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Duty Calls [Baska -> Oak]

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Duty Calls [Baska -> Oak] Empty Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:48 am

Under cover of darkness, the night of the first round of the tournament, Odin left Baska town, heading back to the closest place to home he had, as well as the closest town to his current location: Oak. He had recently managed to gain ownership of the Swineherd, the local pub he and his father had visited many times during the former's childhood. The same pub he had recently visited with Nastasya during their adventures in the catacombs under the Oak church. That pub was now in Odin's possession, although it was signed up under Lucifer's name, and he felt like he should probably at least go check up on the place.

It took around 3 hours, but Odin soon made it back to Oak, and headed to his own pub, still not completely sure what that meant.


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