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Petty Theft [Yumi]

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Petty Theft [Yumi] Empty on Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:31 pm

A creature no bigger than two foot hovered one meter in the air. The creature had a body cloaked by a black robe, bones on its back with a mask in the form of a skull, that was more than real enough to frighten those who laid eyes upon it. Floating between the hollowed eye sockets was a single red orb, the creatures eye. Next to the creature, walking alongside him was an old woman, a woman in the middle of her seventies. She was of short thin stature with white hair tied in a double bun held by a needle with pearls dangling from it. She wore golden earrings with pearls attached and a kimono accompanied by a sash, waraji and tabi socks. She looked traditional in the clothing she wore. The old woman was called Yumi, but amongst her guildmates of Grimoire Heart she went by the codename Carnage. The critter that followed her, was her companion a beast she had named Venom, making them the duo of Carnage and Venom.

Yumi made her way through the streets, following directions to meet up with a quest client, a client she had dealt with on two occasions, one he was the aim for a quest and the second he was the client. The client was the young street urchin Jerr, it seemed he wished to hire a mage again to do a little dirty work for him, not that Yumi would complain, as long as she got paid. She had a decent number of jewels lately but it was not enough, she needed more. Money made the world go round and she had much planned that required her to gather her funds.

Yumi turned a corner, her aged body entering a dark dank alley that smelt of mouldy old cheese. Her familiar scrunched its mask up in disgust at the smell, but Yumi ignored it carrying on. Her crimson hues glared at the homeless who attempted to approach her, the glare sending them scurrying like insects. Yumi scowled at their cowardice as she arrived at the meeting location. Her eyes scanned the area, seeing movement from the right. Stepping out of the shadows was the street orphan Jerr. The boy looked much the same as he did the last time they met. Yumi simple gave him a once over before approaching, arms folded over her chest as she glanced down at him, "You called?" spoke the old woman in a blank tone.

Jerr gulped having recognised the brutal old woman who had frightened him not long ago. He quickly nodded his head deciding best not to anger her, "Yes. I've got a job. I've kept an eye on a merchant who frequents Oak. This merchant is old but sports a golden bracelet that would be worth of a lot of money. Lucky for us he is getting it polished today, in about an hours time. I want you to distract the merchant and polisher while I retrieve the bracelet after its been removed." Explained Jerr all the while avoiding eye contact with the devilish old woman who sent shivers up his spine.

"Very well, show me the way." Yumi would take a step back and allow Jerr to lead her.

WC: 543\1000


Petty Theft [Yumi] Empty on Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:49 pm

Jerr took the lead, allowing Yumi to follow after him. The task was simple enough all Yumi had to do was wait and bide her time, watching as the merchant removed his bracelet for the polisher to polish. At that time she would strike, but how. Yumi rubbed her chin thinking of the best way to strike. Perhaps she could use Venom to cause a little chaos. Yumi glanced at Venom and summoned him over with a movement of a hand. The familiar floated over where Yumi bent over in her walk to whisper the plan into his ear. The familiar bobbed up and down happily at the idea of causing a little mayhem, just like its owner.

The three arrived at the markets, standing off to a distance where they examined the streets. Jerr raised a hand to point off into the distance, five stands down to the right of where they stood on the back side, "That's the polishing Merchant. It shouldn't be long before the merchant arrives. I'll get into position and wait. You two get ready to move." Jerr looked around spotting the old wealthy merchant inspecting a few wares. Jerr pointed towards him, "That's the merchant. Watch him and start your plan once he approaches the polisher." Instructed Jerr before he darted into the ground disappearing from sight as he moved to the polishing stand to get into position.

Yumi looked around, keeping her gaze on the merchant, surrounded by his men, who as time passed was getting closer and closer to the polishing stand. As the merchant made his way to the stand, Yumi began her approach, walking carefully towards the stand. Her familiar had moved away parting from the woman to get into position for his part. Yumi would stand with her back to the polishing stand to inspect the stand of a mirror selling. She would use a mirror to watch behind her as the merchant removed the golden bracelet. The polisher would place it down on a table and begin getting his tools. At that moment Venom would fly in.

Venom flew into the stand knocking polishing kits over, grabbing a bottle of metal polish and threw it at the merchant staining his clothes. The two began to shout at the creature who stuck its tongue out and floated around dodging their attempts to grab it. As it dodges, Jerr would quickly dart in and grab the Bracelet before leaving.

Yumi would drop the mirror and whistle calling Venom over. Venom during the confusion had grabbed a random golden bracelet but in the confusion the merchant thought it was his and shouted in anger. The merchant barked orders at his men sending them after Yumi and her companion. Yumi raised a hand forming a black sphere of mana before firing a single beam of magic into the ground that struck creating an explosion sending dust, debris and a cloud upwards blocking their vision. With their vision blocked Yumi darted off dashing at six meters per second into the ground vanishing from sight.

Once she was far enough away from the markets, Yumi stepped into an alley. The moment she did Jerr suddenly appeared wearing the golden bracelet, "Thanks here's your pay." Jerr tossed Yumi a wad of jewels before he departed. Yumi pocketed the money and left her familiar in tow.

WC: 565
TWC; 1108/1000


Mana: 950 | 1050

Name: Desubīmu (Death Beam)
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user moulds mana into the palm of their hand allowing dark tongue-like flames of magic to form around their fingertips, before it flows downwards encasing their entire hand. By concentrating the energy and funneling it into the fingertip of a finger, the wielder points their finger at a target and fires a concentrated beam of black magical energy with a 1m diameter. By continuously channeling mana into the finger tip the user can continue to fire the beam whether immediately or at a preferred time, until either the user runs out of mana or they cancel the spell. The beam of magical energy is that condensed it can pierce through solid rock.

This spell is capable of dealing out B rank damage. The user can only fire 1 beam per post.

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