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More Intimidation Tactics [Job]

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The cat moved like a blur, a ripple in the ocean. The force of which started like the movement of a droplet, but could rise like some sort of tsunami. In the evil one's eyes, was the golden pupil of the jaguar, his ears pulled back as chilly air brushed by his now reddish hair. Erebus was no longer the onyx-haired boy, but the malicious feline that spurred story and rumor around Oak.

His name was merely an inside secret, the figure they called Strategist was the true idol for upcoming criminals. People heard he was man, and also beast, now he was both. The savage tiger, the running cheetah... Cassiels' blood had never come into infamy quite like this before. It was likely people all over were beginning to hear of his crimes. They'd seen him in the tournament, but they'd also only peaked into his bloodlust there. He was now Kaidou's disciple. A future Nova in his own right, or so he dreamed. It wasn't everyday characters' like that saw a potential in you. All of it felt so hard to believe, but also fairly reasonable as well. The entirety of it was breathtaking, being the epitome of what non-magical is. Then taking it a step into supernatural all together...

Erebus was the student of the South Nova now. Weapons were shunned in exchange for artial prowess.

The legacy of the art of murder with bare hands, now his to command. A true criminal, if not yet, then eventually a monster in the world of law breaking. He planned to go far in this life and wouldn't settle for anything short of a legendary status when he finished. For now he'd be the topic breaching minds, but one day that insignificant rumor would breed urban legend. He'd be the terror of the night. A psycho animal, one that traded humanity, or rather was stripped of it. For the senses of a predator. He'd stain the neko race with his evil. If that's what must be done... Then so be it.

Darting over buildings, Erebus explored his new agility quite well. Flinging himself into flips and rushing across walls. It was impossible for him to land on anything short of his feet, and as he slid across a thin power line, passerbys' would rub their eyes. The scene having drawn them to question whether or not they'd identified the sight correctly. However seeing him would be nothing less than realism. They'd just be unaware of his dark deeds this day until later date.

His target was the shopkeeper again, the bastard who wouldn't pay up.

Erebus showed little remorse for the victim this time around, matter of fact, this guy had pissed him off in the past already. Now, having been called in again, the Grimoire Heart adventurer felt welling agitation. As if moronic idiots couldn't understand the first time that he didn't take their idiocy too kindly. Frankie Marino dropped him the phone call late last night, in his room. The man couldn't have women on the ark but he was there alone nonetheless. So the change in pace of his character tipped the hat that he was more serious about work nowadays. Perhaps his time of letting young girls suck him off was over, a new dawning had called him forward. Then again, he did love pleasurable company.

He neither smoked nor cared to relish as often though. During Kaidou's training, Erebus's true nature had been pulled to attention. Murder, bloodlust. He was evenly absorbed in the idea of taking lives, so much so that he had not been on too many missions lately to be honest. Instead he'd gotten himself into local fight clubs to test his ability to knock fighters out dead in quick thrusts. His strength was a work in progress, but his power was building at an alarming rate. Pretty soon everyone would see him for the warrior he was.

The boy, err, the cat-boy had arrived to the shopkeeper's building finally. He sent a kicked foot outward roughly. Shattering the glass and unlocking the door fro the outside. The man behind the desk, reached under the table. This time he'd be prepared for Erebus. Having remembered the same general features of him from their bout in the past. The time where he'd lost a chair to the boy's lighter...

"Draw that gun out and I'll cut off your fingers you little cockroach."

The boy spat, as he began walking inside. The shopkeeper broke into a sweat. He placed the pistol against the table and begged for the much more powerful neko male to spare his shop. The cat chuckled before answering, his mellow but scary tone exhausting the energy inside the man nigh immediately. The shopkeeper refused at first knowing sudden doom once again, very well. With resolve made up in mind, the neko removed from his satchel a can of oil and began pouring it on everything. The shopkeeper threw a fit. He finally paid up. But not before more than just a chair was set ablaze this time.

The cat returned to Frankie with cash in hand and received his reward justly. Then he treated himself to a club, drinking away the earlier frustrations. Before returning hoe with a few human girls-- hoping to test themselves with an exotic new race...


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