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A Chance to be Better [Talia]

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#1Velouria Laurent 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:55 pm

Velouria Laurent
Where had Velour's travels brought her this time. The many names and faces.. they all began to just mesh together into one little blurry mess that she could never seem to remember. Were they all even worth remembering in the end? Oak. That was the name of the town that lie at the end of the dirt road ahead of her. The woman beneath the read cloak, the edges tattered and town and dirt smudged over it's once bright red surface. Now, it was a maroon shadow of it's former self. Quite similar to the owner, is it not?

It didn't stand out much from the other small towns and villages Velour had passed in her traveling. Although she could admit she was running low on necessary supplies. Guess it was time to stock up. Maybe even find a few odd jobs around the town to pass the days and make more coin. Where else better to start looking than the town's local resting stop. It didn't take much talking and basic searching to seek out Oak's Swineherd Pub, a bustling grounds for the town's drunks and rabble rousers. Perfect.

Eyes turned over toward the strange girl in the doorway, her stiff, strong stride across to an empty stool, her lazy gaze at the bartender. She said,"You have milk.. right?" and raises two digits.

"Ma'am, might I interest you in anything err.. stronger?"

"No, that'll do."

A few low snickers rose from those in the back, but it didn't rouse her in the slightest. Two cold glasses were presented in front of her, and she savored the creamy, cold liquid pouring down her throat. So much better than water for weeks.

#2Talia Locket 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:50 pm

Talia Locket
When arriving in oak, Talia wasn't really all that sure what to do nor where she was gonna stay for the next couple of days. She couldn't stay in a hotel as she didn't have the right amount of jewels and she couldn't camp as she didn't even own a tent. All she had on her was a low amount of 1,000 jewels, her bag with her clothes and her getsuga, which was too precious to lose, along side the flask of water she'd promise to keep around. Thinking up of a place worn her out, so Talia had decided to go to the local bar and have a fresh cup of either milk, lemonade or whatever the bar had in store.

Once in the bar, Talia had notice a rather odd looking woman sitting at the serving counter, or front of desk, whatever it was, and had decided to go up to her and order something. Sitting beside her, Talia would look at the menu and see which drink was less expensive, and found out she would have to spend all her jewels on just one cup of lemonade. "i… want… one cup of lemonade… p-please" Talia would say, her voice even quieter then a mouse. Talia felt a little flustered before trying to speak to the woman beside her.

"umm… I-I'm… Talia locket… n-nice to meet you… what's your name… miss?" Talia would say, trying her very hardest to speak up, but only letting out a very barely audible set of speech

#3Velouria Laurent 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:04 am

Velouria Laurent
Velour took another sip of her drink. Her face was hidden well underneath her hood, with only her ashen grey hair and the white ring of milk around her lips visible to the girl beside her. Her voice was so hoarse.. was she ill? Though she still made an attempt at conversation. Was it painful?

"Have we met before?"

At least the people of this town seemed friendly. Too many places she'd wandered where she was under the eye of scrutiny. A girl with skin as white as a feather, hair of silk and ash. The least she could do was entertain this young girl for conversation. "Velour." Not like their names would matter soon after this meeting anyway. They'd drift off their separate ways, continue living their lives. It was the fate of nomads. "Pleasure. Are you from this village yourself, miss? You don't cause ruckus like the others here." And on that last remark, casts a deathly glare at a table of rowdy drinkers.

#4Talia Locket 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Sun Jan 29, 2017 12:15 am

Talia Locket
Did the woman actually hear Talia speak? If so, Talia felt relieved that someone could hear such a quiet and rather low voice such as hers. When the woman asked if they had met, Talia shook her head. This was indeed their first encounter and Talia was determined to make it a good one to ensure they could become close friends. The woman introduced herself as velouria and asked Talia if she lived in this town and informed her that she didn't make much of a ruckus as the others do. Talia received her drink but was told not to pay, for some strange reason, which Talia didn't mind as she was running very low on the jewel section of things.

