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Baska town to Orchidia town [Foot Travel]

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Baska town to Orchidia town [Foot Travel] Empty Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:54 am


Baska town had been experience that Kon had never expected, first with him having to fight Selena and become seriously injured by her, then compounded with the realisation that his bubbly cousin, Leeann become jaded and angry at the world. “What happened between the time he saw her last and now, yes she was the same person but her views on her experience with her past had changed.” He thinking to himself as he began to write a letter to one of his relatives, it was none other than his deceased older brother, he would do this from time to time allowing him vent of course it provides little comfort he was confiding in someone that wasn't in the word anymore but for the time being without anyone else to speak to that would have to do. His writing would often become jagged and words scribbled over as the carriage he had gotten a lift from would hit a rock or pothole.

He was using a carriage to move to his next location, Orchidia town as it was the furthest he would have travelled on foot, not wanting to get blisters before he even got there he decided that he'd pop into the markets to investigate any caravans that would offer him and his companion a left, many refused however others seemed more eager after informing them of that he'd be more than capable of a bodyguard in the event of bandits or wild animals going after the wares. Picking the one most accepting to his requests, he and his new companions, Bill and Morris left the market far sooner than the others who only had one or two people more the containers of their goods.

Bill had been in the business of trading goods ever since he had been a small boy having been taken in under the wing of an heir-less wealthy tycoon, whilst Morris was his eldest son, this was his first job with his father a sense of nervousness and excitement could be felt around him. Bill gave kon access to the back section of the carriage where he was able to be fairly comfortable with the wares being placed to give him a fair amount of space. His Blitzle companion, Sparky however hadn't been allowed on the carriage which was harsh though he was able to store his saddle in the caravan.

Occasionally the three of them would stop off at varying towns to resupply and catch up on the latest news though that was more for Kon's interest. The trio would make camp fairly often eating a variety of foods depending on how Bill was feeling sometimes it was stew, other times recently hunted pheasant that he or his son would obtain throughout the journey. Sometimes this would cause Kon to go to sleep with an empty stomach or force him to make his own meals as he wasn't the greatest fan of Bill's cooking.
He couldn't blame the man it's was just a way to regain energy for him, however to Kon it was far more, being able to tear into a piece of flesh with it just breaking away in your mouth, or the delicately balanced flavours of a creme brulee carefully cooked with the skills of a master chef. However his concern for the time being it was to complete his tasks that he had been assigned in Orchidia so he would be free to console LeeAnn along with complete any requests he would be capable of completing, hopefully he would meet some more people soon. “Perhaps if they are in the rune knights I can leave the Watchdogs and have another team become established.” Whilst harsh of him to think of it in that way, but he had found that the team hadn't been to his benefit though it wasn't necessarily about him.

Eventually though his thoughts were hindered by their arrival to Orchidia town, which would prompt him to inform the stationed rune knight here of his arrival. Of course though just because he had to didn't mean he had to do it at a specific time because of this he made a v-line to the inn he had previously rented at, obtained the same room and went to the temporary rune knight station. The officer there was surprisingly chirpy about his appearance having had no other comrades be here since his last shift in Orchidia. Feeling sorry for the man he shook his hand and gave a friendly grin.


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