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Entrance (travel)

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Logbook: X785-2/?

After forty days.

After forty nights.

The blood on his hands could not be explained.

The shadow of Orchidia had been making his rounds around the areas of Oak. Lost, and all alone - ever since the fights that were held in this strange town. Without giving anyone the opportunity to notice him passing by, the tall figure draped from shadow to shadow. His demon, his holy vassal, had been mad. It urked for more violence; even though it was a witness to many during the tournament. Whilst the figure traveled, his companion was with him. Unlike his companion, the tall figure was an angst-y figment of combat; his companion had a much more neutral personality. Instead of referring to his companion by his race, he had named his companion: Spion.

After arriving at the edges of Oak, the figure recognized where he was and floated the rest of the way all the way into Oak. He came from high ground, and flied as high as he could - to sort of scout what was happening inside the town as he arrived to it. There didn't seem to be anything big going on, albeit a few parties of people here and there.


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