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Once Upon a Song | Lacie

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Once Upon a Song | Lacie Empty Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:18 am



It was a lovely Saturday night, despite the season the weather wasn't so cold and Serena was excited for her second performance in Magnolia. It had been about a month since she last performed and she kind of missed seeing how much people would be affected by her songs, being a Grand Hymn songstress didn't mean the only gift she got was weaving it's magic through songs but also being able to touch people's hearts more than others could with normal songs.

Serena wore her white long tight dress, it fit her like a glove, having small sapphires around the neck and at the end of it's long sleeves along with touches of blue color that matched her eyes. She wore her sapphire colored shoes, put on her coat and left her appartment.

The bar where she was going to perform was nearby, in a matter of minutes she was already there. The bar didn't have an off-stage room for her to change so she had to get ready at home and then get inside through the back door. The bar owner told her that everything was ready for her performance, she would be performing in half an hour.

Serena was ready, the owner signalled her to get on stage...and then she sang.

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie had this air of confidence around her as she walked her way to a nice looking bar. You know the one where drunk people wouldn't come. A proper bar if you asked her opinion. Lacie was dressed in a black dress with her hair in a wary knot with a black flower. She had done a bit of make-up to hide most of her freckles and to put an accent on her doll like lips.

Her trencoat bellowed behind her as she entered and stopped immediately in the doorway. There was someone singing and it did really sound beautiful that it almost made Lacie jealous that she couldn't sing like that. However she could sing, not that great but she used to sing in Church all the time. She moved close to where the woman was singing and took a seat over there. She ordered an orange juice and simply listened, closing her eyes and swaying a little bit on the melody. She should try to become friends with this person, so she could learn to get a voice like that and other reasons. She had to know if this person believed in the light also, it would be a shame if the dark side had taken a woman like her.


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It was time for Serena to take a break now, after all of the people's applause some came towards the stage to congratulate her, some were smiling and on some you could still see the line that tears had formed from before. Serena thanked everyone with a smile, and as the people were going back to their tables she noticed a red haired girl sitting in the front tables, close to the stage staring at her and smiling. Serena felt a different air around her, she must be someone important, she thought. She wasn't dressed like royalty even though how truly beautiful she was but she definately had that princess-like air around her.

Serena's break wasn't that long and she had to rest her voice for a bit, the young girl could wait a little while longer if she was that interested in her. Serena had all those thoughts while smiling at her in the meantime, she might be a stranger to her but Serena had manners and she wasn't gonna forget that now.

Serena went on the stage again, after this song she would have some time to talk with the girl.

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie was one of the few that remained seated while the girl was done singing. She heard names: Selena? Serena? Her cousin was called Selena. She didn't like Selena that much, she also wasn't sure if Selena was alive, something happened in her village. She still didn't know the hows and why's but that didn't matter. Especially not now. Maybe one day she would bump into Selena but Fate would decide that, not her.

She listened to the new song and enjoyed it again, it kept her mind off the big questions that were in her life. About things that might never be answered so why take time to think about it. When the girl was done singing, Lacie decided to invite her with a table, by simply placing the stool a bit back. When the woman joined her, she smiled happily, "I have to say you have a beautiful voice. It was my first night here but I really enjoyed it."


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After people congratulated Serena for her performance once again, she was now ready to meet with this young lady in person. Surprisingly for her, the girl invited her to her table. Serena quickly snapped out of it and went to sit with the her. Once Serena sat down the girl smiled and complimented her voice saying it was beautiful, apparently it was her first time here but she really enjoyed it.

"Thank you for your kind words, I have to say this was my first time here as well, but I haven't introduced myself yet, I am Serena". Serena was smiling, she didn't want to come off as rude towards the girl, after all she had the courtesy of inviting her to her table and was constantly smiling and enjoying herself during Serena's performance, she deserved Serena's smile.

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Lacie Eventide
It was a bit weird according to Lacie that people kept congratulating the singer. It was obvious she did a well job, and Lacie thought she was great but why point that out every second that she stopped singing. It was ridiculous. She took another sip of her orange juice. She looked at the girl now that they shared a table and she made a waving gesture to the waiter to order something to drink and maybe something to eat.

"Oh sorry, I didn't introduce myself as well. Where are my manners. My name is Lacie Eventide." She always said her surname, she was of a wealthy family. You never knew if her name was known. So it was indeed Serena, better than Selena in her honest opinion. "Did you plan to make a career out of singing? I bet you can, it sounds lovely." even though she now felt a bit stupid for repeating herself, she was just pointing it out. Be friendly, Lacie, was what she thought to herself, "I wish I could sing like that. Did you have a teacher or are you a natural talent?" She was rather curious, maybe with some teaching, no she had other things to do.


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Lacie Eventide, Serena thought, she heard that surname before, she was certain of that however she didn't want to pry into really personal matters yet. The young lady was kind enough to call the waiter, Serena ordered some tea, it wasn't common to order tea in a bar, but she had just sang she had to keep her throat warm.

When Lacie wondered about Serena's singing career she explained that she was already making some money as a professional songstress, of course she hadn't been to Fiore for a long time, the first town she visited was Magnolia, and this was her second time performing here, she wasn't that well known in this land but she gained some fans since her first time.

