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Scolding the brat(mission)

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Scolding the brat(mission) Empty on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:07 pm

Caius sat leaning against the wall of the shop waiting for the shopkeeper to finish up with a customer. It seems one of his clients had been causing issues for a while around the store and needed taken care of. It was a simple enough task for a member of Grimoire Heart and the extra cash from an easy quest in Oak Town was always appreciated. Caius waited for the man as he finished up the transaction and the other customer would leave the shop and that would leave just the two of them there so they could discuss the business that they had with the request. The shop keep came outside of the shop and greeted Caius. He told him about the customer that he needed roughed up. Caius was expecting some big man that would destroy his stuff and force him to pay some type of collateral to stop. However, the shopkeeper would point behind him and Caius would look on with a bit of confusion. It was a little kid that walked by the oak streets outskirts just a few stores down. He probably wasn’t even up to either of their waist. How was this little kid such a threat? The shopkeeper said that the little kid was very fast and slippery. His size made him easy to slip in and out and steal peoples goods without them noticing at all. Caius said not to worry. He handled assassins and rune knights so a little brat was nothing. And for the 25k he was getting it was almost free money.

Just then, the little kid Jerr noticed the shopkeeper poiting at him with Caius looking. He instantly turned around and put on the jets and got the hell out of there. Caius spit off to the side as he chased after him. He wished the little kid could have gotten closer so he could have just used his magic to grab him without knowing who he was but this was his life now. THe streets were packed this time of day and Caius kept running into people. He wished he could use his magic to just blast the morons out of the way but he would draw way too much attention so screw it a foot chase it was. Since he was tall, he managed to keep his eyes on the kid as he ran. Jerr ran past a fruit stand and would kick one of the wooden wheels out from under it, the stand would crash to the ground with all types of various fruits laid across the streets. Some people stepped on them and slipped causing mass commotion and huge buildup of traffic trying to avoid it. The kid was street smart but Caius wasn't going to be shaken off that easy. Instead of going around he jumped on a lady that was on the ground from slipping on the fruit. Caius would avoid the hazard that was and jump on ahead. He was gaining on that little nerd.



Scolding the brat(mission) Empty on Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:07 pm

The kid was fast Caius would give him that. Those tiny legs were putting in some serious work. They were about even in speed but it didn't help the kid had a huge advantage on him right now. Caius would keep on his tail using his strength to just shove people that were in his way. The money was all that mattered to him. Nearing the end of the street it was blocked off so the kid would cut left to the end of an alley. This was Caius chance to get him in the open and use a spell to slow him down so he could bring him back to the shop keeper. Caius cut down the alley with him and the kid would be running down it. He was in luck as there was a fence at the end of it. The kid was throwing trash and boxes in Caius way but he would just sidestep it and keep on his tail. The little kid hit the fence and would start to climb it. He was almost over but Caius was able to get within the allotted range of his spell that would help him capture the kid. Caius got black wind in his hand and would pull his fist back causing a vortex of black wind to pull the kid back. The kid tried to hang on but was pulled from the fence. Caius would catch him with a fist to the stomach causing the kid to pass out and then he would toss him over his shoulder. Caius took the kid from the alley and headed back to the shopkeeper with the brat to get his reward. The crowd would probably praise him after all the damage the kid did to try to get away.

ONce Caius got to the shopkeeper, he saw that he was excited that the little brat was caught for all of his wrongdoings. Caius would lift him up and shake the boy until he woke up and place him down between the two adults. if he ran again caius would just do the same thing again and pull him back. The kid started giving lip to the owner but he bonked him on the head. The little kid didn't seem too sincere but he did get down hon all fours and would apologize to the shop owner. The shop owner seemed ok with that and would let the kid go away after he promised that he wouldn't do it again. He glared at Caius before running away. The shopkeep was happy and went into the store and would get the pouch of jewels for Caius. He opened up the pouch and doubled checked it so he wasn't shortchanged but it was all there. Caius shook hands with the owner and the owner said if he needed more work to come back. Caius would then think about it. He could always use more money if he had some free time in Oak. He decided to go the pub after the mission to relax.


Name: Sky God's Vaccum
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements:Sky God Slayer Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Wind/Darkness
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Post
Effect: Caius creates a small vortex of black wind in his hand and pulls it back. All opponents 5 meters in front of him are pulled towards him in a black gale.

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