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New Experiences I [Bianca:Invite]

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New Experiences I [Bianca:Invite] Empty Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:04 am

Arisa would walk firwards towards the pub as a drink sounded fancy this evening. She looked around, would look up at the sky and then everybody that was around her. Truly she actually enjoyed Oak as it was always peaceful and quiet until she would enter the building. Her soft hands with press against the wooden door as she would enter the pub, seeing that there weren't many people in there. Her medium brown hair would be held back by Chinese decorated pins, her bangs were separated by two - one on each side and wore leather black pants. Her feet were covered by snow boots with small heels and for a top she wire a Jean jacket and black crop top. Slowly she'd walk in to walk towards the counter.'Oh, Lucifer isn't working today. Owell.' She would think softly as Arisa would pull out a chair to sit in front of the main bar counter.

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Bianca Fleur
It was the bar that she went to look for her previous quest client that she was at again, but this time for a drink and some time away from work. This Swineherd Pub is one of the best in Oak Town although it had recently opened up. The owner went by the name Lucifer, or so she heard, but she didn’t care. As long as they had the drinks she wanted and wasn’t too noisy, she liked it. Plus the interior was a bit more pleasing to her eye(s) compared to the other ones where they didn’t mind much about the decoration and only about the drinks. Bianca liked it when people gave attention to the details. She was one of those people.

The entrance door of the pub opening caused Bianca’s head to slightly raise in curiosity. She was a tad intoxicated, but had perfect self control since she had been torturing her liver since a long time ago, nothing she was doing now was new to her body. To her utmost surprise, the sight of the only other woman to be in the pub, entering not with a clueless face, but with some kind of certainty in her expression? Was the alcohol getting to her? Bianca was normally good at observing, nothing specific, but in general, so it was possible she was making an observation when she thought that this new girl wasn’t exactly new here. She seemed to have been here, and was making her way to the bar where Bianca sat. The vampyre turned back to her drink as the brunette took a seat two stools from hers. Thumping on the wooden bar that her glass rested on, Bianca called for the alarmed bartender to give her more drinks. This action would have grabbed the attention of anyone nearby. Bianca continued to take small sips from her glass, swirling it in her cup so the contents mixed and sloshed around.


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Arisa would sit down on the stool that was in front of the bar counter. Truly she was alone at this point as she had no one she knew here with her. Her brown eyes would lower to look at the counter itself, taking a moment to wonder on what to get. Unlike last time Odin wasn't here which a part of her felt like it was a shame. She enjoyed teasing him and having conversations with him even if he didn't seem to be the type to be interested in small talk. That was alright though because something about him made her feel comfortable.

Her heart would beat fast as she simply thought of Lucifer as that's how she knew him, but something felt as if that wasn't his real name. Slowly she would lean back against the stool to tilt her head up a little to look at the counter man. Her arms would cross against her chest as her feet would tuck under the lower stool bar that kept this stool put together. Her lioness eyes would stare towards the woman that would then soon take the attention away. As soon as her head turned as well as her eyes, she would see that the woman was rather different. 'Interesting.' she thought as she saw the woman's snow white hair, pretty jewel eye as the other eye caught her eyes. It had a beautiful flower - a lily to be exact within it or something like that.

Gazing at the pretty woman she would wonder on how the hell did the flower get there. There could be many possibilities, but she decided to ask herself. ''That's a rather beautiful flower there. Rather matches your eye color and hair.'' She would start and then cornered her eyes to look at the tender. ''The usual for me please.'' she would speak towards him with a clam yet soothing tone. The lady kind of interested her, studies perhaps type of interest, but for now questions was all she had for her. If the woman didn't wish to tell her about it, that would be fine too. Finally Arisa's elbow would rest against the counter as her cheek rested against the palm of her own hand, looking towards the woman.

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Bianca Fleur
The action of thumping the bar had - not surprisingly - caught the attention of the newcomer, who seemed to be studying her, Bianca noticed from the corner of her eye. She drank a little bit more before turning to face the brunette with a small smile. She was a pretty woman with golden orbs full of curiosity studying Bianca’s scarlet ones and silky waves of shiny brown hair framing her face. The first thing she did, of course like every other person, was comment on the flower in her eye. Bianca allowed a small chuckle to escape her lips before saying, “Thank you, I like the color of your hair.” It was true, she really did like her brown hair even though it was a pretty normal color, since Bianca was born with pink hair and now it was snow-white. The other woman probably wondered what there was to like about such a normal shade of brown.

Being born into a noble family, there were some things that Bianca did subconsciously, like what she did next. She called for the bartender again, cocked her head in the direction of her new friend and said, “Put hers on my tab,” to which the bartender nodded. It wasn’t as if she was trying to boast about her wealth or anything. It was more of a habit. Her parents did it while they were alive, and taught her that she should always take care of people so that when she was in need, they could take care of her too. Bianca never knew the meaning of this, however, since no one ever wanted to stand in the same path as her, let alone take care of her.