"I would have to say both". Serena giggled. "You see my mother was a songstress herself and she taught me how to regulate my breathing, voice and how to hold a delicate pose while doing so. But I was already talented myself". Serena smiled, not to be polite this time but because she wanted to. Seeing how interested Lacie was into her singing and voice made Serena happy, she was enjoying herself talking with this girl. "Ah, I almost forgot about your remark. I can hear the way you talk, and I can see the way you breath, you are a bit trained in singing as well aren't you. If that's the case I would love to hear you someday".

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie waved the waiter goodbye again as soon as Serena had ordered, she was still halfway through her glass of Orange Juice. So she was doing just fine for now. She leaned on her right hand and looked with her big hazelbrown eyes towards Serena when she explained that she was some sort of professional and made money, which was a very interesting thing.

Lacie gave a short chuckle too when Serena laughed and gave the answer to her question if she had been teached or talent. She nodded slowly when she explained, "Ah with a talented mother, only a talented daughter can arise." Indirect she was also talking about herself but Serena wouldn't know that and Lacie planned to keep it that way. Of course it wasn't for everyone, only Lacie was talented, if you looked at her dead twinsister, she had it coming.

Serena mentioned that Lacie her breathing was fine as well and that she would love to hear her sing sometimes, "Oh I'm not good. I only sing in the Church choir and my magic allows me to say short prayers when I perform." She waved it away as it was nothing, but it wasn't nothing to herself. Her Church was the most important thing next to her mother.


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Serena felt a slight discomfort when Lacie talked about her magic, she had to completely change the subject of their conversation so it wouldn't lead to her explaining her own magic, it had to remain a secret, that's what her experiences with people she told to showed.

The waiter came with Serena's tea, she smiled and thanked him while turning to Lacie. "Would you be interested in having something to eat?". Serena thought that at least if they ate there would be less talking and she could have avoided the matter on magic entirely. To her dismay, Lacie gave a negative answer after which Serena sent the waiter on his way. Serena looked at her tea, it had a golden color and it's smell was sweet, lavender, how she loved that smell it reminded her of her beloved mother and how she would leave a scent trail of lavender, that's how Serena used to find her as a child.

Serena realised that she hadn't said anything for a while, she took a sip of her tea feeling it's rich flavor and then turned to Lacie, she smiled to the girl looking at her clothes, she found her quite pretty. "I have to say that your dress is beautiful, the color is subtle so it accenuates your red hair which in return make your face seemingly glow".

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie didn't notice the discomfort of Serena, she also actually didn't really care. She didn't have to discuss magic, she just mentioned it. Always made er feel better if it was opposite people that weren't able to use magic. She was a chosen one like her mother would say. She was able to heal people, not only outside but inside. She was a dear well.. sometimes.

Lacie was simply looking around her, sometimes she looked from the corner of her eye to Serena. She wanted to give the other girl some time, she didn't have to talk about everything all at once. She put the straw in her mouth and sipped on the drink. Lacie looked up from her orange juice when Serena started talking again, it made her blush in a good way, a happy way and she couldn't stop smiling, "Oh thank you. It's one of my favourites. I have to say I like yours too. We're like the opposite of each other with a black and white dress." she gigled a little at the end for making that statement.


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Lacie was giggling after making her last statement, Serena couldn't help it and giggled herself. The girl seemed delightful, Serena took another sip of her lavender tea, once she put the cup down she felt a strange smell. Serena's nose was more sensitive than most so she could pick up smells easier, but what on earth was that smell... Something was burning, Serena was certain, it didn't smell like cooked food coming from the kitchen, there was a fire nearby.

Serena looked around her, she couldn't see smoke coming from anywhere then why was there such a smell. Serena warned Lacie, she told her to leave the place while she was going to warn the manager, Lacie did as she was told and Serena quickly went to the manager and told him to be on the lookout for a potential fire somewhere she didn't want to cause a panic so she would leave that to the manager's hands, the manager hurried to the back of the bar, Serena paid for the drinks and went out herself to join Lacie.

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie was warned by Serena that there was a fire. Serena said she should go outside and she went to do that, it wasn't her problem, she should leave. However when she was outside, she felt like that the Divine would frown upon her if she didn't went back inside to help, so that's what she did. She ran back in and looked for Serena who was still talking to the manager.

She looked at the people that started to look around too. "Everyone out, please." she said with a warm voice so no one would be panicked. The waiters and waitresses were helping her to make sure no one would get lost in panic. She stared around again to find Serena but she wasn't afraid, the God would save her. However she first have to make sure these people were alright.


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Serena was on her way out when she noticed that there was a slight ruckus in the bar, the customers were all standing up and walking towards the exit with the waiters telling them to stand in the line and that everything was going to be ok. Serena noticed Lacie helping an old couple, she hurried to their side, with Lacie holding the old woman and Serena the old man the four of them went towards the exit.

Once the whole bar was evacuated and the fire had now spread to the whole bar, the water mages had just arrived. The fire was gone in a couple of minutes, Serena turned to Lacie smiling "A job well done I'd say". Once the medics that were called as well made sure everyone was unharmed Serena proposed to Lacie to go for a walk, after all it was a lovely saturday evening. "Perhaps dine as well afterwards? I am feeling a but hungry myself after this small event".

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie was fine with everything, it was fate that told her this was her opportunity, so she accepted it gladly. She would walk with Serena and afterwards dine with her. It was a fine evening but there was more necessary to make it a perfect evening and Lacie was wondering what.


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