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All Fired Up(Solo/Mammon/Job/Closed)

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All Fired Up(Solo/Mammon/Job/Closed) Empty Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:32 pm

Mammon was standing outside the gate. His hair bald and his his shoulder perfectly fine now that his shoulder was locked back into place. The cut were he was bleeding was stopped and he was bandaged.  He took a deep sigh as he had taken a quest. He needed the experience for for field work. What better way of obtaining it by doing a Quest. He also wanted this town to remember him by something. When he left it after this quest. He sighed to himself shrugged his shoulders and begun ventured towards the location of the hills. Mammon's head wasn't in the right place at the moment. he had just been recently hospitalized and he should have stayed in the hospital but choose to move forward with his life. It wasn't for personal gain that Mammon wanted power. It was to stop someone before he got stronger and was a universal threat. It was for the greater good. In His Opinion, Erebus was extremely weak. He was dull, and as two dismission as any other villain with the same ego as him.

Yet this Arisa person who he did not know the name of managed to save his life. He felt happy for himself. That for her he was able to get away safely. When he had arrived at the top of the hill. he noticed a guard putting notes. Mammon approached him. Although Mammon looked extremely weak. He spoke in his kind tone. "You're doing in extremely well done Job. However, I wouldn't take my time. Move at your own pace. But do so that the job get's done on time. Time and effort is a lot. Trust me.. I know this from experience." He said with nod. Mammon wasn't rude nor did he do anything that would imply if he didn't hurry he would be having his head cut off. In fact Mammon did the opposite. Mammon Complimented on his good work and motivated him to go a bit faster while still maintaining good moral and good work.

Mammon paused for a moment. As he watched the guard finish off the Beacon. Once it was finished. He looked further and then smiled. "Next Beacon here I come." he said with a smile. And then headed towards the location of the next. traveling towards the woods. Mammon can make out the location of it. And from what he could tell a Guard sleeping on his ass. Mammon moved slowly but swiftly. Arriving at his destination. He would then slowly begin to wake the guard up, and shake him. Once the guard was awaken. Mammon spoke. "I understand your tried friend. But please. You must guard the beacon that was finished  until your shift is changed." Mammon said with a smile on his face.

With that being said. He noticed the guard fall right back to sleep. it couldn't be helped. He sighed to himself and kept moving forward. Deeper into the woods. To the last location of the Beacon. The wind blew pass his head. And he sighed to himself very slowly. Yep His hair will grow eventually. But no matter he sighed to himself and kept moving forward. he would Eliminate Erebus in due time. In fact once Mammon is stronger he planned on Killing Erebus. For Justice of course. Because quite honestly. Someone like him was a menace to the world. Once he had arrived to the last location of the beacon he would notice the Guard murdered. But the Beacon unfinished. So Mammon took it within his right to finish the job. Mammon begun to slowly Construct and finish the job. Once that was done Mammon sighed to himself. "Best call it in and report this." he sighed. With that being all said and down. It was time to head back to the location of the gate. To report the news. Honestly he wanted to head back into the next town as soon as possible. Faster he got of Oak Town the better it was for him quite honestly. Mammon slowly retracted his steps back through the woods, and going back to the second beacon then once again through the woods again and through the first beacon, heading down the Hill towards the Gates. Mammon halted till he saw the Guard and would slowly approach him.

Once that was done Mammon would bow his head very slowly and he would then look at the guard who was trying to hold back his laughter from how bald he was. "Right." Mammon said. Mammon would inform the guard of the situation at hand. The Guard nodded and went back towards his post to retrieve the reward. Once he had retrieved the reward he handed it to Mammon thanking him for the job well done. Mammon also told the guard that he had finished contracting of the third Beacon and the the first got finished by the first guard.

The guard once again nodded his head and shooed Mammon off to his own. With the money and experience that Mammon had obtained. he was he begun to wonder. If Arisa would take care of herself quite well against Irony and That Weakling Erebus. People like Erebus were lesser creatures, weak minded, picked on the weak. And Refused to challenge stronger people for the solo purpose because they would lose and it would normally hurt their ego. Which was honestly disappointing. Seeing as If he picked on weaker people then he would simply never progress in life. Now if he was to face stronger people. He would be able to progress and develop even more. Mammon guess to each their own right? Sighing he headed back into town. He would buy himself dinner. Pack his things back at the Inn and simply head back to the gates to venture off to the next town. Anywhere it would get himself a decent job. And he would be able to earn himself some fame~ The More Fame he obtained the more Mammon would be noticed yes? Or Red, it's what he went by now.

(1009 words Job finished.)

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