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Spooky Bandits of the Baskan Hills (Alice)

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Spooky Bandits of the Baskan Hills (Alice) Empty Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:34 pm

There was a legend. Well, more like a rumor spread by some kid in Baska that had snot dripping from his nose constantly. While his word couldn't be taken too seriously, it seemed like it was worth checking out. So in other words, that was why Geb was standing in the middle of the hills at 6 PM on an evening, next to the signpost that pointed to Oak. His staff in his hand, he was prepared to meet these legends. Only 30 more minutes.. he admittedly got here a bit early just so he wouldn't miss anything.

You see, the legend, or rumor, had told of a group of 5 bandits with skeletal bodies who roamed during the night in the baskan hills. They would attack anyone who came by the Oak Signpost. That was indeed how the story went, and it seemed some people in Baska believed it. So, Geb wanted to 1: Fight these bandits, 2: Kill them, 3: Investigate their bodies for anything interesting and 4: Perhaps put their remains up in their art gallery if they were some special magical abomination and actually were undead. Skeletons in his gallery... that would be cool. Would attract a lot of visitors, too.

Of course, the rumor had a 99% chance to be false. But that didn't stop Geb from sitting next to the signpost and waiting. After all, he had nothing else better to do, right?

Geb sat with his legs open, his hands between them, whistling as he bopped his head to the tune he was creating. The evening was illuminated by the bright falling sun, and the temperature was a bit warmer than usual, though there was some wind.

Geb couldn't help but wonder.. perhaps he was not the only one that had heard of this little rumor?

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Spooky Bandits of the Baskan Hills (Alice) Empty Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:52 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
"You have to be there at 30 minutes past six in the evening."

Alice sat opposite a boy that thought it was funny to tell stupid rumours. She looked at him with an uninterested look on her face. "I swear it." he said with a weird noise that indicated that he was sucking up his snot. Which was disgusting, "Isn't it liars bedtime?" she said as she stood up, he had told her the story four times until she got all the details. Even if it might be rumours, there was always profit to find. Where there were bandits, there would be profit. Only problem would be the fighting but she would cross that bridge when she came to it. There was barely any possibility that it would happen.

However she left the inn and walked around town before she would walk to the hills. She had 30 minutes left, she would be there at least at fifteen. She jogged slowly she wasn't in a hurry yet. When she arrived at the sign, there was someone else waiting too. "Any sign yet?" she said with a teasing sound in her voice. This guy wasn't waiting for the bandits now was he?

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Spooky Bandits of the Baskan Hills (Alice) Empty Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:14 am

Geb was soon approached by a girl before any bandits. Standing up, almost waking up and going on guard, he soon realised this girl wasn't a bandit. She asked for a sign, and Geb scanned her up and down. Yeah, she didn't look like a skeleton or anything of the like. Alright. Maybe she was clean. At least for being a bandit...

Geb sighed, and leaned back against the signpost. "Long legs, large bust, red hair... look, if you were looking to seduce me for some reason, please, save it for the morning, or never. I'm a bit busy sorting out something right now."

he said, rudely seemingly implying that the girl was some sort of prostitute. This was normal behavior for Geb, mind you. He looked over to the moon. "Besides, some bandits will show up here in like, 20 minutes. I wouldn't want someone getting hurt, well, not that it would cause me to lose sleep at night or anything."

He then yawned, as he seemingly ignored the girl, yawning to himself. He truly was a bit of an asshole, this Geb. But little did he know, this girl could perhaps be a help to his cause of hunting the bandits.

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#4Adelaide Sokolov 

Spooky Bandits of the Baskan Hills (Alice) Empty Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:47 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Even though her face remained neutral looking, there was a rage going on through her body. Just because her chest was big, just because she had red hair. It didn't matter, no one had the right to talk to her like that. She faked a smile, that looked sweet and took a few steps closer to him before she tried to smack him on the cheek, "Not every girl is a whore. That you never met others isn't my problem. But watch your tongue." was what she said when he was done with all his assumptions. For god's sake where there still people out there like this.

"I'm very capable of taking care of myself, but thank you very much for your concern." the last part of her sentence was almost dripping in sarcasm. She took a few steps away from him, crossed her arms in front of her chest, that was by the way covered in a turtleneck dark red shirt. She was also wearing dark blue jeans and a black woollen trenchcoat. She turned her face back to where the bandits might come, she was here only for the money.

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The woman seemed to have her jimmies rustled just a little bit. Oh well, Geb didn't care if she was a whore or not, he just wanted to find out about this bandit. "Whatever, your funeral I suppose." he said, as he would pace back and forth. Only 15 minutes or so remained, if his counting was correct. "So, I trust you're here for the bandit too? Maybe you were planning on seducing them? What is your hourly rate, anyways?" he said, being purposefully rude to her, as he always was.