"i'm… new to the town. I… am from the locket clan village located nearby clover… we haven't met before… I'm sorry for my voice… my voice box is rather… undeveloped." Talia said, having it almost sound like a whisper before she would start to drink the glass of lemonade. It tasted rather nice. It didn't taste as good as the lemonade made from scratch but it was acceptable

#5Velouria Laurent 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:28 pm

Velouria Laurent
Reaching into her pocket, Velour slid a few coins across the counter to the tender. "All is well. It must be hard.. without a voice. Quiet. As long as it doesn't pain you, then I welcome it." For a short moment, the edges of her mouth pulled up into a soft grin, just barely. "A girl so young as yourself.. For what reason, I wonder, you might have to go and embrace this world around you.." Home was a safe place. One's parents their guardians. Though what will happen once all your defenses are left miles and miles away.. What if they aren't even there anymore?

"The world.. such a frightening place." Her eyes gazing ahead.. into the glasses lining the back wall. Though they were so unfocused, just searching for something there. "People do well to stay home.. Where you're warm and taken care of.. That is, if that was home to you?" And then her head would turn to make eye contact under the sleepless lids that draped over her eyes.

#6Talia Locket 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:41 pm

Talia Locket
"i… am an orphan… my… "home" I'd just my adopted families place… my parents died when I was very young… no place is safe… solitude is dangerous too… exploration is more safe." Talia replied to her new friend, her voice still quieter then even a mouse. Though what most of what velouria said was true, Talia felt she was actually worried about Talia, even though she and her only just met. Looking around the bar, it looked as if some of the people were planing to have a fight, but Talia would just draw her blade slightly, her glare just scary enough to make them stop, making her sheath her blade.

"didnt people read the memo… no fighting in the bar… mage or not… good thing my blade intimidated them… it isn't even used for fighting. It's just a wedding ceremony blade… don't ask" Talia said quietly, her blade on her right side, looking fairly impressive from just the sheath alone.

#7Velouria Laurent 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:58 pm

Velouria Laurent
Velouria solomly nodded her head. It was not to her surprise, however. Life had a way of making turns and changes when people expected them the least. Was a shame that it was a child in which it had to turn so early. "I see.. I am truly sorry such a fate had to come to you. Though the funny thing.." There was that half-addled smile again. "We can take things in our own hands.. Make a change for ourselves, you see? Makes us stronger.."

What a peculiar young girl. She seemed to shy and timid. When she began to unsheathe her blade toward the rousers at the back, Veloruia raised a brow. A swordswoman... How delightful. Though she couldn't let the disappointment when she put it away show. Perhaps another day she'd see it-

Velouria flinched. A few moments speaking and already she was making mental plans toward seeing this girl.. Taliah, once more. Though what harm could come of it. If Taliah wanted her company.. than what person would she be to refuse it. Releasing the breath she hadn't even realized she kept, Velour turned back to Taliah. "Let the boys have their fun. At least they aren't spreading their idiocy out into the streets, gods forbid. Your blade is beautiful. Tis a shame I cannot learn more of it. I think perhaps we should take our conversation to the road, no?"

Velouria had already begun to rise from the table before she even finished. "Will let me hear you much better. I can say, it's becoming noiser."

Messing around with colors. I think this one is fun :D

#8Talia Locket 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:11 am

Talia Locket
Talia would give a heartfelt sigh before taking the getsuga out its sheath and give it a nice polishing. It was getting rather dirty, with the blood transfer of different members, but Talia didn't give much thought to it as she was, at least to her, an outsider. Once velouria asked her if they should take their conversation elsewhere, Talia sheathed the getsuga and smile. "anywhere away from these ruffians is a pleasure. A place to have better speech and listening capabilities. Let's go to the park. Fresh air tends to… help my voice box get more… louder." Talia replied with a joyful tone, her blade in its sheath on her right.

Talia would take the lead, guiding velouria to the park, her blade and gord not moving with each step the sixteen year old took. "we have arrived. Is this place better or would you know a more suitable area to continue?" Talia asked, her voice actually being closer to a whisper then a squeak.

#9Velouria Laurent 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:51 am

Velouria Laurent
Oak was quite the quaint little village. Though Velouria just couldn't put her finger on what exactly it was that made the place stand out to her. It looked the same as many of the others she'd seen before. Maybe staying here for a few days wouldn't be too bad. She made a few notes of places she'd want to return to along the way; perhaps the local library would have something nice along their shelves. But today, she would walk behind Taliah and watch with curiosity what she might have in store for her. And much to Velour's appreciation too. Letting her lead would've been.. funny.

