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Random Encounter | Celeste and Mammon

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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

Random Encounter | Celeste and Mammon Empty on Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:16 am

Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste was taking a break from life in general, with the outburst of emotions she had with Erebus she now was sitting and thinking everything over, maybe she should begin training? However it didn't feel like a training day to her, maybe some other time. She honestly just felt like lying day and not leaving her apartment. Celeste laid in her bed in the broken down apartments of Oak, just a few weeks ago they were considered high-class till the rush of dark-wizards who have moved in ruined it. Either way she still made the best of the  bad to make it a good situation. 

Getting up the woman, made sure to take a shower using her lavender hair wash and vanilla body wash. Even being affiliated with a dark guild it was still important to keep good hygiene. no matter the scenario. This healthy hygiene included getting her teeth pearly white and flossed as well as any odors eliminated.

Once dressed the woman headed out into Oak's main streets, heading to her favorite frozen parlor. Ordering a strawberry milkshake the woman sat at a round table alone, awaiting drama to fill her day or conversation to break out to entertain her.


Random Encounter | Celeste and Mammon Empty on Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:46 pm

Mammon was long way from home. But he had his clam chowder and he was chowing it so nice and slowly that turtles moved faster then hares or so it seemed. He noticed a lone woman alone. Now don't get him wrong, the first thing Mammon wanted to do was stray away from people. But he was extremely beat. And He just wanted to finally relax. he approached her table, and sat down next to her. Took a long deep breath. Looked her one over. Gave her a small gentle smile. And begun to chow down on clam Chowder like a mad man.

He did not say a word to her. He honestly didn't want to talk. He just didn't want her to have that feeling of loneliness. He would not speak till he had finished eating. Honestly he felt a bit nervous being around this female. She seemed like the type that would beat your brains out and wear you like a glove. By no means did she look cruel and evil. She just looked extremely tough.

#3Celeste Vagarosa 

Random Encounter | Celeste and Mammon Empty on Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:54 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



As the woman sat and sipped on her milkshake she looked at the man, who had just stepped in the parlor. He seemed to be eyeing down Celeste, like someone who judged people by their covers before getting to know them, Celeste simply turned her cheek to look out the building's window. Throughout her whole life she had been judged constantly, never given a chance by her village they already gave up on her and wanted her deceased. However Celeste had picked up several skills to survive throughout her cruel childhood besides she knew their was people with more worse lives than her. So who was she to complain and stay angry over the past.

She was surprised how the man sat by her, in front of her at her table, however he kept quiet. She sighed, it was whatever he seemed to be the quiet type but abrasive. She just tapped on the table and looked at him, maybe word had gotten out she was with Erebus- well Strategist the student of a Nova, and he was curious about her? No, he couldn't of known did word travel that fast? Maybe the crowd in the coffee shop had told everyone after their steamy first kiss/makeout session. That could be possible, right?

She looked up at the man and waved to him, "Hey, hi, hello there? You just gonna sit their like a rock?" Celeste chucked, "At my village we call that a sign for help."

She looked him up and down, he certainly looked capable of doing damage if need be. "Did you want a fight or something?" Celeste gasped, "Oh how rude of me, your rudeness had spread to me. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Irony."

She smiled at him, giving him her signature smile.


Random Encounter | Celeste and Mammon Empty on Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:02 pm

While he ate he noticed her glaze. She had that same look everyone else did. Oh this person is quiet he is judgy. Mammon remained quiet. He had nothing to prove to her. Right now she was a nobody. Who can turn into a possible friend he would care about. He took another long sigh before finishing the chowder off, he placed the bowl gently on the table. After hearing her speak. Any normal person would have scalded her for the way she spoke. Mammon wasn't that type.

"Hi." He said as he froze after saying those words. Looking into her eyes. They sure were dreamy and easily to get lost in. What's with this town. Everywhere he went... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. Jesus Christ. he just traveled here to relax. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! God damnit. It's like he was on a job. "Your village has a funny way of expressing people." He said quietly.

"In my town, The Quiet types are dangerous." he said. He did not want to relive the past so he just left it there. She gave him a false name. "Interesting name. But I wouldn't be the one to Judge. I am Red." He took gave her a false name. Equally false. Mammon did not believe a Female would be named Irony. It was low and someone who dressed the way she did. As clean as she did. Would be looked at a disgrace and picked on for having a name Irony.