Geb would then hear something in the distance, and see a carriage on the other side of the hills. He looked over and squinted his eyes. "That might be their carriage. I hope you got your makeup on, or whatever strategies you girls use or whatever." he said, as he would grip his magic staff with both of his hands. He was ready for a fight tonight, and these bandits, at the rate they were going, would be to Geb's location in less than 5 minutes. They seemed to be a bit early tonight, huh?

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Spooky Bandits of the Baskan Hills (Alice) Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:50 am

Adelaide Sokolov
There was a vein popping in the corner of her face, close to her temple. This guy really.. He was pissing her off way more than should be possible. She shrugged and remained standing away from the weirdo with her arms across her chest. She wasn't afraid of him and also didn't plan to let it distract her too much.

He talked to her again, "Well it apparently works for you, since you are still thinking about it. I could use that on the bandits too." if they showed up, it was still a rumour. It didn't have to be true, when he asked for her hourly rate, she tensed her jaw and turned her brown eyes on him, "More than you can pay."

She used the spell to summon her weapon out of the dimensional pocket, since she was a bit behind the rude guy, she would maybe hit him with an arrow herself. She didn't mind. Maybe hit him in a vital spot so he would be unconsious while she took the money. But she shouldn't underestimate him. She held on to the bow.

Summon spell:

Name: Requip Magic: Subspace Summon
Rank: D
Magic Cost: 25
Requirements: Requip Magic
Class: Special
Element: None
Cooldown: None
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user does a motion which wraps their hand, head or body in a light and summons forth their Weapon, Helmet or Armor. Since there are no cooldowns, the user can use this spell three times in the same post to bring forth a Weapon, Helmet and Armor at the same time. When summoning another Weapon, Helmet or Armor their previous ones will dissipate. The user does not have to pay a sustain cost to have these items around once they have been summoned. They do still have to pay mana for the spells that are attached to the items if they utilize them. When an item breaks in a topic, the user can no longer summon that item anymore in that topic.

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Geb sighed. This girl was so.. annoying. He noticed she pulled out some sort of weapon as well, and in response, prepared his own by pointing it forwards.

"Haha. I own about ten times as much money as you, probably." he replied to her comment, as the carriage seemed to pull up.

The carriage was indeed spooky, and by now it was getting darker. A torch was on the front of it, as Geb looked as the driver. W-wait.. he was a pumpkin man?

Spooky Bandits of the Baskan Hills (Alice) 200_s

Wait, no! that was just a man with a pumpkin on his head. What in the world?

Geb's jaw seemed to drop, not in confusion of how "scary" he was, but just how stupid he looked. Geb walked forwards towards the carriage. It stopped in front of him, the horses coming to a stop as the driver looked over at him. A small "huh?" could be heard from inside the mask.

"Are you the bandits? Why the hell do you have a pumpkin on your head?" he said, as the pumpkin man was confused (though geb couldn't tell, the man had a damn pumpkin over his face).

The pumpkin driver spoke in a muffled voice, cause he had a veggie on his face. "Bandits? No, no.. we're merchants! Who gave you the idea there were bandits on this road? They only ever go on the west road! For some reason..." he said, as the driver shrugged. "Well, I gotta stop in Baska and set up shop for tomorrow. I need to sell my wares with my partners, after all!" he said, and in a split second, Geb could see a man in a skeleton mask in the back as the carriage drove away.

Geb stood there, confused. They did know that Haloween was months ago, right?

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#8Adelaide Sokolov 

Spooky Bandits of the Baskan Hills (Alice) Empty Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:41 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She was done with him, totally ignored him and hoped she would never meet him again. The carriage was coming closer and the man on the front.. wore a pumpkin as a head. She only lifted her right eyebrow but you could read the surprise in her eyes. What the hell..

With the talk between the assault guy and the pumpkin, she learned they were only merchants and the time was ticking and still no bandits showed up. With a shrug of her shoulders and a: "Whatever." she simply followed the carriage, "If you find some money from those rumoured bandits.. maybe you will be able to pay me." and with a wave of her hand she left.


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Geb was a bit RUSTLED in the jimmies. First, this rumor turned out to be true, and now this girl was giving him lip? Bah. This had been a pretty bad night. As she walked off, Geb yelled at her. "Yeah, well, I probably had enough anyways!" before he would begin walking the other direction, towards the forest. Oh wait, shit, wrong way. Geb turned around and started to walk in the correct direction to baska, hopefully getting there on time for an inn to still be open. He should leave for Oak tomorrow, probably. He did need a little bit more money...


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