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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Wed Feb 01, 2017 3:13 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste had just woke up making her way down town of Oak, today was a special day for Celeste she planned on going to a library to find out any recorded information of when her mother was alive, and if she could possibly find out anything else about her. Maybe her mother was involved in some serious gang business and was recorded in history or possibly a big hero to everyone! Either way, today she decided it was the day she dug further into her bloodline to figure out more about herself, at the grand library in Oak. Also known as Oak's Grand Library. Located near the northern part of Oak, almost right on the border of town, a good ten minute walk.

Just before continuing her walk she made a quick stop at her favorite Ice-Cream parlor grabbing a strawberry milkshake, she had been craving one for a few nights now. Memories of her fight with Finn ran through her head, their short but fierce spar had sparked a few unknown memories. Like the one of the woman with white hair and blue strips staring down at her, and a more current one that was more so a reoccurring dream. Celeste would be running with her father, however he seemed a little younger in the face and the same with this woman but her hair seemed almost black, but the facial features shared the same as the white-haired woman. 

Whoever she was mother, sister, aunt or even cousin, Celeste was going to get to the bottom of it. After ordering her milk-shake she quietly walked to the library sipping on it. After walking as far as she could before leaving Oak she found the library next to a magic shop and behind an apartment complex. 

"This is much bigger than I imagined..." Celeste gasped, in awe of the library's size.

This would be her first time in a building that could even be classified as a library, Celeste was in awe at every corner she turned. Thousands of books right before her eyes! She immediately got to searching for any books that held a clue to her past or anything she could use to bounce off of.

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Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Wed Feb 01, 2017 4:18 pm

A dark aura fell upon the streets of Oak. A figure pushed through the crowds, the aura released from their body frightening the citizens forcing them to split apart clearing a pathway for the individual. The figure was small barely five feet and belonged to that of an old woman. The old lady had wrinkles around her eyes formed from old age, with grey hair tied tightly into a twin bun locked in place by a long needle with two pearls dangling off the top. Her eyes appeared to be shut, hiding away the dull red hues beneath. Hanging off each of her ears was a set of pearl earrings dangling off a golden chain. The old lady wore a simple long kimono closed by an obi, a jacket, and a sash over it, paired with white tabi socks and simple waraji.

The old woman, while she was marked by age, she was still as frightening as ever. To those who knew of her, she went by the name Carnage, a member of Grimoire Heart, a solitary guild that kept to itself planning dark schemes. She was a woman who had been around for seventy-five long years, the eldest member of Grimoire Heart, an old woman known for having a fiery temper when angered. While Carnage was patient, she had a great rage bottled deep inside her. Her rage was stemmed from her religion. Carnage, whose real name was Yumi was a Witch who worshipped the Chaos God of Anger, Violence, and Hate, Khorne. Rage was their strength, the stronger one's anger, the stronger they became under the dark light of Khorne. The pledge to the Dark God engraved on her back, the tattoo carved into her flesh.

Yumi's narrowed eyes bore dead ahead, killer intent flooding from her tiny body installing fear into the citizens. The old woman's destination was the town's Grand Library. Why was she travelling to such a place? Her reasons were her own, and she would not divulge them unless she so desired. The old woman glided across the streets with a grace that had been earned over the years. She had no wasted movement as she easily parted the crowds, coming into full view of the Library. Her eyes began to part revealing the dulled red beneath, eyes that once shown like diamonds but had long since lost their shimmer due to age.

Carnage began walking up the stairs that led up to the front door. Her eyes glossed over the architecture that had been standing for many years, the building was older than she was. Yumi raised a single hand pressing it against the wooden door and forced it open, a loud creak echoing as the hinges were strained. Yumi walked through, her waraji touching the stone floor, candle torches illuminating the sides of the walls, as a skylight allowed natural light to shine on down from above. Her eyes began to scan the many shelves, numerous tomes, books and ancient scrolls calling them home.

Carnage parted her lips releasing a breath of air as she made her way further into the building. She had long since sealed away her aura and killer intent, to appear as a grouchy old woman, narrowed eyes, creased brow, nose wrinkled and a sneer on her lips. Her feet made no sound as she crossed the threshold moving past the librarian's at the front paying them no heed, not even glancing in their direction ignoring them completely. She saw no need to interact with these heathens, for once she was done they would all perish sooner or later. Their lives were forfeit the moment she laid her eyes upon then, but she would not cause trouble in public. Yumi sought no need to draw any more focus to her.

