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Traveling from Oak Town to Baska(Mammon/Travel/Closed)

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Traveling from Oak Town to Baska(Mammon/Travel/Closed) Empty Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:15 pm

Mammon packed his things and slowly begun to venture forward. On the road. he could feel the tiny hairs on his head forming from the accumulation of time spent during the last Job. Which was more then four days. He had not interest in spending his time in Oak time. Not while it was a home to Dark Mages. And Mammon being alone he stood no chance against any of them. He sighed to himself and would speak. "The wound where I used to bleed would heal soon. It hurts." He said slowly to himself. Thankfully his clothing wasn't ripped where his guild mark was. He would look towards the gates and venture forward. His clam chowder in one hand a spoon in the other hand as he begun to slowly chow down on his Clam Chowder. Enjoying himself quite thoroughly.

Mammon simply set off towards the next town which was Baska town. He would make his way slowly towards each town till he could find himself a Job and then reach the Guild Hall Headquarters of Fairy Tail. That's where he would feel the most Safe at. Until then he would focus on getting stronger to Kill the threat that may pose a Uniserial one. A Threat that needed to be stopped before it spread like wild fire.

(218 words. Traveling to baska)

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