Having a new identity after what had happened recently, not many people recognized her as the cursed child that she was believed to be, but Bianca was so used to it that it felt like she wasn’t herself if people didn’t try to stay away from her even in the streets. Soon she would make everyone remember again, but for now she was a new face in town everyone probably thought just joined Phantom Lord.


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Her eyes would look at this woman's beauty as it was pink pearl rhododendron's with dew drops dripping off of them. Her eyes were like bloodied jewels as her eye shined. She waited for her drink and waited for the woman to respond. Arisa wasn't sure who this girl was, but she knew that there couldn't be too much danger in asking, right? Slowly her breathing would escape from her might as a silent deep breathe came out. Why was she drinking so much in the first place? She was just here not that long ago, talking to Lucifer and them.

Her hand would twine the strands of her own brown silky hair whilst looking at this woman. Next the woman finally spoke towards her, saying that she liked her hair as well. Surely she jests as brown was normal. True that some brown hair had specs of different color, but that was nothing compared to her own hair. After that the girl would tell the tender that the tab would be on her as she was paying for Arisa's drinks. Due to her jobs that she has been doing, she had quite enough to pay as well as her mother's business that still lived. ''Thank you. Perhaps I shall repay someday, somehow.'' Arisa would say in her soothing calm tone. A small smile appeared on her lips as she would then look forward towards the counter man. This felt strange honestly, the past several months. She was use to being alone...Other than Waylon of course. The people in Fiore were interesting as they seemed more responsive. Arisa wasn't from here...no...She only pretended she did as her voice had no accent unless Ana spoke instead. ''Mmmm...'' she started to think as it was silent. ''I should talk to the owner about getting some good music. Quite bland without as people fighting isn't really good music in my opinion.'' she would say as her drink was given to her. Arisa would take it with both of her hands to drink it a little to then put it down. ''What kind of music do you like?'' she wondered as Arisa would try to study this girl somehow without getting too deep.

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Bianca Fleur
Bianca noticed that they other customers had started to brawl in the background. What could she expect from a bar in Oak Town, right? Even if the decoration and everything was top tier for a bar around this area, brawls would still happen. After all, it was Oak Town, not Magnolia Town or some town that housed a goody-good guild that would stop these things from happening. Or they didn’t. Bianca wouldn’t know. She didn’t like going to bars in towns like that. There were people looking to enforce the law everywhere in such places, even brothels and whatnot. Little did she know that she was sitting two seats away from one right now. A law enforcer.

“You don’t have to repay me,” said the amused phantom. Did she think that Bianca was doing her a favor, like she had already judged her to be destitute? She hoped not. But she wasn’t going to ask if that was what she thought. It would lead to unnecessary, heated discussions. Bianca didn’t feel like having those today. She normally didn’t unless she was triggered in a way. Taking another sip as she found nothing to say to the girl, she stared at the wood that was made into the bar. It looked like mahogany, it probably was. Unless they used something else and painted it mahogany. Bianca was no expert in classifying the different types of wood; it was just a guess.

The brawls in the background seemed to have gotten worse and no one was trying to stop them. Bianca didn’t mind them, to be honest, but her new friend seemed to. She said that she should ask the owner to add some music to the ambience as she thought that people fighting wasn’t really good music to her.

Bianca blinked a bit while staring at her, confused by the fact that she thought fighting was music at all. She placed her glass back on the bar and then turned back to face the brunette with a slightly puzzled expression. “Yes of course. That is like...the worst type of music,” she said with an uncertain chuckle, trying to agree with her. Was she being an idiot right now? Or did music actually extend beyond the genres she was aware of. ‘What the fuck,’ she thought to herself, still trying to understand this new information that she wasn’t sure she could trust. “I listen to anything that’s good, actually. Don’t really have a favorite kind, what about you?”


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Arisa would pay more attention to this woman as she knew nothing of her. The last people she hung out here with it didn't turn out the best. Her lips would form a small frown as she looked towards her glass of alcohol as it appeared. The right hand reached for the glass as she lifted it to her own soft lips. Was she always meant to make a mess of things? Was she just not meant to live in Fiore or something? Her eyes of brown would glisten with the shine of her glass. 'Maybe I should go back to my own Island or the Country my grandparents reside in.' she would think.