The old woman walked to the back, away from prying eyes as she began to survey the shelves, looking for something in particular. She had heard word there was a religious tome to do with the Chaos Gods, so she desired to seek it out and attempt to learn its contents. All the while never knowing just who she would bump into this very day.

#3Amai Okashi 

Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Wed Feb 01, 2017 4:55 pm

Amai Okashi
There was a census from 150 years ago.


There was a census from 140 years ago.


There was a census from 260 years ago.


Who organized these?!

Amai was digging through books. Each of the censuses from the past were marks of history, and that’s exactly what she needed. She had been off the grid for about a decade, ten years of current events flown by without so much as a twitch. This was a problem, especially for her current situation. Having run away from home at eight years old, this diminutive pink-haired Trickster lost a lot of time in her developing life, almost as though time itself left her at such a small size. She needed information on a few things, and she was hoping her visit to the library would aid in such an endeavor. Not only was she looking for information about potential guilds, but she was also researching information on her mother and sister. Having seen her sister recently sparked this interest in her family, and she especially wanted to know what happened to them.

Amai’s small stature was hindering her extensively, though. Needing to jump even to reach some of the census books on the upper shelves was slowing the process, and a stack of the census books was starting to grow. She was hoping that a recent census would be available, but it wasn’t certain; some organizations tended to keep some of that information private for almost a hundred years. This didn’t keep Amai from searching, though. Whoever had sorted the census books (or whoever clearly didn’t) seemed not to think that a person of a shorter persuasion would be wanting to look at them. She jumped once more to grab the next book, needing to place her feet on a lower shelf. Gripping the thick book, she smiled with pride. However, she immediately noticed that the book was coming closer. No, the whole bookcase was moving closer.

As it tipped, a couple of books higher up fell off the top shelf and knocked Amai square on top of her head. Dizziness came over her as the bookcase came down. The hefty bookcase would definitely come down on top of her, hopefully simply hurting the young one and not causing any serious damage.

If only Amai would be so lucky…


#4Celeste Vagarosa 

Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:22 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



A woman somewhat near her had began her search through the books, had she research to do as well? She looked very old, much like the opponent Erebus had fought. If Celeste's hunch is correct the mature woman and probably the most knowledgeable in the building, was known as Carnage. Her actions didn't help cover up her name either, some people actually feared the woman, she was known to go on about some crazy god of hers, something about chaos and that sort of thing. Figures, she was the odd duck out in society and being unique and wildly different from others your instantly feared and hated. Celeste began to ponder, did people think she was crazy for worshiping the stars?

Whatever. People could think what they wished, what she believed in was her business if people chose to judge her for such minor things it just reflected their personalities, their immaturity. Celeste's village certainly was not a normal one with their thousands of weird morals and beliefs and requirements to leave the village permanently. Carnage didn't seem like the outrageous and vicious person the rumors made her out to be though, she looked like a sweet old grandma. Celeste even had the urge to run up and hug the old woman, she just seemed to cozy. So either Carnage had a false appearance of vicious or this just wasn't Carnage.

She'd ask the knowledgeable woman later. Due to off to her right, a smaller red-head would be jumping up the shelves, Celeste already saw this as a hazard. Smiling to herself she had gone to aide the red-head before anything harmful could happen to them. As the shelf came down on them, Celeste head the red head close, leaping out of the way, of course a way easier solution would've been to slice the bookcase into many pieces, but at the cost of possibly damaging important artifacts and ancient tomes. That was something nobody in the town could afford, this was the only library in Oak and it was used on a daily basis for people to search their lineage of their families.

"You okay?" Celeste would ask, sitting the red-head in a chair.

They were positioned not to far off from Carnage. Hopefully the duo had sparked her interest and she'd head over to the both of them.

"So tell me, what brings you here?" Celeste asked, smiling. Then after she'd answer Celeste would inform her, "You know if you needed help you could've just asked me, I gladly would've helped you."

She'd looked them up and down just to ensure herself that they were unharmed, besides maybe a few bruises from falling.

Celeste would then hold her hand out to the person, ready to shake their hands. "I'm Irony, what about you?"


Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:08 pm

Yumi reached out, her sleeve falling down her arm as she reached up grabbing a dusty book off the shelf. The book was in a good condition but it appeared ancient, old if you would. Yumi blew gently onto the front cover blowing off a little of the dust in order to inspect the ancient tome in her hands. She began to turn the page, allowing her eyes to scan over the text. The tome in her hands was one on ancient religions and gods that had been worshipped across the land of Fiore. Yumi scowled at some of the religions as she turned the pages over as she glanced over to read briefly. Yumi shut the book with a loud snap, dusty rising out of its pages before she sat it back on the shelf. It had nothing of what she desired.

Yumi moved onto the next section of the bay, reaching down to collect another tome. She held the book in her left hand using her right to open its page's. Little bits of cobweb hung off the corners of the tome with a spider crawling across its pages. Yumi flicked her wrist striking the spider and sent it flying into a wall where it squashed on impact. Before she could read it something caught her eye. Yumi turned her head watching a little girl with pink hair and eyes, someone shorter than her, jumping up on a shelf to grab a book, only for the shelf to begin to fall atop her. Yumi's eyes narrowed in annoyance as dust flew everywhere from the shelf as it began falling down intending to squish the young girl. The old woman felt no need to react, why? Because it seemed someone else had before she could decide if she wished to lend her power or not. The person who acted to save the young girl was another young girl.

The shelf hit the ground with a loud echoing bang that drew the attention of those within the library causing them to flock to the scene. Yumi's eyes narrowed as the dust cleared, allowing her view to get a clear view of the two girls. The one who had nearly been crushed the old woman estimated her to be around fourteen maybe fifteen, but appearances could be deceptive. The girl with pink hair had a childlike appearance with thin legs and small torso.

Amai is a rather youthful young lady. By most standards, she is much shorter than others her age, and she even appears much younger than she really is. Her eyes are bright and shining with emotion. Pink pools with hints of darker red swim in her orbs. Youthful soft cheeks top the curves of her lips. With the rounded frame of her face, her face encompasses a childlike appearance. Small rounded shoulders support thin but firm arms that end in childlike fingertips. A modest chest and flat stomach compliment her smaller torso. Thin but firm legs round out her body. She was probably an inch shorter than the old lady. The other was taller than both Yumi and the pinkette, five eight by estimation, azure hair that reached her waist tied in a ponytail bun, with matching dark sapphire blue eyes. Her entire attire was just about completely blue.

The old woman took a step forward, she was on the opposite site of the fallen shelf, the girls on the other side, the shelf blocking their path. Yumi would look down at the shelf as people pondered what to do about it. Yumi tsked in annoyance before she moved her right arm doing a combination of a flex and flick of her wrist. The moment Yumi made this action mana in the shape of black tongues of fire erupted from consuming her entire body. Mana coursed through her veins, the black colour giving the old woman a demonic appearance. Yumi reached out with her right arm grabbing the side of the shelf and with force lifted it up off the ground and threw it back into the air where it crash landed in its previous spot standing straight.

Yumi rolled her shoulders and stepped over the mass of fallen tomes and books in order to approach the two, her dark aura never fading as it whipped about violently. Yumi planted a foot in the ground as she stood three metres from the two girls. The aura was sucked into her body revealing the woman's extensive control over her magic as she was able to seal it away instantly.

"The little one should be thankful she was not crushed. If your saviour here had not intervened, they would be cleaning you off the floors. I would be most displeased to be forced out should such an occasion have occurred." Spoke the old woman in a tone that had been marked by age and experience, there was an underlay of violence beneath her words. She stood in a manner that commanded respect, her shoulders, back and limbs straight as her gaze cast down upon the two young girls. The old woman was not someone you wanted to upset. This was clear in the way she spoke. The old woman was clearly much more than she seemed.

"Thus I believe we should be most thankful you were not crushed like a bug, no?" Spoke the aged woman again as her eyes began to slowly open revealing the dulled red beneath, ones that had seen the tide of death and the passing of time. "After all, I doubt you would want to have your life cut so abruptly." The old woman turned her gaze, keeping the two in her left vision as she glanced towards the shelf. There was quite a mess behind them, but the librarians were already attempting to clean it up some giving them unpleasant looks, to the point of glaring.

"Perhaps it would be best to move away from the isle, hm?" Suggested the old woman as she began to walk past them, "Come." The word came out as a barking order, demanding the two girls to follow the old woman as she desired to move away from the commotion.


