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Travelling Baska to Oak

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Travelling Baska to Oak Empty Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:47 pm


Yumi inhaled as she made her way to the outskirts of Baska. The tournament was over and sadly the old woman had lost in her first match. She had gone against a powerful opponent, one who had matched her. She blamed her mistakes she had made, they were her own fault she had been careless in the fight. But she was not displeased. It had been a good fight even if she had broken a leg. Luckily the wound had been healed thanks to the unwilling help of a healer she persuaded. Yumi was now planning on leaving Baska and returning to Oak to finish unfinished business. The old woman stared out into the open lands before sighing and making her way out of Baska.

Yumi hobbled slightly, a slight limp in her step. While the broken injury had been healed, there was still phantom pain. The old woman scowled at remembering she had broken her own ankle to get free of Erebus, Stragists grip. She did not feel anger at the boy and relished at the chance of meeting him again, but this time fighting him with magic. If he was good as he was he should be able to handle her at her fullest, when using magic.


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