#5Celeste Vagarosa 

Random Encounter | Celeste and Mammon Empty on Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:51 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



The man sitting in front of her who ate some chowder soup seemed really easily irritable, in all honesty Celeste was trying to be kind but then again after being in Oak you can tend to come off cranky, so it probably wasn't best that he met her in such a town. She sighed, tapping her thumbs together, she needed to restart at this if she was going to get anywhere with him, she definitely didn't need any new enemies but even if she got any she surely could handle them and if she couldn't she'd simply scream for Erebus and they'd tag them the foe until they both were safe. Wow. She had someone to watch her back in this cold and cruel world. That was relieving, she couldn't be any happier than right now, it was hard to find friends, maybe not as hard for Celeste but in this sort of environment you might as well take everyone's glare as a middle finger in the face.

After he greeted her back he had on the low, insulted her village. Well there went any guilt she felt for coming off cold when she was usually so bubbly. Celeste managed however to keep a natural A-Class smile on her face, a small one but she usually had one. He did mention in his village the quiet ones were the more dangerous ones, it was the same back at her home however it just depended on they came off and approached you, he just sat in front of her it gave off a, "I need help," vibe. He also gave her the name, "Red." Damn fool, he knew her name was false however she couldn't go against her guild rules- she really wasn't even suppose to let Strategist/Erebus know her name but she did anyways!

"Well. My apologies, Red. I am sorry for coming off cold, I just this town can be so rude and gloomy sometimes it attaches itself to yourself ya know." She tried justifying her attitude from before, bowing her head before him.

Looking up she smiled at him.

She quietly asked him in a soft tone, "Do you mind if we start over?" Assuming he did she held her hand out, "I am Irony, I would tell you more but by my alignment or position if you prefer I am not allowed to say more. If I was, trust me I would."

She sipped on her shake, waiting for his reaction.


Random Encounter | Celeste and Mammon Empty on Tue Jan 31, 2017 5:51 pm

Hearing her speak he chuckled it brought a laugh to his lips as he spoke. "Because a certain town is rude? You think it's okay to do what you do~" he purred before shaking his head. And Pausing to himself. He listened to what she had said next and he reached his right finger, towards her nose and bopped it. "There we started over." he told her with a Smile. "I believe you'll open up more. Once you've learn to trust me more. As well as give your true name. Until I know your true name. You shall not know mine own~ It's only fair don't you think." He gave her a gentle smile.

Retracting his hand from her nose. "No need to be formal. We are now friends after all?" He said. Relaxing his mouth as he returned to his normal expression. He took a deep breath and spoke. "You shouldn't hide your intention, personality, emotions, behind a mask that can be read. You should be true and honest to your friends. Because they will help you, protect you." he answered.

"If yo say you don't need friends? Then you will fall quickly. No matter how strong you are. Everyone needs friends." He answered giving the woman a gentle smile again. With that being said he would shake his head again. it seemed he had a habit of shaking his head for some odd reason with that being said he would look into her eyes, as he again got lost in those dreamy beautiful eyes of hers.

#7Celeste Vagarosa 

Random Encounter | Celeste and Mammon Empty on Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:21 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



This man sure knew how to push her buttons in the right places, he basically threw away her apology about the town's attitude reflecting on her. In all honestly she had the slight lust to just shank his skull with her spear locked onto her back, but such violent actions were not her, unless she was in serious trouble or hunting for food. However his actions quickly changed before even she could be pushed emotionally over the edge, he bopped her nose which she squinted her eyes and crinkled her nose, making a small squeal.

"I guess we could be considered friends, Red." Celeste smiled.

He told her no need to be formal, however that was all the women knew how to act, if he thought this was formal, then what would he think her "ghetto." impression was- normal?! Next the man went into lecturing her, who the hell did he think he was thinking he could get away with such actions as if she was the immature one! For one, the damn girl raised herself, hunted for herself, learned to read and even read more intelligently and efficiently than her village elder. He thought he could tell her how it was unhealthy to wear a mask, what mask was she even wearing, she only gave him a smile to seem kinder and more approachable but yet he still ceased to fire at her with lectures. 

Someone definitely needed to put him in his place, he proceeded to act as if she said she never needed friends- he must really be in some fairy tail gaga land if he thought Celeste, the only pure-heart person in Grimoire was that way. She couldn't keep her mouth shut, however as soon as he was done talking she made no effort to give him her two cents.

"First of all, I am being nice. Second I never once said I didn't needed friend. Third, why are you lecturing me, I doubt you are more experienced than me." Celeste wasn't even done he lit a fire under her. "You see before you go and run your mouth and carry on so stubbornly and rudely, I'd get your attitude in check, Sweet cheeks." Celeste waved her finger at him, "No no. Don't even think of interrupting me by the way! I don't mean to come off harshly, I'd enjoy you as a friend but you need to shape up. If anyone is acting as if they don't need friends it's you with that attitude."

With that the Oasis-Native walked off, shaking her hips more than usual as she sass-walked off.

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