Mana: 1000/1050

Name: Kuroi Kyouka (Dark Enhancement)
Rank: D
Mana Cost[b]: 25
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type: Self Buff - Strength
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user flicks one of their wrists and allows a black aura of mana, like flames, to consume their body. Mana floods into the muscles strengthening enhancing the users strength by D rank.

Name: Mokushi Reiki (Apocalypse Aura)
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type: Self Buff - Strength
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: With a simply yet notable flex of their muscles the user activates this spell. An onyx black aura of magic bursts forth from the users body encompassing their body and empowering their muscles increasing ones strength by D rank.

#6Amai Okashi 

Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:12 pm

Amai Okashi
The shelf was coming down, and Amai was a little surprised, assuming that such bookcase would be bolted down for just such occasions. As the shelves became loose, the dazed young one started to move her legs back to catch herself. However, her legs were shaking, and they were weak in the moment from the books nailing her on the head. She winced, looking to try to make the reflex save...and then she wasn't there anymore. She watched as the bookcase crashed to the ground, dust spreading all over from the disturbed space. A heavy sight of relief left her lips, and she turned to see that a blue-haired Samaritan had saved her from such a fate. At first, she appeared relieved, but then her eye twitched.

Amai went right back to being an anti-victim.

The pink-haired youth appeared very annoyed. She jumped down from her savior's arms, her diminutive size allowing her to have been picked up completely in the scene. She stamped a foot of hers onto the ground with a slightly pouting look, not wanting to receive pity from an appeared weakness based on her size. A little bit of dust rose up from her shoe. She muttered under her breath, nigh inaudible in her initial response.

"You okay?"

"I would've been fine..."

"So tell me, what brings you here? You know if you needed help you could've just asked me, I gladly would've helped you. I'm Irony, what about you?"


Amai was going to respond further (to mention the philosophical meaning of her name), but she stopped with the presence of another person. An older lady had entered the scene and began using magic to put the bookcase and books back in place. The old woman seemed almost demonic in that moment, little flames assisting her, looking like a shaman of the demonic flame. Who this person was, she didn't know. However, a great power was being sensed in this woman as she approached. It was daunting, to say the least.

"The little one should be thankful she was not crushed. If your saviour here had not intervened, they would be cleaning you off the floors. I would be most displeased to be forced out should such an occasion have occurred.Thus I believe we should be most thankful you were not crushed like a bug, no? After all, I doubt you would want to have your life cut so abruptly. Perhaps it would be best to move away from the isle, hm? Come."

Amai felt an intense gravity, even as the lady’s tone shifted to a lighter one. This lady seemed in control completely of her actions, and it was respectable. The youthful pink-haired girl in a sailor outfit and large pink cloak simply nodded and followed, biting her lip.


#7Noel Raion 

Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Thu Feb 02, 2017 5:43 pm

Noel Raion
Don't Touch My Loli.

'Oh my.'

A voice spoke from behind the curtains of a ramen shop. The teenage angst that came from a senior woman, probably thrice his age; that's what his dialogue was in response to. Of course, being the subtlest in his speech as he didn't aim to disrupt her movement. He merely spoke because of the murderous intent, it gave him a slight rise. In many ways. His eyes were most curious -- as a mere glance could tell him the direction which the damsel was headed towards. It was no surprise that people like this existed in a town with this reputation. Maarschalk was a complete different being however, many did not easily perceive his emotions; it'd take someone a long time to properly analyze what he had in mind. His curiosity didn't stop him from continuing his late dinner; after eating his bowl of ramen he got up. He gave the building one long glance prior to walking towards it.

The sun had long set, most of the rooms inside the building were lighted up by candles, most of it remained within shadows. Surely the senior woman who had entered that building had ill intentions, and, being the warrior of justice that is Maarschalk -- he had to intervene! Although, not on an empty stomach.

Without giving any hints that he was in fact trailing her steps towards the building that he now identified as a library, he took entrance in a silent manner; he knew what he was up to; and knew the implications of his failing -- that being death, or that was what he could gather from the intent of the woman who had entered prior to him.

His steps could not be heard by a living soul; the shadow that connected throughout the library were long. They even connected all the way to the basement, where not a single soul resided. That's where the absence of Maarschalks sound was funneled towards. Whilst unseen by any, he made his entrance. The presence of living beings was no secret in this library. He moved from section to section until he ended up behind three souls.

