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Blue Hunter, Lime Gatherer [More Hunting and Gathering Quest][Celeste]

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#1Arthur J. Sokolov 

Blue Hunter, Lime Gatherer [More Hunting and Gathering Quest][Celeste] Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:20 pm

Arthur J. Sokolov

"B-but old man." Aonaka muttered on a quick action of words and quickly composed himself. He was getting more and more of an open mouth and that was unlike the personality he had in mind that was always suppose to be him, in a sense. He leaned on the table and tried a more intidimating look but he only managed make himself sillier. It was too late to change is posture now. The old man however, doctor something something, was much more relaxed about the situation. Aonaka should've known better that this guy had seen and knew enough to understand his situation, doctor was old and probably wise enough to read the people in front of him enough, not mentioning that he was doing some shady business and god knows how many dark mages he had worked with already. Aonaka was probably nothing.

The situation he got himself in was quite the prickly one, he thought as so. He thought that since he knew the doctor already, he could bargain for a better price, but the doctor would probably create artificial humans before actually doing such thing. Wait, he thought. What if he actually did? He shook his head to clear his inner thought. Now he had to do a harder and more physically demanding job, quest whatever people call them for the same price of the mushroom job he did just yesterday. But he needed the money after all. "Boy." the doctor spoke. "Looking at me like that won't work. It looks more like you are trying to seduce me." the old man spoke, leaning back in his chair with a smile akin to a love child of a clown and that of a demon. The comment raised anger and blushes to Aonaka's face and he quickly stood back up.


He was getting way out his own self character. What a shitty situation indeed. "Alright," he said, with a defeated yet incensed tone. "Just tell me what I need to do once more. I am not messing this up and going on a hard trip twice." he shuddered at the thought of doing physical work, he wasn't the strong one, he was more of a brains person, or so he wanted to think, but given his situation even that was questionable. "Being aloof and civilized, graceful doesn't mean brains." his inner conflicting voice arose within him and he just couldn't shut it up.

"Alright." the doctor spoke and with a satisfied expression rose from his chair. He opene his desk light and fixed his glasses with three fingers, Aonaka sighed and took the paper with the details written on them.

"I might just have a surprise for you." the doctor spoke.
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Blue Hunter, Lime Gatherer [More Hunting and Gathering Quest][Celeste] Untitl16
#2Celeste Vagarosa 

Blue Hunter, Lime Gatherer [More Hunting and Gathering Quest][Celeste] Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:33 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



The Oasis-native was just relaxing her apartment she had been living in the apartment for a week by now, it was in the nicer part of Oak however at times it could be a struggle because a lot of the missions that she took upon herself, were near the Phantasm Castle, or the other side of Oak, Celeste being completely on the exact opposite of Oak. She had readied her shower, turning the knobs to the right position for a steamy shower, just the kind of showers she favored. Oh, Erebus. If he was in this shower with her they be doing so many lewd things that they'd practically have steam coming right off of them. She blushed at the thought of that; shaking her head she made her way to the kitchen prepping it for when she gets out of her shower and for when her hunger kicks in. What she'd really like to get a piece of for breakfast was Erebus he was just so perfect, her touch against his, they'd practically create sparks inside of one and another. The woman stripped from her onesie, as she was ready to take her shower, quickly dropping her panda printed blue footie pajamas. As she stepped into the shower letting the warmth embrace her naturally cold body. Mixing her shampoo and conditioner as she scrubbed them both into her silky hair making sure to leave no spot uncleaned. 

Skip through the shower, the woman had began to dry off with her favorite star-printed towel, making sure everything was dry. Next she begun to brush her teeth, even if she was affiliated as dark hygiene was still important and shouldn't be trashed just for being evil. She smiled as the sensation of clean overcame her body. She sighed, this was the best part about the mornings, the feeling of being clean was refreshing.

Entering her kitchen she began to cook chocolate-chip pancakes. Bummer she had just brushed and here she was about to eat only half an hour later after just brushing her teeth. Oh well, she could re-brush them, even though it would be practically unnecessary. As time passed her pancakes were ready, the chocolate chips practically melted into the fluffy golden pancakes, she couldn't help herself as the smell became clearly evident in the air. She smiled as she inhaled the smell, it was so divine, even for pancakes they smelt great. Celeste dug into her tasty fluffy lovers. 

