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To Intimidate A Man [Quest]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

To Intimidate A Man [Quest] Empty on Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:50 am

Bianca Fleur
Baska wasn’t a very lively town after all. Maybe Bianca had a different definition of ‘lively’ compared to others, but she really didn’t feel like there was much to do there. There were no request boards, so she didn’t have anything to do most of the time. Well there were request boards, but they were just boards with no requests on them. So the lone vampyress returned to her home sweet home, Oak Town, where there was not a day she didn’t feel like it was the end of the world. She could always find something to do. After all, it was her home, and a home is supposed to make you feel comfortable. What she felt when she was in Baska was the need to ‘go home’. When she finally reached Oak Town, she felt as though she had come back to somewhere warm and cozy and where she belonged. That was what ‘home’ was supposed to feel like, isn’t it? That’s what she felt like now and it was good.

“Come again?” asked the impatient phantom while asking for directions to a certain pub where she would be meeting a quest client. Yes, she had just arrived back in Oak, and yes she was already taking on a quest. The coach driver who had been giving her the directions gave her a tired look and started over, making sure he spoke slowly and clearly so that Bianca didn’t miss a thing. She couldn’t help it. He was speaking with betel nuts in his mouth. Subtly gritting her teeth in annoyance, Bianca forced the word, “Thanks,” out of her mouth before leaving him and following his directions to the pub.

Upon reaching the pub (it took her fifteen minutes), Bianca began to search for a well-dressed man who would possibly have an angry expression on his face. She walked past a few tables surrounded by men who would tease her in a million different ways, since she was the only woman in the pub. Bianca had no time to care or feel offended in any way, so she kept scanning with her only available eye at the moment. Of course they were making fun of her ‘silly’ appearance. Apparently some dumb people found her outfit silly, and told her to try a different ‘costume’, as if they thought she was dressed up early for the next halloween. A few moments later, a waiter came to where she stood, whispering something into her ears and taking the quest paper from her. She followed the waiter to a private table where the well-dressed man she was looking for was sitting alone, seemingly anticipating her arrival. “Hello,” said Bianca who took the seat opposite to his. He didn’t return the greeting but gestured for her to have a drink. With a refusing smile, she stayed silent, letting him know that she was here for business only. The man understood immediately and cleared his throat, beginning to explain what she needed to do.

500 / 1000

#2Bianca Fleur 

To Intimidate A Man [Quest] Empty on Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:41 am

Bianca Fleur
After explaining to her exactly what he wanted, the ‘well dressed man’ who she now came to know as ‘Frankie Marino’, let her begin the job. Bianca rolled up the paper like a newspaper and smacked the surface of the wooden table before leaving. There was no real meaning to this action, it was just to warn the ones who were still teasing her. It seemed to work for a moment since they stopped speaking all at once for a while before continuing with it. Bianca left without another word, heading to the shop where their target was. He was apparently a shopkeeper who had not been paying Mr. Marino for something. Bianca didn’t ask what it was for since she didn’t exactly like to prying into other people’s businesses. So with the information she needed, she had already left.

The pub and the shop were like the north and the south poles. She felt like the stupidest person in the whole world, walking from the pub to the shop since she decided to save money. That was a pretty dumb thing to do. But since she was already past halfway the journey (she assumed, because of how far she had walked already), Bianca decided this was no time to give up. She kept walking, despite how much she was sweating and how hot it was. It was a good thing her outfit was mostly white, as well as her hair as white reflected heat. The exhausted phantom eventually came to the shop in which she would find an old-ish man, maybe in his forties. Apparently he was the only man in the unexpectedly small shop. Bianca made a knocking sound by thumping on the little wooden table at the entrance. Given her light steps and soundless nature, the shopkeeper would only notice her at the sound of her knocking. He appeared almost immediately at the door, asking her with a stern expression, what she needed. With a small smile, Bianca asked, “May I enter?” as if she regarded the shop as a private establishment. The man raised an eyebrow before nodding and letting her in, never ceasing to stare at her ‘odd’ appearance.

Bianca was taken to a little space where there was a table and chairs around it. It seemed the man knew she wasn’t here to buy from his shop, but to speak to him about something. He brought a glass of water, not for Bianca but for himself. He was probably thirsty. “So what are you here for?” asked the impatient man. He was probably waiting to hear if it was good news or bad news, or if it even was worth his time hearing. She waited for him to finally sit down instead of walking around her and staring like a vulture. Then, she began to tell him what she was here for. The man looked confused for a while, but when she started throwing in threats, his eyes widened and he was visibly sweating now. His facial expression remained the same however, but eventually (with Bianca’s display of her vampyre fangs), the man agreed to pay back and also write a note to prove his agreement, signing it. Bianca gave him a deadly smile and headed back to Marino where she collected her reward.

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