The front of his body faced the back of three women; two of which he had seen before - one who was trekking towards this town; and the other woman he trailed inside. The sounds that he funneled relocated from the basement, to about ten meters away from the women. The noises were dramatic and loud, so that they could notice them - the way the stairs in this library creeks certainly draws attention. Especially considering the artificial weight put on these steps.

Even though the sound came from that position, nobody was to be seen - as the tall figure who was making those sounds stood a few meters behind the three girls. Close enough for them to notice had the turned around - but far away enough for him to arrive without allowing them to notice him.

'Over here.'

A voice spoke, from behind. The man that lurked the shadows - it set a step forwards so that it could be seen. It turned from silhouette to physical shape, to detail and then his entrance was made clear. The abnormal height of the figure topped the height of every soul present. His eyes spoke of no mercy; the pink-haired traveler reminded him of his wife. The feelings he felt could be compared to whenever she was in danger.

'Should the right honorable gentleman ask the evil that lurks these libraries to step backwards from the pink-haired traveler with words; or with actions?'

His dialogue rattled off, as the distance between them remained the same. Any change to that would receive appropriate reaction. His eyes set themselves on the woman of age, but certainly shifted towards the other unknown as well - her intentions were unclear to him. A fist that formed throughout his entrance to this library had been released.

'spell used':
Name: Loud
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25 // 25
Requirements: Takeover magic: god
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: 2 meter
Cooldown: 4 posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user becomes  completely silent when they're in the vicinity of shadows. This is accomplished by funneling the sound that the user would normally generate into the shadows near him. The shadows would then muffle the sound. Shadows have to be within two meters of the user. This is accomplished by forming a fist with one of the users hands.

#8Celeste Vagarosa 

Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:11 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste's action of kindness seemed to spare the little girl pain, however she seemed confident that she would have been fine. Celeste nodded. Well you can't change someones opinion on their safety, however the girl would've at least suffered some sort of pain. Soon Celeste found out her name was Amai. Just then an elderly woman guided the two of them out of the isle of the library. Taking them to a section that was away from the main part of the building, sort of a semi-circle par that over looked the streets of Oak. Sort of like a balcony but it was bay window. The elderly woman seemed to feel that Amai should be grateful to her.

A man's voice could be heard behind the trio. He asked for the evil to step away from the pinkette, well Celeste wasn't a known force of evil, she did more good deeds than evil. However those were small unadmirable tasks, versus her missions she had to carry out. Still her name shouldn't be tainted as evil, which means, the elderly woman was in fact Carnage, she was the only other person in the library that could be considered evil.

Celeste looked down at Amai; who seemed uncomfortable. "I think it should be her decision if she leaves with you or not. We're all here just to read books, do not make this a violent interaction... please." Celeste bowed, quickly but respectably. 

She kept a keen eye on the man, he was the tournament winner, his name had quickly made way much like Erebus. However, Celeste felt comfortable having Yumi nearby, hopefully if Yumi moved slightly away from Amai he would chose not to cause drama, the trio of ladies, was probably three meters from the man. 

"If I might ask, why do you want her?" Celeste looked at him curiously, her tone still soft and passive.

Was Amai some sort of rich princess that was wanted?


Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:54 pm

Yumi moved through the library, her feet making not a single sound upon the stone floors as she walked. Weighing as little as she did she put very little weight forward with each step. It was strange to the old woman she weighed exactly as she did when she was twenty, rarely did she ever lose or put on weight always staying the same, same with her height the moment she grew to 4'10" she hadn't grown an inch taller. She was often frustrated about her height in her youth but she had long since grown accustomed to it, living as long as she had you got used to what life threw your way.

The old woman came to a halt having led to the two girls away from the location of the incident, to a location that would enable them to look out a window down onto the streets of oak beneath them. Her eyes would gaze down onto the streets watching the ants run about, they were about two stories off the ground. The old woman would opt to speak to them but she was interrupted by a voice calling out from behind the three.

The aged woman turned and was confronted by a man lurking in the shadows standing at an abnormal height seven feet tall, she barely came halfway up his torso. Tall people were certainly annoying to the old woman who stood barely five foot in height. Just because she was shorter did not mean she was intimidated. This old woman had fought many fighters and beasts taller than her, some stories tall bigger than houses. Her crimson hues narrowed as her gaze cast upwards, she did not angle her neck only her eyes to gaze up at the tall male. If there was one thing the old woman could not stand it was impudent brats who dared to address her in such a manner.

