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Petty Theft | Erebus | D-Rank

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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

Petty Theft | Erebus | D-Rank Empty on Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:15 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste had been picked to go on another mission but yet again with Erebus, this would be their first mission as a couple, she wondered how much more compatible they'd be in this mission. As she made her way out of her apartment and to the rendezvous point for both of the dark-wizards. Celeste sighed, it had crossed her mind that no matter how hard she tried she still seemed to stay behind Erebus' in power-wise. Was it because she wasn't completely insane and wrapped in the power of darkness? Was one's power to come from being completely evil? Maybe she could switch that up, their had to be a way she too could become powerful with her kind-heart.

Either way this would be an interesting combo for the duo, they'd be able to work together not only as partners on this mission but lovers. Also her favorite client needed her help once again! Jerr, the orphan leader of many orphans; she oh so wished she could adopt and take the children in as her own but then again she was way to young to be taking on any children, plus she didn't have the jewels to do it either. She always enjoyed giving the children what knowledge she had to offer to them, so they could better themselves, so she didn't mind helping them out. Celeste had made her way to the alleyways they were told to meet the client at, she stood waiting with Jerr.

"Irony!" Jerr yelled. 

Jerr ran up hugging Celeste, tight.

"H-Hey there kiddo! We're just waiting on my boyfriend." Celeste told the small orphan.

Jerr's cheeks got red he was a little jealous that Celeste had a boyfriend, he thought of her as an older sister, she was his only. His sister-idol. Celeste patted his head, he was a strange kid but she didn't mind him at all.

Word Count:314/800

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The time had arrived for them to get back to work. No longer were the two confined to just the everyday date, they were now back in the job-space. He and Celeste would finally be taking another mission together to help little old Jerry out once again. The kid was a growing criminal and one day; why, he'd likely to be running the mob. That's basically what he was anyways. The leader of  bad of criminals.

Not tht Erebus was any bit less a villain just because he wasn't the man in charge. It just that this guy was so early into the game, and pretty soon they'd be taking more than just food. They'd be executing life, sex, and etc if this were to continue. Nonetheless, Jerr was a wallet with cash to be made. Not everyone could be said the same after all. But ya never really know when you get out there-- maybe lots of children were growing up starving nowadays. They might even be dehydrated too-- perhaps life running the streets was their destiny. But of so, was being the lackey, Erebus's? Celeste's? Hmm...

Maybe it was. However,, being pushed over by a grown Jerr? That was actually quite unlikely, since the kid shit bricks everytime he called in from the Cat. The dark adventurer knew it to be true, wondering what Celeste's relationship to Jerr was. She was bound to know him in this town. The idea of not kind of made him smile though, watching her grow big and powerful. Learning the people, the quest-givers... It got him all steamy. He enjoyed watching her do her work. Something about it was oddly satisfying.

Sure he was evil for this kind of enjoyment. Psychotic even, but the girl resurrected his sweet side too. She made him feel happy, if the Cat ever lost her, then he'd really be a torn guy. Losing your light in the world? That's the kind of thing that shatters men. But shattering what is already broken? Hmph, well. To do it was to accept your death before it even began, to embrace a shadow far more evil than even before. It's not like Celeste would ever die with Strategist behind her though. He had faith in her abilities, and her prowess.


Jerr and the woman were already in his sights as he took a corner. Jerr's smile faded, and he gulped. Standing up straight... Could it be he saw Erebus some type of role model? Or was he just afraid? Either way, the death cutter grinned from ear to ear. Arriving up behind Irony-- he pulled her hips, so that her ass came into his pelvis and he kissed her neck sexually. Golden eyes trained on Jerr, the kid obviously not knowing how to take this. Erebus spoke up. "Good to see you again Jerry, I take it more food for the Orphans? Or maybe you want something pricier this time?" The boy fell silent for a short moment, regathering his thoughts...