After finishing her breakfast, Celeste looked over her plans for the day which had been to study over her books on spells, and come up with some counteracts when fighting wizards with magic but her schedule she had for the day, said that training was at nine at night, so she had some time. Her other plans was to go on a mission with a traveler, hopefully he'd be somewhat okay and not all that crazy masochistic like her guild could be. As she walked to the meeting point, Celeste couldn't help but notice how great it felt outside.

Fast-forward, the woman had walked in on her partner and client, "Oh did I interrupt something?" Celeste winked at them. She puled out the paper, reading aloud the mission details. "We're to go get this mushroom right, it's on a mountain trail yes?"

Celeste nodded to herself, already heading her way out, once her partner was ready to go the two would start at the edge of Oak Town's border, the beginning of this trail. As the two walked Celeste would begin to make small talk.

"So what's your name, mines Irony." Celeste smiled back at him, giving him time to reply before asking yet another few questions. "So how'd you end up in this business; ya know wizard missions and such. Although this could hardly be classified as one, oh and hows your day been."

Word count: 645/800

#3Arthur J. Sokolov 

Blue Hunter, Lime Gatherer [More Hunting and Gathering Quest][Celeste] Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:57 pm

Arthur J. Sokolov

Aonaka was dumb founded at all the things that happened in a such fast motion. Before he could ask the doctor what he meant and actually go through the details of the mission, someone had just came in, their blue hair taking Aonaka's attention, winked at them, read the mission and the backed off outside, on their way. Aonaka watched with an open mouth and turned back to the doctor, his left eye skewed and his mouth open. The boy was having a sensory overload from such small things. "Yes, I forgot to mention," the doctor said. "I need that mushroom and two heads are better than one so..." he mumbled off. Aonaka could easily tell that the doctor just wanted at least one person to bring the mushroom back if the other fell down their mission's climbing point or got struck with lightning and died or something. Aonaka bit his tongue. He didn't have any initial problem with working with someone, he was already realizing how unsocial he has been and that was no good. He turned on his kneels and dreaded the fact that he had to increase his pace to a brisk one in order to catch up to his temporary partner in crime.

From his initial understanding as they walked together, the woman was a cheerful one, she seemed to have a resting smile face and her quick actions in the shop were noticeable as points which Aonaka tried to solve in order to understand her. However, he realized that he has been looking at her with a horrified face unintentionally, it was just his focusing and confused face but he realized it sooner enough that he changed before the woman decided to make some small talk.

The woman had the kindness to introduce herself first and Aonaka could see the good in that. "Irony huh?" he asked a little confused. "That's an interesting name for sure," he said and smiled a little, both from inside him and because the woman had also smiled. "Not like I can complain or comment about it, I made up my own name because I didn't remember my old one. I'm Aonaka." he said with a tone more relaxed that before. With the initial stages of quick weirdness gone he was feeling a bit better. He listened intently to the other questions of the woman and was delighted by her kindness while feeling inherent scorn towards the behavior of hers that he thought was too naive for him. "Well," he started to speak. "I'm a mage, and I need money for my house rent and my companion's fancy food," he answered to Irony. If his personality was a bit more different, he would be making puns out of such name but he wasn't like that, thankfully for him. "My day's been fine. I was a bit confused when you came into the shop but..." he trailed off, not sure how to end his sentence. "And how was your day?" he asked as they walked to their destination.

The path was a quiet one. Aonaka tried not to get mud on his shoes until they reached the so called cliff climbing points, but it was really hard to do so. He sighed as he realized the mud and looked at the green dotted glowing mushrooms he had to collect yesterday. They were much pretty when he didn't have to spend hours looking for the right ones. "So," Aonaka said his tone now more composed than ever towards his companion, "Are you a mage? Perhaps in a guild?" he asked. He was curious about lifestyle changes, and if the guilds he didn't know that much about were any good, maybe he would one day join one.

He increased his pace a little more when he realized that Irony was walking faster than him. There was an air about her that showed power, not the magical power or something mystical that Aonaka was slowly getting used to, but something else. "Eh whatever." he thought inside him and had a deep breath.