Yumi took a single step forward after turning her entire body to face the mage, making sure she was two in a half metres away, ignoring the words of the girl in blue. The old woman showed no signs that she was intimidated by the tall individual who spoke in a deep voice. She stood proud folded over her chest not backing down as she let her glare cast up upon him. Yumi hardened herself, showing not a single shred of emotion in her eyes or body, nothing to give herself away as she stood before the challenger.

The old woman reached into her core pulling on her magical reserves allowing it to rise to the surface. A glow of black magical energy began to radiate form her body, the mana seeming to absorb all forms of light as it leaked out of her body. The mana shaped itself into tongues of black flames that encompassed the woman. If the insect thought he could intimidate her he would be mistaken.

"I don't know who you are boy, but it would seem you were foolish enough to leap before you thought with whatever minuscule mental prowess you have" Barked out the old woman still not backing down. "I don't know of what evil you speak, but there is none here. This one is in no mood to deal with impetuous youth this day." Yumi forced her growing rage downwards, bottling it to the deepest parts of her being. She squashed it before it could surface no need to show off her most vile side so early.

#10Amai Okashi 

Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:05 am

Amai Okashi
Just as the ladies were being led to another part of the library, a man confronted them. He was tall, very tall. Over seven feet in height was quite the achievement for a mage. He even appeared taller when in the presence of Amai, who was even an inch shorter than the old lady. Things were beginning to escalate rapidly as the man demanded the old lady to back away from her. Of all the things he could be doing, this man was here attempting to be of a higher moral ground. He was trying to protect her.

Frustration was building.

Amai grit her teeth in a scowl toward the man. She bumped into Irony as she took a step forward. She would not back down, especially after he demeened her ability and judgement just then. Her hands were in fists, and her pink-tinted eyes seemed alive with anger.

"Hey, white knight asshole, isn't there a cat stuck in a tree that needs saving? You sure as hell don't need to worry about me. Why don't you just leave? A library is no place to fight, especially when I'm here to look up stuff."

Venom was alive in her words, each spoken syllable seemingly drenched in anger toward this man.

Amai didn't need saving from anyone.

She was perfectly fine on her own, even if she did need help.

This self-righteous asshole just wanted to feel good about himself by saving some damsel in distress. That was not going to fly with Amai, and she was pissed as she address the newcomer.


#11Noel Raion 

Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:10 am

Noel Raion
Kill My Loli See If I Care.

Maarschalk begun to reassess the situation. The cyanide haired woman spoke of rights - that it was her choice whether or not she could leave; which is ultimately what Maarschalk wanted. Maybe he was wrong in assuming the pink-haired traveler had been innocent? His eyes shifted from cyanide to black, observing the magic of the elderly woman. It didn't really faze him - his darkness likely could easily overpower hers. She claimed that she possessed no evil; it was very impressive to tell a lie like that - considering she was holding a ball of black magic with her fist.

At last, the voice of the pink-haired traveler spoke and lashed out to Maarschalk. A white-knight asshole? Is that how he was perceived; whatever the case be, she continued rattling out insults. Perhaps she was right, and this place wasn't meant for Maarschalk. That however didn't stop him from speaking his mind prior to leaving.

'I see how it is; very well. The path you are walking, pinky, is a dark one - you should be brought aware before you continue to follow it.'

After he was done speaking, the cyanide woman spoke of curiosity; he didn't feel courteous enough to tell her why pinky was someone he watched.

The tall figure snapped his finger, and was invisible to the naked eye. If possibly he would continue to trail them for a few more moments, and then head back and exit the library without giving notice to those who were watching him. The sounds that he made were funneled away again, somewhere for nobody to notice. Had he not been interrupted he would leave peacefully.


'spell used':
Name: Loud (upkeep)
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25 // 25
Requirements: Takeover magic: god
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: 2 meter
Cooldown: 4 posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user becomes  completely silent when they're in the vicinity of shadows. This is accomplished by funneling the sound that the user would normally generate into the shadows near him. The shadows would then muffle the sound. Shadows have to be within two meters of the user. This is accomplished by forming a fist with one of the users hands.

Name: Gods cloak
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25 // 25
Requirements: Takeover magic: god
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: Self
Cooldown: 5 posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: After the user snaps their giving a loud audible queue, he becomes completely transparant to the naked eye whilst remaining in the shadows. The effects of this spell is cancelled if the user receives D ranked damage, the user is also visible to those using spells to enhance their eyesight.