"A park.." Velour muses as she follows behind. "It's been so long since i've come to one.." In fact.. the more she dwelled on the thought, the harder it became to recall when.. if that time ever was even there. "I don't.. think i've ever actually been to a park. At least not the ones they have in towns. A little sanctuary carved out of the town.. I like it." And they must have picked a nice time, for there were few people actually there. Some scattered trees, some assorted equipments here and there. Though her favorite part was how beautiful the sun looked when it begun to disappear behind the trees, way out in the distance. The light spilled through the cracks in the leaves and branches like water, letting light pour out from the other side upon both Velouria and Taliah when they'd face that direction.

"It's so warm.."
came her thoughts aloud, eyes shifting beneath closed lids.. and then opening again back to her companion.

#10Talia Locket 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:13 am

Talia Locket
It seemed as if velouria actually liked Talia's idea to go to the park, and even said it was warm, which is was. Talia removed her top, showing a green tank top and, more importantly, her blue Pegasus guild tattoo, proving she was a part of the most elegant and beautiful guild in all of fiore. Taking a moment to refresh her water in the gord, Talia drawn the getsuga and handed it to velouria. "you wanted to learn about getsuga here… right? It is a marriage blade, used to put in a trace of locket blood into the chosen mates body, making them known as a locket clan's lover. Examine it for as long as you need before returning it to me. I must… have it to help my clan stay alive…" Talia explained, her voice now to a whisper, as she took a sip of water from her flask and lay down on the ground. Talia closed her eyes and, without her even trying, fell into a peaceful nap. Talia looked exhausted and in need of this nap, though the weather changed from a nice sunny day to rain, almost as if to ruin talia's nap.

#11Velouria Laurent 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:31 pm

Velouria Laurent
"For vows sown in blood are the strongest," the mused aloud again.

Velouria took the blade in hand, letting her palm roam down the steel surface of the flat side. Cold yet sleek.. whoever made the weapon put in a lot of effort into it. It was flawless, without dents and scratches. Talia was true to her word when she said it had never touched battle. Getsuga.. And just like that, it was back in the hands of it's owner again. "Is that why you travel? To find your loved one?" More of a statement than a question. Such a young girl.. But before more questions could be asked, she was fast asleep on the grass, and Velour took up a seat beside her prone body. Better she stay beside her so no dogs come bug her.

Bad weather was coming in from the sky, a lot faster than Velouria knew normal. Drizzles of rain were picking up, and it was soon going to be raining much harder. Though she had her cloak, the girl was at the mercy of the water. And what person would she be to let her go soaked during such a peaceful nap. So she draped her hood over Talia, or at least the excess that ran down her back, keeping them both safe and warm.

#12Talia Locket 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:29 am

Talia Locket
The rain had subsided after a hour, and Talia would start to awaken and put her blade out to wipe off any liquid from it. Sheathing the blade, Talia yawns and rub her eyes, the yawn being actually loud. "That… was a good nap… how are you, velouria? Sorry to have… kept you here… umm… I have a small request… could you… accompany me to crocus…? I… have some things I have to do there… would you mind to accompany me… velouria? " Talia asked sweetly, her voice still as quiet as a mouse. Talia would stand and hand over the cloak to her new friend, and sensed a new friendship had bloomed

#13Velouria Laurent 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:42 pm

Velouria Laurent
Her focus was on the sky for so long, she didn't even realize when she had begun to fall into a slumber herself. Chin resting in her lap, it was Talia's voice that had begun to rouse her. A few grunts, and half-annoyed swatting, and Velouria was rising up from her hunched over position, back drenched in water.

"K-kept? No, it's alright," she said between stretching. She was still wiping the sleep from her eyes when the question to Crocus came up, much to her surprise. There was still so much more to see here in Oak.. The books she could read. The nap she just had was all the sleep she managed to gather since she had arrived to the town. "Perhaps.. Crocus could be a very pleasing place to see.. But i've yet to even get supplies yet. Perhaps in a few days time.. but don't feel obligated to stay. As long as we travel, our roads are destined to cross again."

#14Talia Locket 

A Chance to be Better [Talia] Empty Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:37 am

Talia Locket
So it seemed as if they both needed to resupply on food and other items. Talia needed to get some camping equipment and a tent so then she didn't have to sleep on the ground with just her bag to protect her from the cold. "miss velouria, lets go shopping then. I need extra supplies myself… alongside camping equipment… I have no equipment… and I've been sleeping on the ground for twenty days… I have been cold for a very long time… sorry." Talia said in a whisper, shivering a little as the cold had gotten a bit too much for her to handle

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