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Lets get to Orchida town (Mammon|Travel|Private)

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#1Atlas Prime 

Lets get to Orchida town (Mammon|Travel|Private) Empty Wed Feb 01, 2017 3:59 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was disappointed in himself. He lost in the first round of the tournament. He knew that he might lose a fight at some point but it hurt him being knocked out in the first round. Atlas had to shrug off the experience he guessed. He knew he would just have to learn form it and get stronger so that next time he could survive longer or even win. Atlas looked around the town of Baska and figured he had nothing left to do in this place. The tournament had finished, he gained a new weapon, which was his spear, and learned some new things for fighting. He felt like it was time to return home and figure out what he should do next. He hadn't seen Miyu in a while or anyone from the guild so he thought it might be a good idea to go and visit them and say hi. Atlas looked around and the town for one last view before taking off down the road out of Baska.

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#2Atlas Prime 

Lets get to Orchida town (Mammon|Travel|Private) Empty Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:12 pm

Atlas Prime
(Guess I'll just go by myself)

Atlas didn't notice anything important to stop for so he took off from the town of Baska. He didn't really know when he would be back here but he felt like he needed to get home to his guild. There he could start to get stronger and hopefully overcome more obstacles in his path. Atlas turned around, put his back to the town and started to walk down the road towards Orchida. He knew it was going to be a long travel since he had looked at some maps before he left. He was teleported to Baska for the tournament so he didn't actually walk there so he really didn't know how far it actually was to get there.

Atlas guessed now would be a good time to try and practice his spear technique while he walked. He was going to practice with a man he thought was from the tournament but it seemed something came up and they didn't really do there fight. Atlas hoped he would gain some more experience with it later. Atlas would make sure no one else was around when he started to practice in fear he might hurt one of them. He was a light guild mage so hurting others was not a good idea for him, well unless they did bad. Atlas could tell he had a long way to go with his spear training as occasionally he would drop it while trying to swing it around. The nice thing with a spear is that it has good range. He decided that maybe he should look around for someone to teach him more about the weapon in his hand or he could try to visit a library or bookstore and look for a beginners guide to the spear, if such a book existed. Atlas was pretty glad though to have someone occupy him while he was walking back to Orchida. He knew it could get quite boring while walking if you had nothing to do.

After quite a while Atlas felt less clumsy with his weapon. He also saw something that made him happy. It was still quite a way off but he finally started to see him home town of Orchida. Since he was walking it would take him a good amount of time to reach it still but this just meant that he was closer with each step he took. Atlas was quite glad that his travel came up uninteresting so that he could practice his skills with the spear. He knew sometimes things might happen when people travel and it would just be a pain to deal with.

Atlas guessed that when he got there he might want to go home and relax from his travels. He knew he could always go practice and or research later. He wondered if any of his guild members missed him while he was in Baska. As Atlas got closer and closer to the town he decided to pick up his pace with a job. Eventually, with excitement, he would start to run to the town until he made it through the gates at the start of town. He wasn't sure if anyone would from the town would know him or not, but he was glad to finally be back.



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