#12Celeste Vagarosa 

Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:52 am

Celeste Vagarosa



It seemed Carnage showed no fear of this man, by the looks of it; it was clear Carnage had no fear of this man of justice. Celeste however wished she too could feel this fearless attitude for herself, sure she could pull off being calm and collected but on the inside she truly was afraid to engage battle with him, due to his status as tournament victor! No matter the situation or his status if Carnage engaged battle and Celeste's new acquaintance Amai, Celeste too would engage alongside them. Hopefully the man would choose to leave freely. Amai however would probably not enjoy such actions from this man, she seemed very independent.

Just as predicted, Amai didn't take heave his words, well. She insulted the man and that was that, with that the man told her she was down a dark path; he was only wanting to aware her. Then with that he left all of them, Celeste nodded, now she could get back to what she had originally came here for.

"I must get back to searching." Celeste told the other two, walking past them.

As Celeste roamed through the library searching through books, librarian aides helped clean the mess Amai had made earlier, stacking the books, which they probably wouldn't be done until later that day. Celeste made her way over to the other side of the building to search for any books that she could use to find any information on anyone form Vagarosa family's success. However having no luck, she looked over to the others, they had only been a few feet from Celeste, where she was searching through several books.

"So why are you guys here?" Celeste would ask them, curiously.


Finding the Truth | Plot | Open Empty on Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:59 am

The little one had attitude, was all that crossed through the thoughts of one Yumi, aka Carnage. The woman showed no outside interest, but on the inside, she was intrigued, rarely did she ever come across those with such a feisty attitude. It reminded the old woman of herself in her much younger years, back when she was in her early twenties over fifty years ago. The pinkette was not afraid to stand up against the odd male who appeared before them, attempting to be intimidating. Yumi could respect that, someone not afraid to back down or show fright at someone who dwarfed them by three whole feet. Each word she had spoken had been full of venom, Yumi could practically feel it dripping from the girl's words. Yumi was devising that she should attempt to get the girl alone one day and attempt to sway her to the side of her Chaotic God. She would make a decent Chaos Priestess.

A snap of the fingers drew Yumi's focus as the male disappeared from sight. Yumi went on guard, her muscles clenching as her hands balled into fists, she had gone on edge, not liking it one bit. She stood there waiting for one seemed like hours for an attack to happen, but after just minutes nothing happened. It seemed the man had left after having been told off by the girl. Yumi relaxed her guard, absorbing her magical energy back into her body putting a tight lid on her mana reserves. She didn't know where the man went, but Yumi would be keeping an eye out for him from now on. There was a feeling running through Yumi's bones that he was not someone to be taken lightly.

With the unknown now having long since departed from them and hopefully the Library, the blue haired woman returned to her searching. Yumi wasn't sure what she was looking for, nor was it the old woman's business. She saw no need to place her nose in the business of others, not unless it concerned her and at this very moment she had her doubts that it would. The old woman began making her own way back to the shelves, standing by the shelves opposite of the blue haired youth, Celeste. The aged woman started looking over the numerous texts as she did she felt a presence breathing down her neck, a presence she recognised, "Venom reveal thyself." Whispered Yumi under her breath.

Appearing from the shadows behind Yumi was a two-foot tall creature that floated a meter off the ground. The creature's body was covered by a black robe, two bones on its back. Its face was covered by a living mask, with a single red orb floating between the eye sockets, the creatures eye. The beast identified as Venom floated over to Yumi, nuzzling against her arm.

Yumi raised her right hand to pat the mask of the beast, while hearing the blue haired girl, ponder a question not only to her but the pinkette, asking just what brought them her. "if one is to ask a question of another, it is only right thy should introduce thyself." The girl might have introduced herself to the to pinkette, but she nor the tiny one had introduced themselves to Yumi. Of course, at the same time Yumi had yet to reveal her own name to the two, so in good spirit she supposed she should at least give her name. Yumi however would not give her nickname, it would be unusual for this old woman to be called Carnage. "I am known as Yu." Yumi merely shortened her name using the first two letters, but it was not drastically impossible that she had been named such by her parents. The old woman had met many with two letter names in her time.

Yumi would then look at her familiar who was nudging against her as if demanding it be introduced as well, "This is my companion, Venom." The familiar would fly through the bookcase, ran arm would form from the cloak to wave at the blue haired youth.

