... laugh at me... Erebus, loves me-... only." Celeste weakly trailed off her voice quieting as she realized what she had done.

She shamefully looked down at the ground, embarrassed.
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Jesus Christ, this bitch was insane. If Erebus didn't know any better this would be the type of moment to draw the line with the girl. But then again, there was traces of emotion in there. Longing, and it made him feel enticed to watch as she cut into the man with her feet and fists. Perhaps he could help? But then again, she was doing so well and interrupting would be utterly intruding. Little Irony was a sexy number, especially when she was in combat like this. It made him feel alive to watch the dark seeds sprout out from within her, he felt an odd feeling began and quickly had to displace himself from vulgar thoughts.

Erebus began asking about the car transport from where he stood, the more he refused, the more he left the beating to his innocent girlfriend. Slowly and surely; the woman drew answer from his mouth, and with every message delivered. The duo grew every bit closer to being successful in turning this respected mafia member into a rat. The Martellos' would be pleased, pleased indeed. Smart of them, the cat would admit, to get mercenaries to do this. Had it been their men they'd have gotten exposed easily. These younger mafias were getting stronger; the darkness flourished here.

"Look! All I know about the money transport is that it'll uh, t-take place sometime next week, Tuesday! And  they'll be using a special route through Oak to get the cash out. The route tears through the ou-outside of the edges of lakeside. Past Majura Gallery and ending not far from the Swineherd P-mm-Pub."

The man spoke through fear and choking blood, but his job had been done. The mission was successful. "Ah, thank you. The pleasure was all ours. Knock him out and we'll report back..." Erebus said to Irony, after turning his attention off of the victim. It was clear now that the two had done their job. Now the end was close. Time to get paid for this and return to the Ark... Maybe Erebus would sneak into Irony's room tonight too, and punish her a little. The neko smiled from ear to ear, his eyes squinting and the closing so he could laugh a little to himself.

"You did well, my queen."

Strategist turned to exit, starting with the door. When he and Irony exited, he turned to her and pulled her Baklava off-- throwing it to the ground, and then his own with much haste. Now that the two had a second to themselves, he proceeded with absorbing her into a passionate kiss. Sliding his tongue into her and keeping her body pressed onto his own. He picked her up from her rear past that, clenching her in the air as pinned her against the wall. He wanted to take her right here. But he knew he couldn't-- prizes were meant only to be waited on. This was her tease, he'd fill her with the most lustful desires until the day came when she'd be his. Then-- he'd make her fall in love with more than just his personality. There were other tools to make girls get attached, after all...

When the Martello member walked up behind the couple, as they were hot in the action. Erebus remained quiet, trusting that Celeste could speak through her soft moans as he held her against the wall, it'd be her job now to inform the man of what they'd learned inside the building. Meanwhile, Strategist's lips were too busy kissing on the woman's neck to pay much attention to the stranger.~



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Interrogation Tactics [Celeste/Job] Empty on Mon Feb 06, 2017 5:47 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



Knock him out, those were the orders, she quickly high-kicked his head, knocking him out cold. Turning to Erebus who seemed proud of her, he event called her his queen, which only brought a shade of redness to her face as she thought about what he said. Not even a minute after they had dispatched from the room that they just finished punishing their victim, he pressed his lips against hers. This time the kiss was more heated, he pressed her against a wall taking off her mask off, obviously. When they took breathes to kiss she could feel his hot-breath against the side of her neck, she instantly imagined his teeth sinking into her neck, oh damn... she needed him, right here and now.

As he held her right there against the wall he had lifted her off the ground by her rear-end. The client had approached, of course her sexy fiancee couldn't see the man's face but it was flushed and she even saw a little action where one should not see. As his lips grazed against her neck, and he would kiss softly sometimes she could feel his teeth, she'd let out soft gasps.

"Umm... we did as told..." Her voice trailed off, as her eyes closed.

"And?" He questioned.

"They're- umm... going to do the transport... uhh tuesday? Yea, tuesd-AY!" She squealed as he bit into her neck. "They're going to use a route, throughout the edg- mrrm... Erebu...s. I mean through the edge of the of the lakeside- AH!" Celeste screamed.

He left the two with their rewards, they obviously had some serious make-out sessions to do.

Word count: 272
Total Wordcount: 800+/800

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