So far she barely made friends and yet something kept her here. Was it that she was still wanting to find love in these parts or what? A calm expression painted upon her face as she would act as if she wasn't rather doomful of her own being. As Arisa would hear the girl say that she agrees about the fighting not being music, she could hear the tone. Her right hand would go into a thinking position as it was against her own chin. ''I didn't mean actual music yknow. Sound is music in general when you think about it.'' she started and then turned straight to look towards the alcohol bottles on the shelves. ''There are actually some people who think screaming is music. I find it kind of interesting, the people here.'' she continued as she would grab her drink and chug it down. It felt warm inside as her heart raced. ''Now then. The music I like is instrumental since I can sing to it. Violin, piano and such. Very peaceful, mostly at night.'' she would say softly and smile as the thought of it was dreamy. Perhaps the last month that has been passing was rather rough. The tournament was rather interesting and so were the meetings with the people.

The months that she has been here she's joined the Rune knights, but something felt off. So far she has met Selena, Kon and Hika. She wondered if Ray was a rune knight as well. Truly though in all matters, she didn't feel like she belonged. Should she go forth towards else where perhaps? Her eyes would corner and then wonder, 'What guild does she belong to? Perhaps the dark guild here called Phantom Lord or maybe Rune Knights? No...Couldn't be the Rune knights.'. Even if she was from a dark guild, she wouldn't arrest her. Maybe Arisa wasn't cut out to be a Rune knight since she couldn't even see herself arresting anyone. The last guy that ruined her sandwich, she broke his legs, face and dragged him against the cement to her clients place. ''Did you join or watch the Tournament by the way?'' she then randomly wondered. The people behind her were fighting still, but if someone was to hit her, she'd probably calmly go ape shit.

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Bianca Fleur
The brunette seemed to have noticed Bianca’s confused tone of voice as she clarified what she meant by what she said. “Ah...ha ha…” Bianca laughed, feeling a bit like a fool. She took a quick sip from her drink, nodding as her new friend spoke about different tastes in music, and that some even considered screaming as music. “I listen to anything that’s good, to be honest, I would listen to some screaming if I was in the mood,” she admitted, chuckling slightly. Lightly tapping on the bar with her nails, she paid attention to what the girl was saying. “Instrumental music is nice, I agree. Gives you a relaxing feel,” she told her with a nod. The sudden memory of her six year old self playing the piano like a professional was brought back to her at the mention of musical instruments. Her parents got her to learn how to play it at that age. She smirked subtly as she took another sip. She should probably try to play again, maybe compose a melody to honor the death of her parents.

Bianca made a mental confirmation to herself that the brawls were never going to stop. She had been subconsciously waiting for them to end so that maybe she could speak peacefully. The more she talked, the drier her throat felt as she was trying to talk over the noise in the background. This meant more drinking, which meant that she might go past her limit faster this day.

It seemed like the brunette decided to change the subject and now asked Bianca if she joined or watched the tournament. She must be talking about the martial arts tournament in Baska. Bianca pursed her lips and answered, “Nah. I arrived in Baska after the tournament so I just heard the name of the winner. It’s funny, I heard he wore a bathrobe in one of his matches? Or was it the last one? Either way I laughed so hard when I heard it and wished I had arrived earlier to watch.” She let out an amused chuckle. Her accent was most noticeable when she spoke this time as she was getting tipsier and her speech was mixed with a suppressed laugh. Just imagining it made her want to break out into a fit of hysterics like she did every time she thought about it. She didn’t exactly know what that man looked like, but she made a mental note to find out so that she could ask him about it if she ever met him. “What about you?”


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She sat there listening the the girl with white-like hair and beautiful eyes. Her right hand would tip the glass to her own lips to drink the last drop of it. She seemed to understand what she meant and therefore responded quite well. The instrumental music seemed to caught interest as she seemed to like it too. She remembered how she would sit with her mother as she taught her how to play even though her father who was from a different country, would teach her fighting skills. Most of the past was blurry, but she knew what they taught her when it came to certain skills.

As the booze would devour her soul, she would remember the calls and songs of her mother, Kuriana. The music was able to soothe even the fiercest animals around. Her heart would beat slow as her face would get painted a little pink from the alcohol settling in. Her face would turn more to look straight at the girl as her brown lioness eyes gazed into her soul in a calm manner. Her free hand would be against her cheek as fingers were tangled in her medium hair. The elbow was against the counter to hold her head in place.

What is family?

What is love?

She was randomly thinking such things as her brain waved off into space. What was in this drink? She could hear and pay attention to this woman, but her mind was in some area that wasn't reality. Even though that was true, Arisa was snapped out of it by the answer of the tournament question. The image then returned of seeing that guy naked. Her face blushed as she would sit up straight quickly and looked down to hide her face. ''Nnn...That guy. He did indeed and then took it off before going at me. Ugh...'' she spoke rather shyly soft and put both of her hands to hide her face after putting her drink fast. ''I honestly wasn't distracted by him being naked and all, but I made a mistake. We all do though and we learn from them.'' she would say softly yet calm, as after the word 'but', she would remove her hands from in front of her face to put them both on the counter.