#14Amai Okashi 

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Amai Okashi
Amai calmed slightly when the giant left them. She meant every word she said, calling him out on his almost demeaning attitude. Him being taller was all the more reason she had stood up to him. White Knight Assholes didn't have a place with her; she did not appreciate help when it was not necessary. She resented it. She hated it. She couldn't stand it at all. She wasn't a charity case; she worked for her keep. Just because she was smaller was no reason to be treated like some kid.

After all, Amai was 19 years old. She wasn't a child.

The "kind" blue-haired young lady was just as quickly back to searching as the man had left. She seemed very quick in her search, glossing over a large area. Amai watched her briefly, but her attention was diverted back to the older lady. Her guard was truly frightening; Amai could just feel the pressure from the lady's aura. The air became very dense, and she could feel herself being choked as the pressure became so intense. Just as quickly as the air was thick, it thinned once more with the disappearance of the man. The sudden shift nearly made Amai feel buckle under the immense gravity.

Amai stood stall, though.

Yu, as she introduced herself, summoned a ghost-like creature. A skull-like face with a whisp of a body, Venom was almost cute. For a split-second, Amai's face lit up, but she very quickly dispersed such a reaction. She went back to her frustrated look, wanting to move on with what she was doing. In turn, she responded to Yu. She wasn't one to accept help, but she certainly would give it.

"Amai. I've already told her. I'm actually here looking for some information about a couple of people, but I could give you a hand if you need it."


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Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste was listening to the others, however her attention was more so focused on a book she had laid her eyes upon, it was a book titled, "Laughing Plague." It was a dark organization, not really a guild; it wasn't registered as one, but more so a top-order organization. The old women had introduced a cute ghost-like spirit companion known as Venom and herself known as Yu. However she was absolutely sure this was Carnage from the tournament, she was one-hundred percent positive. As time passed, Amai re-introduced herself as Amai, making sure to state, Celeste already knew.

"Well I am Irony. It's nice to meet you all, I'm so glad we have time to ourselves now that the intruder is gone." Celeste turned from the book she had opened, to smile at them. "Also I am sure I am fine, thank you for the gesture!" Celeste, thanked Amai.

She read through the pages.

The Book; Laughing Plague:
A once high and mighty organization that in it's time was unknown for a hundred years they worked the shadows playing the strings of darkness; if trouble arose, they were behind the scenes causing it. Villages that were neighbors waged in war, the flames ignited by this organization. They were never known in their time of reign, it was just recently the year of X775, when an ex-member known as Leonal Kusaido.

At this point, Celeste's hands clenched the book tightly, as her fingers trembled against the cover and hardback.

The Book; Laughing Plague:
Some of the top-class agents can be found by their pictures below.

Ryan Jokeka: Male, Age 26. Ranked as number five out of the top five agents.

Lanessa Honeyblade: Female, Age 23. Ranked as number three out of the top five agents.

Valica Vagarosa: Female, Age 27. Ranked as number one out of the top five agents.

Helios Maliciouse: Male, Age 29. Ranked as number two out of the top five agents.

Gerald Ligino: Male, Age 37. Ranked as number four out of the top five agents.

These ages, were the last recorded age of each member, their deaths are located in page 67.

Valica Vagarosa... that had to be her mother. Celeste's tears began to fall as she stared at the picture of her mother, Erebus called it; her mother, she looked similar to her. Except for in her memories her mother had white strips, but in this picture it was all white, almost a lavender-white.

Celeste looked at the book, further reading it, but however her eyes seemed full of tears.


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Yumi extracted a single book from the library shelf, an ancient tome with a demonic symbol upon the front. In blood red letters was 'Malum'. Yumi's eyes examined the text as she opened it, eyes widening slightly before she slammed the book shut. She slipped it under her arm so that it nor the text would be seen by the other two people around her. With a single glance, she had felt a unique power excreting from the pages, a power that resonated within her attempting to lead her somewhere. Yumi's tattoo on her back glowed unhidden to the two girls present.

Yumi took a quick look to Amai, after she introduced herself. The young girl offered a man but Yumi raised her left hand, her right holding the book, "it is fine I have what I've come for. If you please excuse me I must leave" The old woman turned quick on her heels and left fleeing from the library ducking out the front door, book in tow not even bothering to check it out. Yumi ignored the angry cries of the librarians as she vanished into the surrounding crowd. Something was calling to the old woman and she would find out what.


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