After walking through the forest talking, walking through a sprialing path that was quite nice to look at, they had arrived at the cliff and Aonaka couldn't help sour his face. It was truly tall and screamed "IM HARD TO CLIMB ." He coughed and cleaned his throat. "Well then." he talked. "Guess we have to climb there to find the fern, dark green."
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Blue Hunter, Lime Gatherer [More Hunting and Gathering Quest][Celeste] Untitl16
#4Celeste Vagarosa 

Blue Hunter, Lime Gatherer [More Hunting and Gathering Quest][Celeste] Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:33 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



It seemed he picked on doing wizard jobs to pay for a bunch of things, yea that made sense if you had the magic might as well do the missions, they did pay good money. So she could see his reasoning in it.

"My day, it's been great, I had a great morning, I had fluffy pancakes! Oh they're the best!" Celeste smiled, her voice squealing towards the end.

As they walked up the trail it did indeed get steeper, as they walked he seemed be curious of her occupation. Well it wasn't like the guild was hidden, reading up on their history the guild was known but still shrouded in a cloud of secrets.

"Yes, I am a guild member." Celeste inhaled as much oxygen as she could, then quickly exhaled. "It's a dark guild, known as Grimoire Heart. I hope my occupation doesn't disturb you, I have no reason to act a fool and destroy things for no reason. However do know since we are not allies even during a mission like this..." Celeste's once bright happy expression became dark and serious. "If you become an enemy of my guild and I am told to kill you. I will." However, after waiting a few minutes she smiled and giggled, "Haha! Well now that, that's settled lets find that fern!"

As Celeste climbed, her keen eyes picked out the fern instantly, she found the one they needed without any struggle. Her native eyes trained to find herbs with ease. Quickly picking it up she'd have both of them return to Mabuz.

On the way back Celeste looked back at Aonaka. "Aonaka... I'm sorry, It's just... if your interested in joining I could allow you too, but do know once your in this guild, your name Aonaka is no longer that name you go by what Icarus picks for you. For me I am Irony, because I am so kind and happy go-lucky but yet I chose a place of darkness."

Celeste explained herself as they walked back, they'd turn in the fern and get rewarded and be on their way.

"It was nice meeting you..." Celeste whispered, as they parted ways.

Wordcount: 362
Total Wordcount: 800+/800

#5Arthur J. Sokolov 

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Arthur J. Sokolov

The companion had revealed herself to be the most chipper and Aonaka wasn't used to such behavior. He was glad that she wasn't a brute or anything like that, however ever since his encounter with Nastasya, he had raised his liking to the behavior such as that. However, their encounter had ended the most mysterious, which caused Aonaka to grab his wound instinctively. "Pancakes are good." was the only comment he could make.

However, Irony's next comment had made his blood run cold. Her words were like knives and carried no scent of her past words. Just who was this girl she had partnered up with? He was right about the people Mabuz worked with. Aonaka couldn't make a comment other than trying to keep his expression straight, his eyes squinted a little, like little slits from within his eyes showed, his hand holding his coat that hanged from his shoulder, breathing silently. "Alright. I understand." he said, but he couldn't lie and say he wasn't scared. His beast companion wasn't around, and if she wished so, he would already be dead.

He gulped silently.

Could he do such work in a guild like that? He didn't know anything about it, not about any guilds except for some information he got from Nastasya. "Grimoire Heart..." he repeated in his mind. That would have to wait until he had a better idea of the world around him.

But despite that he felt the seed inside him. Like a piece of ember that escaped it's barricades and burried itself deep within. A part of himself that he didn't even know screamed in agony that this ember was here. "No... Now I will never be back to my childhood." the said part would scream, but it was no avail. Aonaka felt red hot tendrils of an alluring darkness start to grow within him, capturing his stomach, his lungs, liver and then heart. Something was set in motion, but he didn't know nor care what. The only thing left of the experience after the climb, which Aonaka only climbed half of the cliff before realizing Irony was already done, and getting their reward...

... was just the feeling of as if there was some shorts of hot, thick liquid in his throat.

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Blue Hunter, Lime Gatherer [More Hunting and Gathering Quest][Celeste] Untitl16

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