Her head would tilt to look at her. ''I was happy enough to have gotten to the semi-finals.'' she would say with a cheerful smile. Even though Arisa was smiling, she still couldn't get the image of that guy out of her head. Truly someday she would, but since he was the first guy she saw naked...it was weird. Finally she would wonder about the girl in general. ''Sooo tell me about yourself.'' she would say out of interest. Her mind was like her mothers, always interested in studying people. Her mother though would be more interested in other kinds of studies though other than talking, like dissecting.

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Bianca Fleur
Bianca chuckled a bit, her mind still thinking about the bathrobe man when the brunette mentioned that he took it off before going at her. She almost spat out the drink from her mouth upon hearing this. She felt sorry for mentioning it. The girl could have thought that Bianca was trying to mock her by talking about it. “Oh...it was in the match with you?” asked the phantom with an uneasy smile. She thought of a new topic to talk about, but naturally, at times like this, especially with the help of alcohol, her mind went blank. But the girl changed the subject herself from the bathrobe-to-no-robe incident to how she was glad she made it to the semi finals.

“Yeah, you’re right. Next time, who knows? You might even be the champion!” she exclaimed with an excited laugh while she chugged down the remaining contents of her glass. That was when she asked Bianca to tell her about herself. The vampyre smiled, with the alcohol still in her mouth, and then gulped it down. “If you promise to share information about yourself, too,” she told her. Bianca was a bit sensitive when it came to sharing personal information to strangers. She didn’t know that it was a sacrifice she had to make if she wanted to make ‘friends’. If the girl agreed to what she asked in exchange, Bianca would continue to say:

“I am an orphan. My parents were murdered a long time ago, when I was still a child, you could say. And I’m a wizard.” Bianca had a lot of things to say in her head, but she was hesitant to share most of them, so that was all she could say for now. It was a lie not to include the fact that the murderer of her parents was herself, but she felt like that wasn’t something she should tell someone she just met. Then she added something she thought wasn’t dangerous to share. “My name is Bianca.”


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Arisa looked at her and listened to her speak. She questioned about the match a tiny bit and then spoke on how she could perhaps be champion, making her chuckle. ''Nah. I could never.'' she would say quietly and looked down at the counter. She was finished with her drink as she would then lastly listen to the girl talk once more, although this time it was about her. Her parents were dead, murdered to be exact. She was a wizard. It reminded her when her parents died as Alice, her sister didn't even know about her mother dying. The lady would finish her words with her name, Bianca.

''Alright...where to begin. Name is Arisa as my parents were killed as well. My father was murdered first, my mother survived till I was a teen. I traveled from an island to move here to see if I could find my meaning here.'' she would say as she shared as much info as Bianca did, but a tiny bit more with the whole share of the island. Arisa didn't share about her sister though nor that she killed her father. The mother on the other hand was still a mystery as she blacked out when it happened. What was she exactly? Just some weird existing female? Sadly it was getting late as sometime has past between the two. They chatted some more and drank. ''W-well...I have to go now.~ I must do my travels!'' she spoke rather softly and drunk-like the Bianca. ''It was lovely meeting you. Perhaps we can spend more time again. Cya later Bianca. Stay beautiful.'' she spoke and hiccuped as she did drink more as they were talking. Finally she would swirl out of her chair and stretched. With that in hand, Arisa waved bye with a goofy smile and blush, leaving the pub.


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Bianca Fleur
The brunette gave Bianca her fair share of personal information. Her name was Arisa, which was a name she had never heard before, but a nice name nonetheless. Apparently, she was also an orphan which made Bianca feel a bit warm inside to meet another orphan. But it wasn’t a good thing to be an orphan so she kept her excitement to herself. Bianca surely was the only one out of the two who was happy with her parents dying. She knew most people would rather have their parents alive than dead. Arisa mentioned that she moved from an island to here, to find a new meaning? If she heard correctly. She wondered where that island was, or what it’s called. Maybe she might know since she knew a lot of places, even far away from Fiore. But it seemed Arisa didn’t want to share this information, so she moved on and said that she had to go.

Blinking, the silver haired sorceress stared at Arisa as she spoke in a drunken manner. She thought she was fine just a while ago, when she was talking about herself. Bianca couldn’t think of a reason for her to just suddenly act drunk. Because she wanted to leave? She could just get up and go. Maybe she started to feel insecure after sharing so much information about herself? But she literally just shared the fact that she was an immigrant with no parents. “Oh, I see,” said Bianca with a smile as Arisa gathered herself in a rather sloppy way and said goodbye to Bianca, telling her to stay beautiful. “You, too, Arisa,” Bianca replied, watching her swivel out of her seat and leave. Bianca sat and continued drinking until she felt satisfied before going back home as well.

- exit -

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