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To Teach Him A Lesson [Quest]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

To Teach Him A Lesson [Quest] Empty on Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:44 pm

Bianca Fleur
Marino had called for Bianca again to do him a favor, and this time he seemed more serious about it. It was still a request, so if she didn’t accept it, he would have to find someone else to do his dirty work. But, Bianca was willing to accept this one as well. She wasn’t going to turn down an offer like this. After all, she was going to be paid for it. The job was related to the one that she had just done for him recently with the shopkeeper, which made her wonder what she was supposed to do. Was he not keeping his promise? Even after signing that note?

Metal boots clunked against the cobblestone path that she took, alarming anyone loitering nearby. The only reason people would notice her was because of the flower on her right eye. She was the ‘Flower of Death’ anyways. Did it not make sense to them? She was given the nickname anyway, not something she decided to call herself. Coming from the Fleur noble family (fleur meaning flower) was the omen in the form of a girl, believed to have caused the deaths and mishaps of many people within and nearby Oak Town, where the nobles resided. Thus the nickname ‘Flower of Death’. In Japanese, it would be pronounced ‘Shi No Hana’. Bianca didn’t really introduce herself as the ‘Flower of Death’, but it was something that other people introduced her as when talking about her. It was no surprise now if someone called her Shi No Hana in the middle of the street. She would just wave, probably, because she had already adapted to that nickname and even liked it.

The clock in the bar said that it was a little past noon. Why there were so many people on a Tuesday afternoon, she didn’t care to find out. Bianca went straight to the table she had been to once, sitting across from Marino who had a pissed expression about his face. Upon noticing her arrival, he forced a small smile and told her to have a drink. Just like before, she refused again, and so he would begin to tell her of the current situation, how the shopkeeper although having promised to pay back, did not pay back. He definitely needed someone to teach him a lesson and Bianca was the right person. He was so wrong to mess with her. He should have done as she told him to, but now there would have to be violence, not that it was new to Bianca or anything. She simply nodded and left the bar, giving him her word that she would get that stubborn shopkeeper to pay up.

Bianca decided to take a carriage this time since she found out the distance between the shop and the bar through the hard way. She stopped somewhere mid-journey to get a sledgehammer and told the driver to continue the ride. It took no more than twenty minutes to arrive there.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

To Teach Him A Lesson [Quest] Empty on Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:10 pm

Bianca Fleur
As she spent little energy on traveling, Bianca felt like she had more energy than she would need. The more the better in this case, right? As she stepped off the rather fancy coach after paying for her ride, she noticed that people were staring at her. Of course, who would be walking around carrying a sledgehammer in broad daylight? With a sly grin, Bianca dragged her weapon along the sidewalk to the shop she was supposed to wreck. In a minute, she would see the horror of the shopkeeper painted over his pitiful face as she would swing the hammer into everything in sight that could be destroyed. It wasn’t a surprise that the man remembered her, given the flower in her eye and the fact that she had only visited a few days ago. The lily only makes her only more recognizable. “What are you doing here again?” His voice shook. It shook like he knew that something bad was going to happen to him, which was correct. Something very bad was going to happen to him.

“Oh aren’t you a curious one? Why don’t you wait and see?” she said, lifting the sledgehammer and slamming it down on some kind of showcase that was displaying a lot of breakable things that shattered upon contact with the floor. The man’s eyes widened in utter shock and disbelief, hands raising to grab the few strands of hair he had on his balding (not really, but sort of) head. He groaned very loudly and told her to stop, which Bianca responded by holding the hammer to his nose. “You would rather have this in your skull?” she asked through gritted teeth. But when she saw the expression on his face, she broke into a fit of hysterics. “How pathetic. That is what happens when you don’t pay back to the people you owe within an acceptable time frame,” she told him. Satisfied with what she was doing, she continued, swinging the hammer through wall decorations and everything she could find that looked like it could break, really. It was fun for her. She was enjoying this job, wasn’t that funny?

Finally the man began to apologize, dropping to his knees as if he had completely given up, which he should otherwise his life would be on the line. He didn’t know who he was messing with. To be frank, Bianca was thinking that he would be threatened to be killed or something even more terrifying, who knows. She didn’t know how exactly to get someone to do something that they didn’t want to, because she always went to the end - death. Like her parents. She didn’t waste time trying to explain to them or anything. “Alright,” said Bianca, dropping the sledgehammer and advancing towards the man who backed away in fear. She found this quite funny. But after a while he brought her the money which she took back to Marino. Maybe the shopkeeper was known to be somewhat stubborn?

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