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Time to Think [Travel to Oak]

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#1Amai Okashi 

Time to Think [Travel to Oak] Empty Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:07 pm

Amai Okashi
Amai knew she had to leave. There was this urgent feeling of dread. She could not stay in that city, fearing a reunion with her sister once more. She feared being unable to handle another encounter. Her emotional state was already fragile enough, and finally succumbing to such a psychological assault on the mind was near certain in such a situation. Anyone could have seen it coming, and even in her vulnerable state, she could recognize it. This time alone was so necessary to diffuse and figure out everything. Her life, her purpose...

...but for now she needed to run.

Oak slowly came into vision.



Time to Think [Travel to Oak] Empty Wed Feb 01, 2017 1:19 pm


The Wolf.

A girl, no older than himself appeared in the horizon. Night had fallen early that day, with the tall male laying in the grass like a snake - there was no possible situation for him to be seen. A binocular could be found in his two hands, zoomed in on the girl from a far away distance.

'Hmmm, she reminds me of --'

Deciding to hold back that sentence he continued to watch her more, until she got out of his sight. He collected himself, and then left too. His burnt out cigarette was still laying on the grass, thankfully it didn't cause a massive fire. It has happened before. Next to his burnt out cigarette was an empty can of soup; under the soup were remains of lube.

- exit

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