#3Celeste Vagarosa 

Petty Theft | Erebus | D-Rank Empty on Sat Feb 04, 2017 5:57 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



Jerr had began to unfold the plan of the mission to the duo, "Alright, so here shortly a polisher should be just getting ready to polish a golden bracelet. Basically I need you two to distract the merchant and his polisher, and in that time I will steal the bracelet. Then we'll will run and head for the hills, and I'll reward you guys!" Jerr smiled as if it was a solid-proof plan, "Sound good, Irony and Strategist?..."

Celeste smiled, "Yep I got it, we distract then high-tail it! Sounds good to me Jerr."

Celeste followed behind Jerr as he lead the duo to the designated area of their mission. From their he would have the two go in further to distract as Jerr hid from a short distance. Celeste had plan to distract the merchant and his polisher, with a perfect discussion, the two would have to engage them both.

"We're going to distract them about wedding rings." Celeste smirked.

As the duo would approach both of the targets would look up at both of them, more so staring at Erebus in fear, perhaps they knew his title or just his abnormal features surprised them? Celeste, got into place blocking their view of Jerr if he was to sneak up and snatch the bracelet.

"So, we're an engaged couple, we were thinking of getting a ring and a few people around town told me your the best merchant to go too!" Celeste smiled excitedly, "Plus once we get them we'll need to have them polished up just in case!"

The merchant and polisher seemed amused with her choice of words as they leaned in closer to both of them, not even caring about Erebus' features.

"Well, this here is my best rings on the market." The merchant opened up a case of two beautiful purple diamond rings. "They are about five billion jewels."

Celeste gasped, "What a steal! Right Erebus? So what do you think, babe?"

Secretly the woman was thinking, 'What bullshit for some small piece of rock embedded onto a metal bent into a circle. However the diamonds were very pretty. However it seemed Celeste was losing their attention, it would be Erebus' turn to distract them. Jerr began making his way over to the group so he could snatch the golden bracelet.

Word Count:386/800
Total Wordcount: 700/800


Petty Theft | Erebus | D-Rank Empty on Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:48 pm


Erebus remained still faced all the way through the girl's plan. Whom was the real Strategist, he wondered to himself mentally. The only thing that this plan needed was bit of that upper-case 'E', to make it tad better. Fair enough. That's exactly why he was here after all. Upon hearing the price, the cat's jaw dropped. His ears perked up, and he squinted at the old vendor.

"Five fucking billion? For that marble!?" Erebus snatched one of the rings off the table, the stone glimmering. But being relatively small. "You're kidding right? Or is this just your plan so you won't have to do business with a dark mage and his hot new fiance?.. You know what, I'd hate for your shitty little shop to get burned down like that store down the block that refused to pay up to the mob a few weeks ago. It'd also be a shame if your so called, five billion dollar rings went missing when that happened too."

The merchants looked shook, unable to answer. They stared at each other, not a peep for that small second. In the time frame it took for them to reach a mental understanding, Jerr's hand scooped up the bracelet while he stayed bent below the table. Then he darted off while the couple began to speak. "Twenty thousand and you have a deal Mr. Strategist..." The male threw the money across the table and took the one in his hand. He hurriedly pulled the bluenette along, holding her wrist up softly. He slid the diamond ring on and remained quiet allowing his glowing yellow eyes to wink in her direction. The deed was done. Job complete.

After that he'd be finished and leave with girl.



#5Celeste Vagarosa 

Petty Theft | Erebus | D-Rank Empty on Sat Feb 04, 2017 8:00 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



As Celeste had grown to be tired of entertaining the targets, her boyfriend; Erebus had taken over with distracting them, he was quite good  at it too but he turned the rings into a debate on the price. It seemed he actually wanted the rings for both of them, was he really going to get them for each other? That was so generous of him, he really didn't have to, for someone evil he was so noble; in a twisted way. As Jerr had gotten the bracelet and ran, Erebus grabbed her hand and ran, they had completed the objective and had a successful first mission back together.

Total Wordcount:800+/800

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